Friday, November 2, 2007

Odigo says workers were warned of attack


Photo Realism said...

Here again, we see instances of Israeli (Odigo was an Israel corp) involvement in 9/11 and most people are acting like, "oh nothing, oh nothing." This instant messaging warning is another example of unethical behavior by the same people that perpetrated 9/11.

I've reached the conclusion that most Americans do not want to know the real truth regarding 9/11.....they shut down and accept the msm narrative about what occurred on 9/11. Therefore, the real perps have gotten away with 9/11 without a hitch. Despicable. Just despicable.

Anonymous said...

If the "9/11 'truth' movement" was really serious about what they do, they would definately push this fact. Instead they talk about 'controlled demolition' and how george bush is the devil, etc..(ridiculous, pointless theories)

This is one of the best points you could ever make when trying to show people the truth. Everybody should be pushing this fact about 9/11. Good job on the info. Spread the truth. Peace.

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