Thursday, October 30, 2008

Have a Facebook account?

Go ahead and join this group then:

Facebook bans the original so here is the new one

Go figure, anything related to prothink banned. Its ok, I have NOTHING better to do but to keep replacing the groups and starting up new ones over and over again. The more times you yids ban me the better ways I figure out how to retain members/viewers and keep the numbers growing learning about your actions...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Can You Say C-O-L-L-A-P-S-E?

Few quotes for the video article:

"Record global unemployment"

"disastrous social consequences"

Let the purging party begin!

Youtube Permanently Bans Prothink But Not Because Of Jews!

Quest's take on it:

John's take on it:

Here was the original source I obtained the un-authored article from:

And if anyone has any question to whether I am about the message should reference this quote:
“I encourage EVERYONE to STEAL and COPY all information from my site and start their own site at places like with my information and even call it your own!” from this old article here:

You will be hearing MY side of the story in the near future...

I have removed Edgar's contact information because my video will close this case.

See what is being said about this incident with in the WN community: Update: Stormfront censors this post and it has become quite apparent to many in the WN movement that Stormfront is Jew-friendly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

John Is Back Up And Running

From John:

"I'm back (not that I ever really left). I've built a new self-hosted website to counter the censorship I've experienced on so many Jewish controlled websites. It took some doing, but I finally figured out how to customize a blog enough to make it look as sexy as a custom site. Mike and I couldn't find any web designers to step up to the plate to help assist us so I'll also be creating a new for him. No complaints here, we get mountains of support in other areas, although it would be nice to have some veteran website programmers to hack out some other projects for us. Things look bright on the home front. We're gaining ground globally with awareness of the Jewish Mafia. Missing Links is approaching half-a-million views and has been watched all over the world and personally hand delivered in hard copy format to Germany. Mike will be scripting, producing and leading up distribution for JFK: The Puppet Masters, which will show beyond any doubt that the Jewish power elite assassinated John F. Kennedy. I'll be directing film. Mike and I are working on some reliable electronic methods to transfer funds to us to support these projects. You'll find my new site at and, as well as will point to it. Lets turn up the heat on these criminal swine, get some new material out there and new faces aware of these important issues. We will prevail. Stay strong!"

Click link here:


Normally I would never post some TV talent show crap on here and this is off topic but it was truly amazing so I decided to post this as a counter to all the evil being exposed on this site. Hopefully the Jews don't screw over this person like everything else they touch.

Another Pedophile "Christian Pastor" turns out to be a Jew

I know, big surprise, lol.

I guess the MSM forgot to mention this but realize how it benefits them in their agenda to still claim he is a Christian...

Alamo, who is listed in court documents by his real name of Bernie Lazar Hoffman, has pleaded not guilty to the two charges, each of which carries a sentence of 10 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $250,000

Thanks for the tip Milo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woohoo! Keep em Coming!

"Group Reveals More Than 8,000 Disturbing Hate Sites On The Internet"


They can call it "hate" all they want but what they really mean is: "Oh shit! the people are waking up to our crap and they are PISSED! Lets try our best to censor everything they say in case one of them turns out to be Hitler quality, we couldn't have that!!"

"Hate" = A term Jews liberally use to steer the weak away from looking into the fact that they are the real problem with the world and not the "white man". Whats going to happen when the minority lapdogs realize who their REAL parasitic oppressors are and turns on them?

In the article they advise to "Email with the link to the problematic posting." Tell you what, write to them and tell them where to shove it and that they better stop now while they are ahead because it is becoming widespread that their 'power' is only a illusion. It is the reason they constantly fear monger and grand stand military and police power around to keep people afraid.The problem is that they really don't have this power once the curtain is pulled away from them.

Monday, October 20, 2008

John's "The Myth of the Good Jew"

Christ-Killers Kill Christmas

How about hanging some Swazi ornaments this year on trees? We'll see how they like that.

