Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Jew Attacks NSA But Are Hush About Amdocs And Converse

Well here we go again. The Jews who are still trying to complete their long awaited coup d'etat on the US have been trying to tear down the NSA by wrapping themselves in the constitution and claiming that they want their "civil liberties" from the NSA spying. Also notice that these same "anti-spying" Jews don't say a peep about the foreign nation of Israel having backbone telecommunications companies like Amdocs and Converse being caught spying on Americans over and over again. It should be made a point that the USS Liberty was a NSA/Navy ship as well. I would support the NSA spying on Americans any day over a foreign Jew company from Israel doing so. Who knows, maybe they are spying on Jews (the domestic enemy) within subverting our government and commiting crimes like 9/11...

Here are some notes from John (Forcemultiplication) who found this article:

"Note that Mark Klein (Jew) is the former AT&T employee who is fingering the NSA for illegal spying within the article.

Naughty, naughty.

Of course, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was founded by Mitch Kapor (Jew) among others and financed by Steve Wozniak (Polish Jew) and an anonymous or as of yet unnamed party (Mossad)."



Amy (the Jew) Goodman is also on direct attack on the NSA as well as posted here:

Notice out of all the issues they could be dealing with they attack the NSA for spying which has never been shown to even be directly tied to any type of damaging actions towards the US. On the other hand we have Israeli companies openly spying all over the place in the US and selling secrets (not to mention committing numerous false flag attacks on our soil) to everyone who might be threat to the USA and they don't say a word. This reminds of the incident of when the Jew-run Media and congress (including Amy Goodman and other 'dissenting' Jews) attack the gentile-run Blackwater for things our own military does on a daily basis. Again they wont say a peep about the Jew-run Dyncorp who has been CAUGHT, thanks to whistle blower, running a child sex slave ring out of eastern Europe. Nope. They steadily attack Blackwater and make them out to be enemy #1. Has anyone ever questioned why Blackwater has been the only sec company attacked by Jew entities and investigated by the SPLC for having ties to David Duke? hmmmm... Would they attack this private security company for anything they might do wrong? http://isitrainingcenter.com/ <~~ yes, an Israeli-run American private sec firm...

Some interesting articles regarding Blackwater:

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