Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zionists Have Really Cranked Up The Propaganda

I would be willing to bet by the way all these Zionist speak that they are really pushing to round up people after this bill pushes through. They realized they can't shut down the internet, they realized people aren't buying into these fake "truth" sites (Thanks to people like us for exposing them), so now they are just aiming for locking up anti-zionists under the label of terrorists so this could lead to secret roundups because once labeled a terrorist they don't have to disclose arrest, permanent detention without trial or habeas corpus, etc. This would certainly include people like Khanverse and myself for getting traction on exposing their crimes. I urge you to watch the entire video and notice how the mention a "Jewish" guy from California joins the fictitious 'Al Qaeda' and promotes terrorism. UPDATE! Turns out this guy's grandpa was on the Board of Directors of the ADL! They also show a video on the hearing of another Jewish person who 'infiltrates' groups and than runs negative representation. This is like the story of the Jewish Grand Dragon of the KKK. Same deal. So again watch the filth and the danger these people spew and understand the danger to all of us if this passes and understand we need to make a major focus towards this issue.
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rxt78 said...

Here we go again. Jews/Zionists will do anything to maintain their power-control in the world domination game.

I spent several hours a few weeks ago re-reading the Protocols and the Talmud. Both are despicable documents. The Talmud is especially hate-filled and vile. But, it is a blueprint and template that the Jews/Zionists use to control the rest of us. The Talmud gives them free reign and omnipotent powers over us goyim/gentiles. According to the Talmud, the Jews/Zionists can kill us, steal from us, rape us - all with impunity and exoneration. Despicable. Just despicable.

The Talmud also says that the Jews/Zios are to rule the world and the rest of us goys are just excrement to serve them at their whim. (Similar to the Protocols on this one article of the Talmud).

Anyway, here we go again. The Jews/Zios are constantly threatening to lock us non-Jews up for pointing out and discussing their criminal network. They did it to Germany (just like the article that Prothink posted - Jews/Zios controlled Nazi Germany). They did it in Russia, they're doing it in the Middle East. It goes on and on and on and on.....

We have to be better than this. Sooner or later will we have to confront them. Where others have failed, we will succeed in disempowering the Jews/Zios.

Anonymous said...

"Zionists Have Really Cranked Up The Propaganda"

Yep, and I hate to admit it but that will scare people away.

The owner of a website I normally post at is worried he will get locked up for even breathing the J word, they locked up some dude in Canada for doing just that, particularly blaming them for 9-11 and other atrocities. While the owner of this site has no problem with people denouncing Zionism, it's obvious that their tactics are working. No one truly wants to go to jail for speaking freely, but that's what so called 'hate crime' legislation is doing--it's attacking free speech. Less people are posting on the site I'm referencing, so it's having an effect just in one area I know of.

Crazy days to be living in that's for sure. It's so damned frustrating.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last two comments...

And BTW, It just came to my attention that DBS's website has been temporarily "suspended"??!!

I hope that iamthewitness is back on soon... Lets face it, the Zionists will do anything to shut DBS up, and even attempt to disrupt his website...

Maybe the site is down for some other reason, but it seems strangely too coincidental!

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