Jesus was NOT a Jew:

Raw footage of a lying, deceiving Jew

I could spend ALL day ripping apart every lie and deception in this video but hopefully those who come to this website are already educated on most, if not all of these issues. First off he NEVER addresses WHY the Jews have been so "persecuted", lol. Gee, I wonder why he doesn't get into that? Maybe because every incident has been completely justified. Notice how he brags about the Jewish hijacking of "Vatican 2" and how the Jews were also able to influence Lutheran leaders to neglect the teachings of Martin Luther. Lutherans aren't even afforded a chance to hear what the founder of Lutheranism said about the Jews and why. I wont even bother wasting anymore time dissecting this video but rather advise you to acquire the nearest bucket and be prepared to puke your guts out... lol.

Update On Upcoming AIPAC Trial

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ilya Ehrenberg - The Man Who Invented The 'Six Million' Holohoax


Temp Site Up For A Back Up As Of Right Now

Still working on getting the full entire site together so thanks for your patience. It will still be Prothink.ORG as the primary address just fyi but I am using the .INFO like I said as a backup.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Good Start To Street Activism

For those who run around not afraid to hold signs saying "9/11 was an inside job" should also start tailoring their activism to this considering it was Israel who played a major part in 9/11. Certainly you would have the courage to hold signs like these and possibly even ones that say "9/11 was an Israeli job!"? You do want to get the "truth" out there right? Then start speaking it on the streets and stop being cowards. I especially like the fact that someone is holding a sign on the street for the USS Liberty. Good work people!


Bobby Fischer Audio Files

Take a listen to what Bobby Fischer has to say.

Past Visitors To






These are only the ones I happened to catch a while back and seeing how I don't pay to much attention to these types of stats anymore I am sure there are more interesting ones on there now.

History Of Prothink Censorship And Bans In One Year's Time


Myspace Deleted Prothink











I wonder what it is I am saying that makes these people feel so threatened that they have to ban/suspend everything I do. This is just a short list of things I remembered off the top of my head and not to mention John's, Quest's, and others who have been banned. Lets keep pounding away because we are winning here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Interesting... Is Attacked And Shut Down By GoDaddy

Here is Judicial's temp site:

Email GoDaddy and show your support to have this site reinstated:

P.S. This is the hosting service I am transferring to as well so we should make sure GoDaddy stops these attacks now before its gets worse and they ban my site in the future.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jew Attacks NSA But Are Hush About Amdocs And Converse

Well here we go again. The Jews who are still trying to complete their long awaited coup d'etat on the US have been trying to tear down the NSA by wrapping themselves in the constitution and claiming that they want their "civil liberties" from the NSA spying. Also notice that these same "anti-spying" Jews don't say a peep about the foreign nation of Israel having backbone telecommunications companies like Amdocs and Converse being caught spying on Americans over and over again. It should be made a point that the USS Liberty was a NSA/Navy ship as well. I would support the NSA spying on Americans any day over a foreign Jew company from Israel doing so. Who knows, maybe they are spying on Jews (the domestic enemy) within subverting our government and commiting crimes like 9/11...

Here are some notes from John (Forcemultiplication) who found this article:

"Note that Mark Klein (Jew) is the former AT&T employee who is fingering the NSA for illegal spying within the article.

Naughty, naughty.

Of course, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was founded by Mitch Kapor (Jew) among others and financed by Steve Wozniak (Polish Jew) and an anonymous or as of yet unnamed party (Mossad)."


