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These contests will be to promote the viral spread of this information from tons of independent individuals everywhere. More donations for effective plans like this are still needed. Thanks to all those that have already donated to makes these types of actions, plans, and events happen.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zionists Have Really Cranked Up The Propaganda

I would be willing to bet by the way all these Zionist speak that they are really pushing to round up people after this bill pushes through. They realized they can't shut down the internet, they realized people aren't buying into these fake "truth" sites (Thanks to people like us for exposing them), so now they are just aiming for locking up anti-zionists under the label of terrorists so this could lead to secret roundups because once labeled a terrorist they don't have to disclose arrest, permanent detention without trial or habeas corpus, etc. This would certainly include people like Khanverse and myself for getting traction on exposing their crimes. I urge you to watch the entire video and notice how the mention a "Jewish" guy from California joins the fictitious 'Al Qaeda' and promotes terrorism. UPDATE! Turns out this guy's grandpa was on the Board of Directors of the ADL! They also show a video on the hearing of another Jewish person who 'infiltrates' groups and than runs negative representation. This is like the story of the Jewish Grand Dragon of the KKK. Same deal. So again watch the filth and the danger these people spew and understand the danger to all of us if this passes and understand we need to make a major focus towards this issue.
Click Here To Watch The C-Span Video:


Russia threatening new cold war over missile defence

Kremlin accuses US of deception on east European interceptor bases

Luke Harding in Moscow
Wednesday April 11, 2007
The Guardian

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president
Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has been critical of US foreign policy in recent months. Photograph: Antoine Gyori/Corbis

Russia is preparing its own military response to the US's controversial plans to build a new missile defence system in eastern Europe, according to Kremlin officials, in a move likely to increase fears of a cold war-style arms race.

The Kremlin is considering active counter-measures in response to Washington's decision to base interceptor missiles and radar installations in Poland and the Czech Republic, a move Russia says will change "the world's strategic stability".

Article continues
The Kremlin has not publicly spelt out its plans. But defence experts said its response is likely to include upgrading its nuclear missile arsenal so that it is harder to shoot down, putting more missiles on mobile launchers, and moving its fleet of nuclear submarines to the north pole, where they are virtually undetectable.

Russia could also bring the new US silos within the range of its Iskander missiles launched potentially from the nearby Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, they add.

In an interview with the Guardian, the Kremlin's chief spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said Moscow felt betrayed by the Pentagon's move. "We were extremely concerned and disappointed. We were never informed in advance about these plans. It brings tremendous change to the strategic balance in Europe, and to the world's strategic stability."

He added: "We feel ourselves deceived. Potentially we will have to create alternatives to this but with low cost and higher efficiency." Any response would be within "existing technologies", he said. As well as military counter-measures, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, also wanted "dialogue" and "negotiations", he added.

The Bush administration says the bases are designed to shoot down rogue missiles fired by Iran or North Korea. Its proposed system would be helpless against Russia's vast nuclear arsenal, it says.

But this claim has been greeted with widespread incredulity, not just in Russia but also among some of the US's nervous Nato allies. They include Germany, where the Social Democrat leader, Kurt Beck, warned last month that the US and Russia were on the brink of another arms race "on European soil".

Defence experts say there is little doubt that the real target of the shield is Russia. "The geography of the deployment doesn't give any doubt the main targets are Russian and Chinese nuclear forces," General Vladimir Belous, Russia's leading expert on anti-ballistic weaponry, told the Guardian. "The US bases represent a real threat to our strategic nuclear forces."

The threat of a new arms race comes at a time when relations between Russia and the US are at their worst for a decade. In February Mr Putin accused the Bush administration during a speech in Munich of seeking a "world of one master, one sovereign". On Friday Russia's duma, or lower house or parliament, warned that the US's plans could ignite a second cold war. "Such decisions, which are useless in terms of preventing potential or imaginary threats from countries of the middle and far-east, are already bringing about a new split in Europe and unleashing another arms race," the declaration - passed unanimously by Russian MPs - said.

