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While You Shop For Your Chinese-Made Christmas Crap Look At What Your Tax Dollars Are Doing In Your Name America!!


I get so disgusted of the constant brainwashing of Zionists trying to propagate the fairytale holocaust story in everything they do. You see it in movies and tv shows all the time even if it is only a short mention to remind you that 6 million Jews were slaughtered. This story is such a fraud and we as people of this planet need to stop being scared of saying it is a fraud. The whole story plays on people emotions instead of facts. There are many other groups that rightfully deserve to call their history a real holocaust and one being the Native Americans. I urge you to read this article: HOLOHOAX( Once you research this article and see that this official story of a Jewish holocaust is a fraud than please inform others of this. This holocaust card has been used to manipulate so many people in the world to let these Zionists get away with anything and it has to STOP! With everything going on is this world right now we need to be intolerant with fraudulent history and start speaking truth to power.

Worlds Largest Sheet Of Toilet Paper!!!!

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Prothink Interviews NYC First Responder Paul Isaac

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Paul is going to be presenting evidence of 9/11 to the courts and would like your support if you are in the Brooklyn area. This will be going on at the Brooklyn Criminal Court December 7th, 2007. He requests that people come to support him in his efforts to obtain justice for 9/11/01. Here is some of the evidence he will be presenting:

More Unanswered Questions re: Keyspan Tanks

Paul Isaac is an Auxiliary Fireman and first responder.
He has spent an untold number of hours doing in-depth research compiling
many areas of evidence challenging the official account of 9/11.

The image below illustrates a parallel between the
demolition of the Keyspan Maspeth Holding Tanks in Queens, NY on
July 15th, just a few months before 9/11. Although explosives were
outlawed, somehow with the Giuliani administration in power, this
demolition was carried out even though the surrounding area was
residential. You can still see the Queens Gazette article from 7/18/01

The height of the tanks is approximately the same
as the height from where Flight 175 struck the south tower and the
top of the building. The angle of the collapse of the South Tower
(see Image 2) was almost identical to the angle of the demolition-cased
collapse of the tanks (see Image 3). Also, the antenna from Tower
One came down in the same direction, into Tobin Plaza rather than
west towards the World Financial Centers. The demolition of the
tanks was planned and carried out by Controlled Demolition, Inc.
Isn't it interesting that this company also was contracted to do
the cleanup after the Oklahoma City Bombing, then again for cleanup
of the World Trade Center towers? Also, see the Online Journal article
by Jerry Mazza.

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It's important to realize that pilots flying planes
into LaGuardia Airport used the Keyspan tanks

as markers on their approach route.

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Below we see the flattened tanks on the left, and
the complete demolition at Ground Zero. Also, below we see what
very much appears to be 2 different Osama Bin Ladins. Which one
are we supposed to believe was responsible for 9/11? If he indeed
did orchestrate 9/11, why isn't this listed on the FBI web site's
Most Wanted section? Why did an FBI official named Rex Tomb claim
"the FBI has no hard evidence connecting him to 9/11"?

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Did you know Enron supplied gas to Keyspan? Did
you know Enron, which was being investigated by the Security and
Exchange Commission, had files destroyed in the collapse of WTC7?

Did you know Keyspan was in a joint venture with Enron in 1998?
Here's an excerpt from a press release:


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, February 13, 1998

HOUSTON - KeySpan Energy Corporation and Enron Capital & Trade
Resources Corp. (ECT), a subsidiary of Enron Corp., today announced
an agreement whereby ECT will provide gas supply management services
for Brooklyn Union Gas, the primary subsidiary of KeySpan Energy.
Under the terms of this agreement, which is subject to approval
by New York Public Service Commission, ECT will assume responsibility
for managing Brooklyn Union's interstate pipeline transportation,
gas supply and storage.

Wouldn't a real investigation pursue
this trail and see where it leads?

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The brochure cover below from a city publication prior
to 2000 shows a strange looking shadow on the north face of Tower
1 coming from 250 Broadway which stood next to WTC7. Paul noticed
this strange shadow, pointing out that the sun could not have caused
this due to the direction of its path. Why would an official city
document have this oddity? Could this signify something ominous?
Could this shadow be pointing towards the Keyspan Tanks? Note the
yellow line in the image below. These are questions Paul is calling
to our attention.

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Also, did you know Keyspan got a baseball park built
under the company's name? For more, click

And also information in this article:
Paul also has a video interview linked HERE
NewYorker Magazine article on "Why The Towers Fell"
Click Here
Giuliani knew the towers would collapse: Click Here
Click Here to see: Rudy's Ties to a Terror Sheikh

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I had to post this to illustrate how these people work to manipulate and spin truth. This type of propaganda is not going to work anymore now that people are learning about the FACTS of the history of Zionist crimes.

Ahmadinejad: US, Israel on verge of collapse

Mike Rivero Interviews Ryan Dawson And Prothink Calls In

Ending Destructive Zionist Influence On Our Nation

Straight to hell

Straight to hell

Letter to the Editor -

Mon 11/19/2007 09:00PM MST


Alan Feldman, speaking for the board of directors of Grassroots TV, in his recent letter, (Nov. 12, “A new policy at Grassroots), states: “In fact, we would like the community to know that the proponent of the film in question (me) had been asked to come on the station and produce a civil, dialogue-based show that debates whatever issues he would like debated. He, however, rejected this opportunity; even after members of the board generously offered to underwrite the costs to produce this program.”

This is simply not true. I have never yet communicated to the board in any form that I rejected their offer. To say so is misleading and dishonest.