Amy (the Jew) Goodman is also on direct attack on the NSA as well as posted here:

Notice out of all the issues they could be dealing with they attack the NSA for spying which has never been shown to even be directly tied to any type of damaging actions towards the US. On the other hand we have Israeli companies openly spying all over the place in the US and selling secrets (not to mention committing numerous false flag attacks on our soil) to everyone who might be threat to the USA and they don't say a word. This reminds of the incident of when the Jew-run Media and congress (including Amy Goodman and other 'dissenting' Jews) attack the gentile-run Blackwater for things our own military does on a daily basis. Again they wont say a peep about the Jew-run Dyncorp who has been CAUGHT, thanks to whistle blower, running a child sex slave ring out of eastern Europe. Nope. They steadily attack Blackwater and make them out to be enemy #1. Has anyone ever questioned why Blackwater has been the only sec company attacked by Jew entities and investigated by the SPLC for having ties to David Duke? hmmmm... Would they attack this private security company for anything they might do wrong? <~~ yes, an Israeli-run American private sec firm...

Some interesting articles regarding Blackwater:

Jorg Haider

Watch this aspiring future leader speak and take note at how the rats look upon him with utter disgust and contempt for his words of truth and integrity. It is the look of death:

Turns out... It was the look of death because Jews killed him before he could reach the ranks of real power and start talking care of problems poisoning western society, the parasitic Jew.

Haider dies in 35 mph roll over crash: Haider Death

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why The Jews?

Why the Jews? Why does ‘anti-semitism’ exist? Why are the Jews always first to yell ‘anti-semitism’? And why has this gone on for centuries now? This is what is called the ‘Jewish Question’.

To truly understand the Jew, you must first understand their History.

Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews

Although I don't agree with some of the aspects of this video I have to say that the approach seems to be very effective.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Section Of Missing Links Version 3

This is just a small section of Missing Links V3 which has not been released yet on the internet until now. Enjoy and as soon as we launch 2.0 we will released the entire Missing Links version 3 in high quality for viewing on the website and/or free download.

Just in case Youtube decides to ban yet another video or account, here is a backup of the same video here:

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jews linked to yet another False Flag Attack

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has said the security forces have arrested a group of alleged Islamist militants linked to Israeli intelligence.
Read More Hitting A Nerve At Paypal - Threats Of Account Ban



It seems that Paypal and the Jews that own it do not want me receiving donations because of my 'hate' website. I called them up and told 2 different people that I am sure you would have no problem if I were to be talking about Christian or Muslim terrorists but I am not. I am talking about Jewish terrorists, especially the ones who did 9/11. Thanks to Paypal, I will no longer be able to receive any more donations.

Even the Mexican "Aztlan" group has problems with these people because they also address the Jews at their website:

Another site referring to this:

P.O.Box coming especially soon. Thanks for your patience.


This was my response to them:
"Duly noted and here is my response:

Quite typical. No worries. The founding fathers were once listed as 'terrorists', 'haters', etc from the British.... We see how that turned out.

Just remember, it was JEWS, NOT Muslims, that did 9/11 and we will never forget that and your complicity in trying to silence that message. I guess you would like to silence the NAVY and NSA for this:
And this:"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Israel Training Commandoes In America (Click Here)

Its Time To Support Your Most Effective Fighters

I have usually strayed away from asking for monetary donations, but lets face it, it is going to take some money to fight more effectively. Between John and I, we have made one of the best efforts out there with the least at hand. Unfortunately it has been getting to the point where we can no longer keep this fight up at the sacrifice of almost exclusively our time and money (aside from a very small handful of dedicated people who donate what they can and we thank them) and we need your support.

Between John and I, we have put out 5 documentary films, and numerous videos with powerful messages in everyone of them. We are some of the ONLY people who actually hit the streets and push the message out there when others live in far away countries and ask for your support while they sit at home just telling how bad things are and offer no solutions or optimism.

As of recently the Rats have been on full blown attack on the videos we have done by banning them or doing other tricks to discourage people from viewing them. We have a solution to fix this particular problem and have purchased a real website hosting account and domains with video hosting that will enable you to view and download any video and/or documentary film we have done with out the risk of it being deleted but this takes money because we need to hire someone who can build the new site. We also want to be able to attend more street actions but that again takes funds to create fliers and DVDs, not to mention gas.

