Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I get so disgusted of the constant brainwashing of Zionists trying to propagate the fairytale holocaust story in everything they do. You see it in movies and tv shows all the time even if it is only a short mention to remind you that 6 million Jews were slaughtered. This story is such a fraud and we as people of this planet need to stop being scared of saying it is a fraud. The whole story plays on people emotions instead of facts. There are many other groups that rightfully deserve to call their history a real holocaust and one being the Native Americans. I urge you to read this article: HOLOHOAX(http://www.israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/HOLOHOAX.htm). Once you research this article and see that this official story of a Jewish holocaust is a fraud than please inform others of this. This holocaust card has been used to manipulate so many people in the world to let these Zionists get away with anything and it has to STOP! With everything going on is this world right now we need to be intolerant with fraudulent history and start speaking truth to power.


Anonymous said...

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The main objective of the Holocaust Stories is so that the Jews/Zionists will keep their power, domination and manipulation in the world. These stories manipulate the masses to the point where they are always apologizing and kissing the arses of the Zionists/Jews. How convenient.

!!!NON-Holocaust Videos….Very Interesting…debunks most of the Holocaust Stories

Pay particular attention to episode #29 – A few million Jews went missing in Europe, but What Happened to the Jews in Europe….The answer is….most migrated to Israel and changed their names from Yiddish to Hebrew:


But what about Christian-non-Jew Holocaust PERPETRATED by Jewish people in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Poland et al from 1905 - 1940's?

Here's a couple of links to websites that are very interesting about this history that has been hidden from us - deliberately and intentionally.

Read these articles in there entirety at these links:

Stalin was a Jew - biggest mass murderer in history of non-Jews:
Stalin’s Jews:

Non Jewish history hidden from us non-Jews:


100 Million Christians Killed by Jews in Russia-Ukraine-Poland-Eastern Europe


Anonymous said...

Just like 9-11, when you look at the supposed "holocaust", it turns out to be a fraud.

For Palestine, for the USA, for the world:

Outlaw zionism...

including the drumming up of "holocaust" paranoia in synagogues around the world.

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For information on the Auschwitz hoax, watch David Cole's videos at:


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