Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Prothink Interviews Khanverse

We talk about topics relating to the "truth movement" and some of the negative effects it has when you are a follower to certain individuals. Interview is just over an hour.
Khanverse's website:


Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are a nutter.

And you don't have Huckabee in your Presidential poll.

Jesusfreak said...

Oh, what's this? censoring your blog? You have to look over it before I post? Why, you're as bad as google and myspace! :O

Prothink said...

If you want a response from me please email me but if you have a comment worth putting up then please do so. Both comments above have nothing to do with the topic you 2 have posted about.

nierika said...

I don't understand what they mean, eBlogger requires that you choose moderation to protect yourself from viruses or leave yourself open to malware coding, etc. I haven't left a comment in an eBlogger Blog that did not ask me to wait for moderator's approval. What do the previous comments have to do with the interview???

Anonymous said...

you still don't have Huckabee. :(

Anonymous said...

Great interview!

The Most Ridiculous Facebook Ban Yet

Literally getting banned for posting a picture of a shelf at Walmart. These kikes are simply terrified at this point.