Thursday, October 9, 2008 Hitting A Nerve At Paypal - Threats Of Account Ban



It seems that Paypal and the Jews that own it do not want me receiving donations because of my 'hate' website. I called them up and told 2 different people that I am sure you would have no problem if I were to be talking about Christian or Muslim terrorists but I am not. I am talking about Jewish terrorists, especially the ones who did 9/11. Thanks to Paypal, I will no longer be able to receive any more donations.

Even the Mexican "Aztlan" group has problems with these people because they also address the Jews at their website:

Another site referring to this:

P.O.Box coming especially soon. Thanks for your patience.


This was my response to them:
"Duly noted and here is my response:

Quite typical. No worries. The founding fathers were once listed as 'terrorists', 'haters', etc from the British.... We see how that turned out.

Just remember, it was JEWS, NOT Muslims, that did 9/11 and we will never forget that and your complicity in trying to silence that message. I guess you would like to silence the NAVY and NSA for this:
And this:"

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