Sunday, November 11, 2007


It started off last week when Myspace deleted my account and having it for 3 years for no specific reason:
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Than acouple ago days on 11-09-2007 I made a podcast and uploaded it 2 times. I named the exact file 2 different names and the first time it said it was live but up until this point it has not worked and they rejected the second file:
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And heres what happens when you click the one that says "Live" that is supposed to work:
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I was able to upload as you see to and got past all the censorship but I find it funny that what I am saying must be upsetting someone enough to keep censoring me like this...
Now they are playing games with my site here:
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Anonymous said...

They can try to censor the truth but they can't stop it.

Anonymous said...

My advice to you is get your own server account and upload your podcasts there. They can't censor your own account. MySpace is junk anyway.

Photo Realism said...

Yeah! You must be saying - doing things to expose their criminal network that is really shaking these people up. (although it's a hassle that they are censoring your myspace account).

As Eric H points out on his website, there's a huge war in the Zionist communities for world domination and world control. The last thing they need are bloggers exposing their crimes which seriously deters their objectives.

Keep up the good work!

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