Thursday, January 10, 2008


Anonymous said...

Only one suggestion to make it even more awesome... interupt all the audio and key in Silverstein saying "pull it". Make Silverstein the representative of the fraud... Silverstein, Silverstein, Silverstein... pull it, pull it, pull it.

Waterboard Larry Siverstein.

rxt78 said...

Good film/documentary regarding the use of thermite to bring down the twin towers. Once again, stellar and outstanding. Hopefully, this will wake some people up to the treasonous mo@#er f#@kers in our government that colluded with Jews/Zionists/Israel to pull off the despicable crimes of 9/11.

Prothink, please let us posters know the best way we can leave some referenced links....the insructions "you can use some HTML..." is a little ambiguous.

Thanks Prothink and Khanverse for all your efforts to wake up the sleeping sheep.

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