Tuesday, November 27, 2007

While You Shop For Your Chinese-Made Christmas Crap Look At What Your Tax Dollars Are Doing In Your Name America!!

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rxt78 said...

Watched the video.....and felt a little sick. For God's sake this is 2007 and this kind of barbarism is still occurring at the hands of the usual perpetrators: Zionists.

Message to the perpetrators: The Palestinians have suffered enough....give them back their homeland and make reparations to them effective immediately. Join the human race: be compassionate, loving, caring and stop this terrorism and unmitigated violence against a great nation of people who have suffered under the hands of your violence and terrorism.

Enough is enough.

The Most Ridiculous Facebook Ban Yet

Literally getting banned for posting a picture of a shelf at Walmart. These kikes are simply terrified at this point.