Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Message To The Myspace Junkies Still Pushing Trash

I noticed that since another Jew-created troofer film came out that all the troofers on myspace are pushing it around like it is going to save the country or something. I have said it before and I'll say it again, if you don't IDENTIFY the Jew behind the crimes you are talking about in your so-called patriot and troofer films then you are suspect to be working FOR them!

New Zeitgeist Movie - STILL GARBAGE!

Message body:
Still doesn't compare to Missing Links which showed you the Jews behind the masterminding of 9/11. When are you going to take these Jews seriously? After they pull another 9/11 and you realize all your idiotic talk about 'NWO' is getting you no where because that term was given to you cattle to preach upon by the Jew.

Jews are the only criminal group EVER in the history of mankind that have been caught over and over again committing the same type of crimes yet some of you people obviously haven't lost enough to be able to call a spade a spade.

Maybe it is because you have a nice Jewish friend. When the time comes, no matter how much you are fooled into thinking that rat-faced Jew is your friend, he/she/IT will burn you at the stake for the greater cause of the Jew.

Notice how the fake 'truth' movement loves to preach about how this country is turning 'fascist' and Bush is like Nazi but never explains to you the Jew behind things causing these types of re-actions. If you look on wiki about fascism you will notice (obviously the JEW owned wiki wont point this out) that fascism has been used primarily to conquer the Jew and their actions.

The Jew (along with wise Gentiles) realize that most people are preferably sheep or cowards. The people blaming GWB for 9/11 being an inside job are no better then the Michael Moore loving democrat hippie chick preaching against war.

If you haven't had the courage to identify that the Jew is behind these grand crimes then you are either ignorant (aka sheep) or cowardly. Go ahead and make all the excuses in the world you want for these people and even divert attention away from Jews by telling me how bad some other groups are but that still isn't going to save you and your future by protecting heathens.

So yes, fascism has primarily been used by people who realize you can never 'wake up' the mass cattle (goy as the Jew calls you) because most people WANT to be cattle but you certainly don't want the Jew capitalizing off of it so you create a fascist government where you force morals and values (generally speaking most have been good but there certainly have been some negative effects also). None of this bullshit about 'everything goes'. That ideology (coming from the Jew) breeds a very disgusting society and once the moral fabric of society is broken down, this is when you get the Jew crime gangs to run your country and have them demand their 'rights' to do so.

Hopefully as things get worse and you finally start looking for REAL answers/SOLUTIONS, you will remember my words.

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