While people like Alex Jones and others (who don't tell you the full story) can receive $250,000 in two days with a money bomb, we have a hard time getting $250. While Alex Jones has a full-time paid staff of 14 people, we are 1 man operations with many skills to do multiple people's jobs with no pay.

Some of the future plans we would like to accomplish would be:

Create 3 more full films about,
Banking Systems
(these films we be for free download on the internet like the other 5 that have been done)

We also would like to start a Gentile-orientated political party that would be a serious answer to the phonies who are running around sucking up Americans hard-earned money and time like Ron Paul who received $30 + million and did squat. Just imagine what we could have done with a small fraction of that money with all we have done for basically nothing so far.

These are just some very basic plans among many others that would be viable options to start the fire that would educate people in the right direction and having a serious chance of reclaiming not only this country but to spark people all over the world to reclaim theirs too.

While you pay your hard earned money to the bills with interest for your mortgage (which you pay more interest to Jews then to the actual principle), car payment (again more in interest is payed then the car is even worth), TAXES (1/3 or more goes directly to Jews before you even see your paycheck), and many other bills that more then likely go to making the Jew fat and happy. So after you do a serious audit of where your money ends up, you realize that a large majority goes to Jews while they destroy our country and humanity.

Its time to stop paying these people like slaves and complaining about them and start to support those who are dedicated to exposing, fighting, and offering new solutions for a better future. 30-80% of income goes to the Jew, isn't it time you start funding the other team out here fighting FOR you and not against you?

Please donate whatever can and watch the positive results you see come from your donations that certainly wont come from you funding your enemy.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We hope to have a P.O. Box soon so that those who want to send funds the old fashioned way can do so. We will keep you posted when that has been acquired.

Backup plan

If for some reason goes down please go to the alternative domains (which are currently under construction right now):

WRITE THEM DOWN SO YOU DONT FORGET! will also be transferred off blogspot too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hate Crimes Law Leads to Dictatorship

"8/20/99 Editor N.H.: On July 12, l999 the M.N.H. printed a letter by D.S., Chair of the Commission on Religion and Race of The Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church, and S.W., Chair of The Wisconsin Conference Board of Church and Society. In this letter these two people urge support and passage of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. I am writing this letter to oppose the passage of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act and to warn as to what might happen if such a law is passed. Hate is an emotion. To legislate against hate is to legislate against what is in our mind and thereby aims at mind control. Our laws already cover the deeds which result if we lose self control over our feelings. Trying to bring our feelings under the heel of legislation will ultimately produce a nightmare society as described in George Orwell's book: l984. In this society everybody has to love Big Brother who is the embodiment of the party. The party keeps itself in power by complete control over man's actions, thoughts and feelings. Winston Smith, the hapless hero, after having been brought by torture and deprivation to an absolute low point has still enough emotional strength left to hate Big Brother. At this point O'Brien, the party spokesman, addresses Winston: "Intellectually there is very little wrong with you (Winston now can see five fingers when O'Brien holds up four). It is only emotionally that you have failed to make progress. It is not enough to obey him (Big Brother); you must love him." In the l984 society a renegade like Winston will always be liquidated, but only when not just his intellect, but also his feelings have been brought under the mind control of the party. The book ends with these lines: "He (Winston) had won a victory over himself. He loved Big Brother."

P.S. In countries which have passed Anti Hate Crime laws, Germany, France, Switzerland, the laws have been used exclusively to penalize those who dare to refute Nazi gas chambers. But beware! Anti-hate crime laws can be used against any opposition and thereby open the door to a dictatorship."

Report a Jew in less than 30 seconds


Please click here and then click "submit."

This is in response to this:

How Do People In The Middle East Feel About Jews?

Holocaust 'survivor' and Australia's Richest Jew In Trouble

It seems that the Jew, Frank Lowy (WHO WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE 9/11 JEWISH TERRORIST ATTACKS WITH LARRY SILVERSTEIN), is in trouble for taxes in the US and Australia. Will justice actually be served though? We'll have to wait and see...