The same day Russia ruled out cooperating with the US over the shield. "Despite certain signals received in recent days from the US side ... I see no political foundation for it," said Sergei Ryabkov, a foreign ministry spokesman. Moscow now had little choice but to take the bases "into account in our strategic planning", he said.

Analysts said there was a common feeling in Russia that the US had reneged on an agreement after the collapse of the Soviet Union to abandon cold war politics. "Cold war thinking has prevailed, especially on the western side," Yevgeny Myasnikov, a senior research scientist at Moscow's Centre for Arms Control, told the Guardian. "Russia has been deeply disappointed by what has happened after 1991. Nato started to expand, and the US started to think it had won the cold war. We had hoped for a partnership. But it didn't happen."

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We Are Going To Get There Contests Rolling Soon

I have another site set up to promote others to go independent and also evolve the information being spread out there to combat all the shill sites set up.
This new site will sponsor contests to inspire others to do what I have done on my own. This will be done efficiently and effectively with donations. I appreciate all those who have been donating and I will be sure to make your money work for you fighting these criminals and also spawn a network of active people willing to stand up to these monsters. It will be a co-op of alliances, not me being anyones leader in this.
Here is the site:
Prothink Contests

Chavez: Colombia preparing for attack

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Update On The BlogTalkRadio Mess

Well it turns out that the CEO/co-founder of happens to be a Zionist Jew that goes by the name Alan Levy. Go figure. He is a 47 year old unhappy man living in NYC, the heart of the Zionist network. I could not locate any information on how to contact him but if you find something please leave it in the comment section.

Here is his myspace account:
This is the only form of contact I have for him.

Minot scandal prompts new nuke policy

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BlogTalkRadio Cancels Prothink Account

This is obsurd, feel free to contact these people below and educate them on the facts...

This letter is to inform you that we have terminated your relationship with our company and your broadcast and all its shows have been deleted from our server.

3. Content Guidelines/Prohibited Uses

a. Content Guidelines

You agree not to post, upload, transmit to, or cause to be broadcasted via the Site or to BlogTalkRadio's servers, through data upload or broadcasting of audio content, any sound recordings, communications, text, graphics or other information (collectively, "Material") that:

1. is obscene, indecent, offensive, libelous, pornographic, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, unreasonably violent, threatening, intimidating or harassing;
2. contains falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage BlogTalkRadio or any other person;
3. contains any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, or other disabling devices or harmful components intended to damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information;
4. advocates or encourages any illegal activity;
5. infringes on the intellectual property or other legal rights of BlogTalkRadio or others;
6. violates the privacy of others, including other users of the Site, or impersonates another person;
7. gives rise to any civil liability or violates any applicable law, regulation, treaty or tariff; or
8. violates the acceptable use policies of any networks, machines, or Services which are accessed through BlogTalkRadio’s network.

BlogTalkRadio, in its sole discretion, shall determine your compliance with the foregoing prohibitions set forth in this subparagraph, and reserves the right to delete from the Site without prior notice any material that it deems to be non-complying or otherwise objectionable for any reason or to take any other action with respect to your Broadcast Blog Programs, or any other material posted by you on the Site.

John C Sweet


Host Liaison Director

Jewish Manipulation of World Leaders

Jewish children send 'love' messages to Lebanese children . . .

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jewish Jack Berstein's message to Zionists

"I am well aware of the tactics YOU, my Zionist brethren, use to quiet anyone who attempts to expose any of your subversive acts. If the person is a gentile, you cry, "you're anti-Semitic," which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide your actions. But if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, you resort to other tactics:

* First, you ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution."

* If the information starts reaching too many people, you ridicule the information and the person giving the information."

* If that doesn't work, your next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn't been involved in sufficient scandal, you are adept at fabricating a scandal against the person or persons."

* If none of these are effective, you are known to resort to physical attacks."

"But NEVER do you try to prove the information wrong. So, before you commence efforts to silence me, I offer this challenge: You Zionists assemble a number of Zionist Jews and witnesses to support your position; and I will assemble a like number of anti-Zionist, pro-American jews and witnesses."

