Monday, November 19, 2007

Prothink Interviews Eustace Mullins (Click Here To Listen)

Eustace Mullins still has his books for sale directly through him. If you search on Amazon for his books you will find that some go as high as $900 and for good reason. These books are "must haves" for anybody searching for truth in history. His contact info is:
Christian Retirement Home
94 Mountain Vista Dr
APT: 101
Stuarts Grove, VA. 24477


Anonymous said...

i look forward to reading and listening to more
thank you

Ron Paul 2008

Anonymous said...


-Rob B

Anonymous said...

Way to go Eustace Mullins....he's stellar and a true American patriot. He's been called those not so endearing terms: anti-semitic and anti-jewish etc. These terms are used as mind control mechanisms and tools by the Zionists to keep the rest of us investigating their crimes quiet. If people could just see the terms anti-semitic and anti-jewish for what they are: MIND CONTROL - to shut you up and control your thoughts and behavior.

Eustace exposing Ezra Pound (another hero) is interesting because he to was a victim of Zionism's nasty campaign to shut him up because he was exposing the world Zionism conspiracy.

If we get enough people talking about the Rothschild's, Federal Reserve, Wars, Zionist world domination et al we can shine a light of hope and serious deter their dark and evil-vile plans for world domination.

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