Monday, October 20, 2008

Raw footage of a lying, deceiving Jew

I could spend ALL day ripping apart every lie and deception in this video but hopefully those who come to this website are already educated on most, if not all of these issues. First off he NEVER addresses WHY the Jews have been so "persecuted", lol. Gee, I wonder why he doesn't get into that? Maybe because every incident has been completely justified. Notice how he brags about the Jewish hijacking of "Vatican 2" and how the Jews were also able to influence Lutheran leaders to neglect the teachings of Martin Luther. Lutherans aren't even afforded a chance to hear what the founder of Lutheranism said about the Jews and why. I wont even bother wasting anymore time dissecting this video but rather advise you to acquire the nearest bucket and be prepared to puke your guts out... lol.

Birds of Feather

A couple years back I pointed out that Mike Enoch of TRS admitted himself that he was a jew. The firestorm (damage control at the time) wa...