"Then, the Zionists and anti-Zionists will state their positions and debate the material in this book as well as related material -- and the debate WILL BE HELD ON PUBLIC TELEVISION. Let's explore the information both sides can present and let the American people decide for themselves if the information is true or false. ISN'T THAT A FAIR CHALLENGE? Certainly, you will willingly accept the challenge if what I have written is false. But if you resort to crying "Lies, all lies" and refuse to debate, you will, in effect, be telling the American people that what I have written here are the true facts."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"2.3 Trillion Missing" Misconception

Well I have to admit to being wrong about how the 2.3 Trillion missing out of the Pentagon theory and correct myself and others so the story is straight and you don't make the same mistake. Apparently it is rumored to be that according to the Cynthia Mckinney video ( ) that in fiscal year 1999 2.3 Trillion could not be accounted for and than in 2000 1.3 trillion could not be accounted for. Now for many of us, including myself, we took this to be that amount missing in each year alone. This is incorrect and taken out of context. The correct truth about it is that 2.3 trillion was missing but it was for a span of many years and than in 2000 1 trillion had supposedly been 'found' and since than that number has now dropped to 700 billion missing total. So another words I and many others have misread this theory and it was wrong. When I am wrong I will admit to it even though it is not fun to be wrong but no one is perfect.
Now that being said........ I don't honestly believe they happened to 'find' this money and like Enron and every other corrupt entity out there, people cook the books and I still am willing to bet that this is what happened to the Pentagon finances. This is no way clears Dov Zakheim's name for this is a more correct bio of what he is about:

Dov Zakheim

Dov Zakheim is an ordained rabbi and reportedly holds Israeli citizenship. Zakheim attended Jew's College in London and became an ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in 1973. He was adjunct professor at New York's Jewish Yeshiva University. Zakheim is close to the Israeli lobby.

Dov Zakheim is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and in 2000 a co-author of the Project for the New American Century's position paper, Rebuilding America's Defenses, advocating the necessity for a Pearl-Harbor-like incident to mobilize the country into war with its enemies, mostly Middle Eastern Muslim nations.

He was appointed by Bush as Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004. At that time he was unable to explain the disappearance of $1 trillion dollars. Actually, nearly three years earlier, Donald Rumsfeld announced on September 10, 2001 that an audit discovered $2.3 trillion was also missing from the Pentagon books. That story, as mentioned, was buried under 9-11's rubble. The two sums disappeared on Zakheim's watch. We can only guess where that cash went.

Despite these suspicions, on May 6, 2004, Zakheim took a lucrative position at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the most prestigious strategy consulting firms in the world. One of its clients then was Blessed Relief, a charity said to be a front for Osama bin Laden. Booz, Allen & Hamilton then also worked closely with DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is the research arm of the Department of Defense.

Judicial Inc's bio of Dov tells us Zakheim is a dual Israeli/American citizen and has been tracking the halls of US government for 25 years, casting defense policy and influence on Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Judicial Inc points out that most of Israel's armaments were gotten thanks to him. Squads of US F-16 and F-15 were classified military surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

AIPAC Spokeswomen Taken To Task By C-Span Caller

Great caller but this lady still spews her crap and NEVER addresses the USS Liberty attack!

History Repeats....

What is happening to the US right now has happened to other nations in the past. This is why it is important to research history so we don't fall for the same tricks. Tricks like Zionist Jews completely taking over governments and using them for their own selfish and disgusting reasons. Take for instance Russia in the 1930's
Read this book starting on page 313 : "Zionist Jews In Russia"
Than take a look at this recent article and confirm the same thing happening in the USA:
"Zionist Jews In USA"


Are We Going To Let This Happen To 9/11???

Its the same story over and over again. Crimes go unpunished from the real criminals because people get distracted with things like Ron Paul, etc. Lets focus on 9/11 people and get the truth out. This Vet has been unable to get justice for the massacre on the USS Liberty attack because of people's ignorance!!!