Just remember Jews, you can scream all you want about being a HOLOHOAX survivor but that canard isn't going to work much longer from giving you sympathy from justice.

Ever Wonder Why The Jew Preaches So Hard Against Fascism?

Find out here: Fundamentals of Positive Fascism

20 Steps To A Better America

By Curt Maynard

1. The first thing the United States military must do is employ U.S. submarines and surface ships in an effort to begin shadowing Israeli submarines and prepare for a preemptive strike upon them if they get within range of American cities.

2. Immediately cease and desist the delivery of any and all weapon systems and ammunition to the Zionist state. Ignore any threats that will inevitably follow – if the Zionists have low yield nuclear weapons in U.S. cities as Seymour Hersh claimed they did [or still do] in Russia, so be it – if they [Israel and Jewry itself] use them, they seal their own fate.

3. Use the military to seize the entire media apparatus, from television stations, to newspapers, to magazines, to publishing houses – the first thing the Zionists will do is scream anti-Semitism, but if the media is out of their hands, nobody will hear them. The irony in this will be absolutely delicious, their carefully accrued media monopoly will be used against them – there will be no way for them to disseminate information, they’ll be in the same position as the alternative media they have done their best to silence over the last sixty years. Once the media apparatus out of the hands of the Zionists, massive deprogramming should begin immediately, 24/7 broadcasting to dispels the lies of the last 100 years, especially the last sixty-one years. Within three weeks the Zionist state won’t have an ally left in the United States.

4. Cleanse the military of the Zionist presence – this won’t be difficult – the Zionists have made many enemies who’ll be more than happy to assist in this venture. What one does with these former officers is of little concern, jail them or release them, without authority they will be completely marginalized. The United States Air Force and Navy should be most particularly targeted – anyone attempting to get military units to kill American citizens should be immediately shot without any hesitation.

5. Arrest any and all traitors in the United States government, have no mercy, show no compassion, anyone that can be linked to the support of the Zionist state should be immediately imprisoned with a future trial to look forward to.

6. All Jews in government, in the media, in academia, and in the medical and scientific professions should be immediately, albeit temporarily relieved of any and all responsibilities. If they are loyal to the United States of America they’ll suffer this burden in relative silence, if they aren’t they’ll become militantly resistant. If they become resistant, additional steps will be necessary to neutralize them.

7. America’s Universities should be immediately purged of anyone with a pro-Zionist and/or a pro-Israel record. Excessively liberal professors should be suspended with pay and temporarily relieved of their duties. All professors should be evaluated in order to judge whether or not they are to be “re-educated” prior to returning to their teaching duties.

8. America’s criminal underground should be ruthlessly purged – a one-time warning should be provided, if anyone is caught engaging in organized criminal enterprise they will be harshly dealt with. What happens to them is of no concern to a healthy society. “Organized criminal Enterprise” would include anyone associated with any “secret society,” that sought to engage in any subversive activities against the established state. The Constitution should only be considered when and where any real questions exist as to the individual’s guilt. Initially Jews should receive no Constitutional protections.

9. Israel should be completely isolated – if other states choose to engage in trade and/or dialogue with the Zionist state, America should disengage with that state and if possible convince other nations to ostracize them and apply sanctions against the errant entity. All financial dealings with the Zionist state should immediately cease – it should be made a crime to send monies and/or any form of aid to Israel. If any authentic and constitutionally protected American citizens choose to aid Israel, they may do so after giving up their citizenship and leaving the United States of America. If they insist their religious views demand such action, so be it, let them serve the Lord outside the boundaries of the United States. Once citizenship has been renounced, they should receive no special attention.

10. The entire judicial branch should be immediately and ruthlessly purged – all Jews should be removed forthwith and never allowed to practice law again within the boundaries of the United States of America. American government entities shall never engage in dialogue and/or business relations with foreign Jews. If a foreign government wants to engage in dialogue with the United State’s they’ll find a non-Jewish ambassador.

