Saturday, January 19, 2008

Prothink Visits USS Liberty Memorial Library



Anonymous said...

(Wow, you have snow! Our winter sucks) Amazing that this museum even exists, I would think the Z's would like to see this story disappear in the memory hole, I guess though the museum has not the same stand on the issue as Ennes' book does?

Prothink said...

The Zionists did fight tooth and nail against this memorial and that will be revealed on Tuesday's show with a veteran from the USS Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Did you find out anything new?

Also, were you able to interview anyone on the premises?

rxt78 said...

Total disconnect from reality and blatant display of hypocrisy: Jews/Zionists/Israelis perpetrate a horrific crime of murder against the USS Liberty and now that this memorial library is built - they complain of anti-semitism.

Here again, we see clearly their hypocrisy which seems to have no limits. I recently read that the Jews/Zionists/Israelis complained about the Rachel Corrie theatre production and now the production is completely closed down because of their whining, "anti-semitism". Accusations of Anti-semitism is a mind control mechanism the Jews invented to control us goyim-gentiles behavior - so we will shut the hell up and not point out all their despicable crimes.

This is what infuriates me with these Zio-Jew hypocrites: They commit horrific crimes against humanity - mass murder which is definitely hate crimes. Then, when we expose their 'hate crimes', they hypocritically start bitching - saying, "you're being hateful by pointing out our horrific hate crimes". When are people going to wake up to their meme and mind control games? And furthermore, when are we going to stop allowing ourselves to be controlled by these barbarians and nation wreckers.

Thank you Prothink for taking time to visit this library in remembrance of many innocent people who perished in yet another senseless Jew-Zionist-Israeli false flag attack.

Anonymous said...

Amazing..... I hope that others go and visit this memorial, and realize once and for all what group is responsible for all the evils of the world today!

Thanks, Mike, for taking the time to visit this museum, and to make us all aware that this place exists! I notice that the MSM does not even mention the existance of this place, and no wonder... If people ever finally find out the truth about their zionist masters, they would rise up and lynch, or hang them all!

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