Prothink Rant For January 13, 2008 (Click Here)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Very Important Tutorial

With all the questionable attention my site is receiving, I think at this point it is imperative to instruct people how to copy my site and others easily so that the flow of information stays in circulation just in case something were to happen to my site...
What this software does is really cool. You basically enter in the basic website address into the program, like, and it downloads all content into a neat folder that lets you view everything from your computer. You can also instruct it to update so when new content is posted on the site it just updates that information in the folder.
You can download this free software called HTTrack Website Copier HERE and than install it. I can assure you that it is virus and spyware free. Once you have that it is pretty self explanatory how to use from there but if you need further instruction than go to their website To see their online manuals.
I encourage EVERYONE to STEAL and COPY all information from my site and start their own site at places like with my information and even call it your own! Lets flood the internet with this information and inform people while we still have this great opportunity to do so!!!.

Prothink Watching The Watchers V.3 - Dept Of Vet Affairs

People keep asking me how I am getting this information so here you go:

New World Order Theory Vs Zionist Theory

Answer These Questions For Both Theories:

1. Who funded this group?
2. Who are some of their official members?
3. Who founded this group?
4. Where and what are their official documents?
5. How protected in this group/theory

NWO Answers:
1. N/A
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. N/A
5. N/A ( they let people openly speak about this everywhere, Bush senior, etc)

Zionist Mafia Answers:
1. The Rothschilds
2. Too many to list but you can actually name them..
3. Theordore Herzl
4. Protocols, even though there is still a lot of debate on this
5. This could be a lengthly answer but they have a huge network to protect this. The ADL isn't protecting the NWO, lol.

It isn't taboo to talk about the 'NWO' but don't dare to speak about Zionists.. So it is starting to be my belief that the idea of a NWO is almost like a coverup for the Zionist mafia.....
Feel free to leave comments and correct me if I am wrong.

Prothink Rant For January 11, 2008

Prothink Watching The Watchers V.2 - ADL


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Film "Missing Links" Chapter 2 USS LIBERTY

Why Do The Zionists Always Attack Naval Intelligence?

I was just thinking about this and thought it was quite a coincidence that the people in Naval Intel have always seemed to be a threat to these people. Lets take a look at just 3 incidents I thought funny:
1. USS LIBERTY - Naval Intel
2. Naval Intel Office in the Pentagon (the only office hit in the Pentagon and that office was investigating the trillions missing from Rabbi Zakheim)
3. William Cooper - Naval Intel
Strange or just coincidence?

Two US F-18 jets crash in Persian Gulf

Breaking News - Recent Conflict With US & Iran

Here is Iran's explaination:§ionid=351020101


Doesn't look to me like they were threatening our American ships like the Zionist CNN media states!! Here they are recording the footage for all to see. Iran is being very smart about covering their butts so when the Zionist owned media lies they have it on video. Good job Iran..

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Zionist Infiltration in the U.S. Government

Its time to ask others in government to prosecute these criminals and their foreign interests that are ruining our country.

New Teaser To "Missing Links"

ITS COMING...........

Saturday, January 5, 2008

William Cooper Exposes Alex Jones

Shortly after William did this audio file he was murdered on November 5, 2001. William Cooper was shot and killed in his driveway........

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Here At Prothink, We Watch The Watchers

I don't know the motivation for why the Senate Of Arms would be looking at my site. I hope it is because the problems presented on this site need to be addressed in our government. It could be a bad or good thing that this site is getting the attention of people in government because I am sure there are still plenty of people in our government who aren't with the Zionists games and want some justice. I am sure there are still people in the government who remember the USS Liberty attack... Its time to speak up and fight this fight if you are in the USA government because there are A LOT of people in this country looking for that and know this knowledge...
We at are not an anti-government site like a lot of other "truth/patriot" sites and believe there are allies in the government fighting silently along side. We have seen examples of this quite a bit lately and encourage more actions to fight these criminals that obviously don't have America's interest in mind. Here is the link to the department here:
UPDATE! Now the FAA is interested in this site:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This Is A Step In The Right Direction....

Although he is pushing the "Official 9/11" story, it is clear that this guy is on the right track. This is what other candidates need to start saying..

Bitchute Censorship?

I have tried to get this video to play on numerous devices and other videos on bitchute play but not this one. It makes me wonder if we are ...