Monday, November 5, 2007

Hufschmid, on what is this mysterious substance called power that the criminals have?


Anonymous said...

They closed
second thing another zionist spies from AIPAC got caught

Photo Realism said...

Thanks Eric Hufschmid for your article. Your points about personal responsibility and personal accountability are well taken. People and the masses are behaving like animals and not engaging in higher order thinking skills such as problem-solving, reasoning, intelligence, and critical thinking skills. These higher order thinking skills are what separates humanity from animals. People are also acting at the lowest levels of moral reasoning and courage to conquer this huge criminal network.

If people would disengage from all the Zionist social conditioning tantamount to brainwashing and mind control they receive through Zionist controlled news media, they would perhaps start utilizing their own personal power, reasoning, intelligence and critical thinking skills that would enable the masses the overcome the Zionist crime network.

Moreover, your metaphors – analogies regarding people being similar to conditioned animals and seals were apropos (classical conditioning). Here again, we see people behaving as though they are helpless animals succumbing to classical conditioning prompts and cues for gratification instead of utilizing their personal powers and higher order thinking skills to conquer this network. We need more free thinking – independent thinkers in the masses…..we would probably be seeing a much different scenario socially economically, and politically if this were the case. And we certainly wouldn’t be intimidated or scared of the influence of the mysterious power exerted by the Zionists and Rothschilds.

Thanks for information regarding DBS……it certainly was food for thought. Now I am questioning and scrutinize some of his theories more critically.

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