Saturday, January 26, 2008

We Are Going To Get There Contests Rolling Soon

I have another site set up to promote others to go independent and also evolve the information being spread out there to combat all the shill sites set up.
This new site will sponsor contests to inspire others to do what I have done on my own. This will be done efficiently and effectively with donations. I appreciate all those who have been donating and I will be sure to make your money work for you fighting these criminals and also spawn a network of active people willing to stand up to these monsters. It will be a co-op of alliances, not me being anyones leader in this.
Here is the site:
Prothink Contests

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Anonymous said...

When are u going to be done with the 9/11 dvd? People are very super open to the message these days about Fed Reserve, Zionist, and 9/11. I used the $1 bill to show people the 6 angles star and talked about who print the world money, the Rothschild front men, the Israelis Mossad agents 9/11 attack. Currently, I have been passing EH Painful Deception to people. I hope u dont forget about this important project. I think the Zionist are losing.

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