Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Its Time To Support Your Most Effective Fighters

I have usually strayed away from asking for monetary donations, but lets face it, it is going to take some money to fight more effectively. Between John and I, we have made one of the best efforts out there with the least at hand. Unfortunately it has been getting to the point where we can no longer keep this fight up at the sacrifice of almost exclusively our time and money (aside from a very small handful of dedicated people who donate what they can and we thank them) and we need your support.

Between John and I, we have put out 5 documentary films, and numerous videos with powerful messages in everyone of them. We are some of the ONLY people who actually hit the streets and push the message out there when others live in far away countries and ask for your support while they sit at home just telling how bad things are and offer no solutions or optimism.

As of recently the Rats have been on full blown attack on the videos we have done by banning them or doing other tricks to discourage people from viewing them. We have a solution to fix this particular problem and have purchased a real website hosting account and domains with video hosting that will enable you to view and download any video and/or documentary film we have done with out the risk of it being deleted but this takes money because we need to hire someone who can build the new site. We also want to be able to attend more street actions but that again takes funds to create fliers and DVDs, not to mention gas.

While people like Alex Jones and others (who don't tell you the full story) can receive $250,000 in two days with a money bomb, we have a hard time getting $250. While Alex Jones has a full-time paid staff of 14 people, we are 1 man operations with many skills to do multiple people's jobs with no pay.

Some of the future plans we would like to accomplish would be:

Create 3 more full films about,
Banking Systems
(these films we be for free download on the internet like the other 5 that have been done)

We also would like to start a Gentile-orientated political party that would be a serious answer to the phonies who are running around sucking up Americans hard-earned money and time like Ron Paul who received $30 + million and did squat. Just imagine what we could have done with a small fraction of that money with all we have done for basically nothing so far.

These are just some very basic plans among many others that would be viable options to start the fire that would educate people in the right direction and having a serious chance of reclaiming not only this country but to spark people all over the world to reclaim theirs too.

While you pay your hard earned money to the bills with interest for your mortgage (which you pay more interest to Jews then to the actual principle), car payment (again more in interest is payed then the car is even worth), TAXES (1/3 or more goes directly to Jews before you even see your paycheck), and many other bills that more then likely go to making the Jew fat and happy. So after you do a serious audit of where your money ends up, you realize that a large majority goes to Jews while they destroy our country and humanity.

Its time to stop paying these people like slaves and complaining about them and start to support those who are dedicated to exposing, fighting, and offering new solutions for a better future. 30-80% of income goes to the Jew, isn't it time you start funding the other team out here fighting FOR you and not against you?

Please donate whatever can and watch the positive results you see come from your donations that certainly wont come from you funding your enemy.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We hope to have a P.O. Box soon so that those who want to send funds the old fashioned way can do so. We will keep you posted when that has been acquired.

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