11. All Jewish assets shall be immediately seized, and reparations paid to non-Jewish American citizens only. Any private property possessed by Jews will be confiscated – their bank accounts emptied, and the contents of their safety deposit boxes searched and appropriated. They’ll receive a receipt for items confiscated and if said items are later found to have been obtained legally and non-parasitically they’ll be returned. Anyone caught assisting Jews to hide assets and/or transfer them should be dealt with harshly.

12. The Department of Education in its entirely will be immediately disbanded. Individual schools will choose their own curriculum – a Board of Education composed of citizens within their own respective districts will oversee the schools. Massive deprogramming of American students should begin immediately – any educators that balk and/or refuse to participate should be removed from the school system and their teaching credentials stripped.

13. The Department of State will be carefully scrutinized – all Jews removed – and others vigilantly screened.

14. The United States military will ask permission of Arab countries to remain in certain authorized areas within Iraq, their primary concern and objective will be changed to Israel. The vast majority of troops will be removed and repositioned along the Mexican-United States border with Fort Bliss, Texas acting as the central authority. A fence will be immediately built – a massive educational campaign within Mexico will begin, utilizing leaflets if necessary, informing Mexican citizens that they will be shot if the cross the fence. Repatriation of all illegal aliens will begin immediately – the Mexican government will be paid a specific sum of money annually for a period of not more than five years to assist them in resettlement of their citizens. If the Mexican government refuses to accept their citizenry they will be settled in refugee camps along the Rio Grande until the Mexican government can be sufficiently pressured to accept them. The expense will be high, but in the end well worth it. All troops in Afghanistan and in any number of other countries will be sent home and will respect the sovereignty of foreign nations, no matter their political and/or religious orientation. No restitution whatsoever will be paid – the respective countries will be informed that the previous government of the United States was a criminal organization and was not legally acting as the representative of the American people period. If these governments fail – that’s their problem.

15. Circumcision of American non-Jewish males will stop immediately – a massive re-educational campaign will be launched over the newly acquired television media and the truth about circumcision will be told – that there are no hygienic reasons whatsoever to be circumcised – it is and has always been a Jewish lie.

16. Revisionist history will be obligatory in all grades. Germany and Germans will be rehabilitated in the minds of Americans, the entire Israel/Palestine issue will be presented in a truly balanced manner, WWI and WWII will be presented with the current curriculum, which is designed to elicit an emotional, rather than intellectual response/opinion will be removed from the classroom. Political correctness will be scourged from society, affirmative action programs dropped, and America returned to a meritocracy. Minorities will receive their constitutionally protected rights and no more. Well-known Americans, i.e. movie stars, politicians, academics, and the like will be scrutinized by “patriotic organizations,” those that supported the status quo and became wealthy as a result will be exposed. Americans [past and present] that attempted to expose the corruption of government and Jewish influence will be rehabilitated publicly, many will receive stipends, including widows, etc… School children will be required to know many of their names and be able to recite what it is/was that they said/wrote.

17. Border security along the Canadian border will be turned over to the County Sheriff in each respective county along the border – the sheriff will be given supreme authority in this area, he can gather evidence as he likes, prosecute the cases, judge them and carry out the sentence. Each sheriff will be overseen by a central authority; one designed to monitor the sheriff and the sheriff’s department. Corruption in law enforcement will no longer be tolerated and will be dealt with harshly. The United States Navy and Coast Guard will guard American coastal waters and deal with smugglers/illegal immigrants in a manner that exemplifies extreme prejudice. The guilt or innocence of [non-American and Jewish] violators will be determined by the vessels captain; no documentation of cases or their outcomes will be necessary. Congress in its entirety will receive a political enema, a general amnesty will be offered, those that choose to turn over evidence that reveals their treason will be pardoned, those that don’t and appear to be guilty will be shot. Some Congressmen should be publicly and summarily shot on the steps of the Capital building and their executions broadcast on television.