Feldman says: “After this prescreening (of “Judea Declares War on Germany), it seemed readily apparent to the board that this film presented patently inflammatory and obscene subject matter.” Oh, I did not see anything inflammatory or obscene. What I saw was evidence presented in a matter of fact way. Who is to be the judge? A board of directors who is mainly Jewish? And a board meeting packed with mostly Jewish reactionaries?

What could the reason be they don’t want information getting out to the general public? Obviously, if there is overwhelming evidence to support their version of the Holocaust history, they needn’t be worried about the introduction of the revisionist version. Everyone watching would just laugh at the presentation. The only conclusion that can be drawn is that this has nothing whatsoever to do with hate, and everything to do with an attempt to hide the truth. After all, you wouldn’t want indoctrinated and brainwashed Jews and “Christian” Zionists to learn that 6 million Jews were not deliberately murdered in concentration camps. According to the best information available, approximately 300,000 people died during the war in all the concentration camps from all causes. And the vast majority of those were from disease.

You wouldn’t want everyone to know that Auschwitz had a post office, a medical clinic, dental care, a theater, a symphony made up of inmates, a swimming pool, a brothel, a library and organized soccer games.

The film in question claims that there were no gas chambers used to kill anyone. This is backed up by logic and a ton of evidence, which you are afraid might get out to the public and thereby destroy the defining image of the Holocaust; that is, gas chambers. And then where would the great sympathy for the poor Jews be? And where would they ever have found the moral backing for the establishment of the state of Israel and for their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese and soon to be Iranians?

You don’t want your fellow Jews to learn that the Zionists and Hitler were in collusion and that the vast majority of the suffering of the Jewish people during World War II can be directly attributed to the Zionists who were willing to sacrifice their “lesser brethren” so that the state of Israel would become a reality.

What you, Mr. Feldman, have turned Grassroots TV into is a gatekeeper of information, not a protector of community standards. The integrity of Grassroots TV has been sacrificed because of your lame excuse of a decision based on phony allegations of hate and obscenity. You and the board and anyone else who supports your decision is afraid of a fair presentation of evidence with the ability to lay out all the facts of the matter. That’s why you support locking people up who might destroy the Holocaust myth. It just wouldn’t do, now would it? It might upset your plans for world domination and enslavement of the rest of humanity.

Wake up, everyone. You have been taken for a ride and if the Zionists have their way, it will be straight to hell.

Steve Campbell
Glenwood Springs

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Prothink Interviews Ryan Dawson (Click Here To Listen)

Ryan Dawson's Website is ANTI-NEOCONS

Prothink Interviews Eustace Mullins (Click Here To Listen)

Eustace Mullins still has his books for sale directly through him. If you search on Amazon for his books you will find that some go as high as $900 and for good reason. These books are "must haves" for anybody searching for truth in history. His contact info is:
Christian Retirement Home
94 Mountain Vista Dr
APT: 101
Stuarts Grove, VA. 24477

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Prothink Interviews Khanverse

We talk about topics relating to the "truth movement" and some of the negative effects it has when you are a follower to certain individuals. Interview is just over an hour.
Khanverse's website:

Zionist Israeli Police Against Orthodox Rabbis

Zionists seize more Palestinian lands

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Hufschmid, on why we are justified in demanding an end to Zionism and Israel.

Daryl Bradford Smith on the financial situation in the US and Freedom of Speech.

Eric Hufschmid Goes Head To Head On Kevin Barrett's Radio Show (Click Here To Listen)

The caller by the name "Clinton" we know very well in Milwaukee and I was one of the people who gave him the boot for him being disruptive at a 9/11 conference we held. I believe the guy might want to do some good in the truth movement but he has done nothing but harm it with his actions. On another note I thought the show was great and commend Eric for going on the show and Kevin for having him on. Hopefully we can have more avenues in the future like this to talk about these topics that others are afraid to address. Other than the callers "Clinton" and "Troy", I thought it was pretty clear about what people are feeling and thinking out there...


It started off last week when Myspace deleted my account and having it for 3 years for no specific reason:
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Than acouple ago days on 11-09-2007 I made a podcast and uploaded it 2 times. I named the exact file 2 different names and the first time it said it was live but up until this point it has not worked and they rejected the second file:
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And heres what happens when you click the one that says "Live" that is supposed to work:
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I was able to upload as you see to and got past all the censorship but I find it funny that what I am saying must be upsetting someone enough to keep censoring me like this...
Now they are playing games with my site here:
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"On November 18, 1943, the Zionist Organization of America held a meeting in San Francisco, California with approximately 1,000 attending. The organization had been targeted by the American Council for Judaism for its "political" and "nationalistic" aims. Rabbi James G. Holler repudiated the charges stating that the Jewish people were interested in a Jewish National State. The Zionist Organization of America is headquartered in New York City and was active in fund raising campaigns for Jewish relief in Europe and Palestine. The FBI information covers the group's activities through 1976."


"In the months leading up to the founding of the state of Israel, the CIA, in its first report dealing with the Palestine situation had warned that the formation of a Zionist state would most likely harm US relations with the Arabs."



These are going to be dire times. I don't think the average American has any idea whats going to happen next.. Lets hope we can make it past the winter without these Zionists pulling off another 9/11....

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AIPAC, Espionage, and Legal Sabotage

Myspace deleted my Prothink account

Oh well. I have seen it happen before to friends accounts. I don't know why they deleted me other than my content was damaging. Go figure. I have new here: CLICK HERE

Bitchute Censorship?

I have tried to get this video to play on numerous devices and other videos on bitchute play but not this one. It makes me wonder if we are ...