Thursday, October 23, 2008

John Is Back Up And Running

From John:

"I'm back (not that I ever really left). I've built a new self-hosted website to counter the censorship I've experienced on so many Jewish controlled websites. It took some doing, but I finally figured out how to customize a blog enough to make it look as sexy as a custom site. Mike and I couldn't find any web designers to step up to the plate to help assist us so I'll also be creating a new for him. No complaints here, we get mountains of support in other areas, although it would be nice to have some veteran website programmers to hack out some other projects for us. Things look bright on the home front. We're gaining ground globally with awareness of the Jewish Mafia. Missing Links is approaching half-a-million views and has been watched all over the world and personally hand delivered in hard copy format to Germany. Mike will be scripting, producing and leading up distribution for JFK: The Puppet Masters, which will show beyond any doubt that the Jewish power elite assassinated John F. Kennedy. I'll be directing film. Mike and I are working on some reliable electronic methods to transfer funds to us to support these projects. You'll find my new site at and, as well as will point to it. Lets turn up the heat on these criminal swine, get some new material out there and new faces aware of these important issues. We will prevail. Stay strong!"

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