18. The vast majority of social welfare programs will end, churches will be encouraged to take over where they left off prior to Johnson’s “War on Poverty,” and all American organizations [religious included] will be discouraged from sending aid to Third World nations, this shouldn’t be a problem, because their aid will be desperately needed by their congregants. Religious organizations that continue to send aid to foreign countries will be exposed publicly, which will almost certainly bring condemnation from their congregants.

19. Unfortunately, as a result of the above measures the entire American economic system, as we know it today will collapse. In the beginning there will be tough times, privations and a modicum of hunger. If the American people work together, this period will not last longer than five years. The good news is that no non-Jews [criminals excluded] property will be confiscated as a result of defaulting on mortgages/loans, etc... Loans will be reviewed and payment deferred for an extended period of time [probably five years]. The confiscated assets of Jews will be used to bolster the newly formed economy, which will be of a mercantile type [managed]. Wealthy Americans like Bill Gates and the Oracle of Omaha will be encouraged to donate large sums of their fortune to this new economy , if they do they’ll be made into national heroes, if they don’t they may suffer from an accident and be scourged in the consciousness of the new America. Their wealth will be appropriated by the state. If feasible the new monetary system will be based upon precious metals.

20. Americans will be encouraged, rather than discouraged to breed. Parents with high IQs will be paid a substantial amount of money for reproducing. In some cases, low IQ individuals will be paid significant amounts of money to submit to sterilization. Women will once again have the opportunity to reassume their former exalted position in society – as mothers and marital partners. The necessity to maintain two income households will be done away with. The new media will no longer indoctrinate women to accept its so called concepts of equality – the new media will expose the lies of the old order and expose how a high divorce rate and abortion were slated to destroy western civilization. If women desire an abortion in the new world, let them go to a nation that insists on embracing degeneracy to get one. No apologies.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rat-Faced Jews Using Rats Against Non-Jews

How ironic. Jews using their closest relatives as their 'mini army'. LOL

My Message To The Myspace Junkies Still Pushing Trash

I noticed that since another Jew-created troofer film came out that all the troofers on myspace are pushing it around like it is going to save the country or something. I have said it before and I'll say it again, if you don't IDENTIFY the Jew behind the crimes you are talking about in your so-called patriot and troofer films then you are suspect to be working FOR them!

New Zeitgeist Movie - STILL GARBAGE!

Message body:
Still doesn't compare to Missing Links which showed you the Jews behind the masterminding of 9/11. When are you going to take these Jews seriously? After they pull another 9/11 and you realize all your idiotic talk about 'NWO' is getting you no where because that term was given to you cattle to preach upon by the Jew.

Jews are the only criminal group EVER in the history of mankind that have been caught over and over again committing the same type of crimes yet some of you people obviously haven't lost enough to be able to call a spade a spade.

Maybe it is because you have a nice Jewish friend. When the time comes, no matter how much you are fooled into thinking that rat-faced Jew is your friend, he/she/IT will burn you at the stake for the greater cause of the Jew.

Notice how the fake 'truth' movement loves to preach about how this country is turning 'fascist' and Bush is like Nazi but never explains to you the Jew behind things causing these types of re-actions. If you look on wiki about fascism you will notice (obviously the JEW owned wiki wont point this out) that fascism has been used primarily to conquer the Jew and their actions.

The Jew (along with wise Gentiles) realize that most people are preferably sheep or cowards. The people blaming GWB for 9/11 being an inside job are no better then the Michael Moore loving democrat hippie chick preaching against war.

If you haven't had the courage to identify that the Jew is behind these grand crimes then you are either ignorant (aka sheep) or cowardly. Go ahead and make all the excuses in the world you want for these people and even divert attention away from Jews by telling me how bad some other groups are but that still isn't going to save you and your future by protecting heathens.

So yes, fascism has primarily been used by people who realize you can never 'wake up' the mass cattle (goy as the Jew calls you) because most people WANT to be cattle but you certainly don't want the Jew capitalizing off of it so you create a fascist government where you force morals and values (generally speaking most have been good but there certainly have been some negative effects also). None of this bullshit about 'everything goes'. That ideology (coming from the Jew) breeds a very disgusting society and once the moral fabric of society is broken down, this is when you get the Jew crime gangs to run your country and have them demand their 'rights' to do so.

Hopefully as things get worse and you finally start looking for REAL answers/SOLUTIONS, you will remember my words.


I don't buy the fact that Victor Ostrovsky, who is promoted in this video, is all that legit or genuine. He, like so many other controlled dissenting Jews, holds a lot back that he isn't telling us. Still there is much to learn from his work but take with a grain of salt.
I also don't support any of the websites listed at the end of the video because you'll just end up running into more JEWS at many of those sites pretending to be something they are not...

The Amero

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pastor Interviews Rabbi PARODY

Although I don't know of or support the creator of this audio I do think it is worth listening to. It is a parody of what an interview with an 'honest' Rabbi and a pastor.

The 'JIDF' going bezerk trying to ban everyone including me

Here is their internet 'task force' page listed me among many others exposing Jew crimes.

And this is Quest's response for being the first one banned (and only 20 times) by their efforts




JIDF Responds back to Quest's video:

Jews Tell 'Goyim' How To Bury Their Dead

So a Jew has to be buried in 24 hours huh? I'll reserve my comment here and let you fill in the blanks...

Jews in Hollywood are scared Americans are waking up to the Jew

Jews are afraid that voters aren't participating in their faked electronic Jew-owned voting machine scams so they got a bunch of Jews and Jew puppets to try to convince you to play their game. Notice how they are bringing up the most ridiculous bogus topics that even the average brainwashed American now knows is a hoax. They are afraid because they notice that if Americans aren't voting for either the Jew can of piss or Jew cup of piss then that means Americans are finally starting to see through the BS and don't want to play the Jew reindeer games anymore.

If you really feel the need to vote then write me in as your candidate because I would fearlessly take care some serious problems in this country and would be more than happy to do it for free...
I would start by following this plan right here:
20 Steps To A Better America

Here is the garbage the Jews in HollyJew would like you to buy into to:

The Jew is really afraid this will start happening:

This is once again a fitting video for this article and a classic that can never get old:

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Response To Edgar Steele

ADL worried Americans are figuring out Jews behind economy collapse

It is amazing they are still trying to use their old canard of 'anti-semitism' to try to steer people away from looking at who has been responsible for so many crimes going on in the last century alone, not to mention thousands of years of written history from hundreds of world famous men (a video that John just did that the Jews have made quite a concerted effort of banning it everywhere it is posted) being quoted that Jews have been the parasite to every society known to man.

The ADL claims that 'anti-semitism' is on a huge rise in financial message boards around the internet and they are reassuring us that the ADL is doing their best to censor anything truthful regarding them and their involvement in ruining America.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Thats What Gentiles Are For"

John's "The Jew's War on Christianity"

US to "sell" 75 fighter jets to Israel

I wouldn't call it selling because that would mean Israel would actually have to pay us money they have but instead it will just be recycled American Tax dollars coming back here that we originally send there and spent at some more Jewish owned companies. Regardless, your hard earned money goes to them until these people are identified and try for the centuries of crimes against non-Jews.

The Bailout 2

Probably the most telling part of this video was when the newscaster mentioned the congress halls were EMPTY because of the Jewish New Year. So nice that congress gets more days off because of a Jewish holiday in this supposed Christian nation. I guess they will all have a party and talk about how Jesus is burning in hell and how his mother was a whore. Yet Christians are still fooled into believing these heathens are the "chosen ones".

As far as the bailout goes, I wonder if the only reason it was voted down was because the right people weren't going to get their cut or the amount was too small. Either way, bend over and enjoy the penitentiary pounding (aka raping) the goy-Americans will be getting soon...

Cuckservatives Feeling The Heat