Friday, January 4, 2008

New Updated Preview Of 9/11 Truth Film


Anonymous said...

Great video! I mean GREAT!!! One thing though, at, I think 2:46 into it, you mis-spelled "patsies" - you have it spelled "pasties" ... Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Man I can't wait!!!

It keeps getting better!!


Anonymous said...

Good job, Mike.... Hopefully the entire project will stay the course, and keep hitting the Zionist monsters right where it hurts them the most!

I hope everyone does their part in passing the message out to as many people as possible. We can fight back!

nootpad said...

If one seeks only that evidence which fits the official explanation, then that is what you will find. That’s not science, it’s not objective thinking, it’s not even good common sense. Contrary to NIST & the US Government, there is overwhelming evidence that the planes were the result of SFX TV fakery. Many try to suppress this obvious fact, but to exclude other theories out of hand w/o examination is to be foolish and only results in a misinformed, biased opinion.

Esoteric knowledge and symbolism aside, there were no planes entering the WTC Towers on 911. Perhaps all the related films produced before and since were made to condition the public into acceptance of the official "planes" fantasy.

Believing the government’s fairytale of planes colliding with the Towers is the main problem w/ fully understanding 911. The media was broadcasting fake, manipulated images of planes. Superimposing a plane on 911 was done w/ Wescam technology; it provided a single "live" feed from which all the TV networks broadcast. Other videos & images started to appear in the days, weeks & months following 911. All of them have anomalies & impossibilities which can only be explained by excluding planes.

Real planes would have been a potential liability for the perps on 911. It was easier to control the outcome of the event with much less risk by using the media to broadcast fake imagery. Real jets might miss their targets, get shot down, suffer pilot or computer errors, destroy or prematurely detonate any explosives, passengers could have overtaken the hijackers, and/or the plane might not inflict enough perceived damage to make a collapse believable.

A single fact which cannot be refuted is that a hollow aluminum plane (especially fragile wings) cannot slice through steel beams and concrete without any damage to the plane. News footage showing an airliner gliding into a Tower without any resistance is a cartoon. Aluminum planes are not built for impact and crumple immediately upon contact with solid objects; even a small bird can rip through a jet’s wing.

Furthermore, a large speeding jet’s vortex trails behind it creating a highly active atmosphere which follows in its path. Had a real plane impacted a WTC Tower, real film footage would have recorded the airliner’s vortex interacting with and violently dissipating the smoke from the alleged crash and the adjacent North Tower. No vortex literally means no planes on 911 (TV fakery).

During the South Tower "impact", fake TV footage shows a WTC Tower sealing itself around the plane during the alleged penetration. Still another too incredible to believe anomaly is the width of the plane’s purported gash didn't match the width of a Boeing 757’s wing span. Another widely publicized video shot by Scott Myers shows the forward fuselage of the "jet" exiting the South Tower, though other shots later reveal no exit hole.

To consider the media footage showing a plane slicing thru steel and concrete as reality is ludicrous. There were no planes; only spoofed images, manipulated witnesses and falsified evidence. America please wake up; the media was a complicit partner that was in on the crime from the beginning. In fact, the TV psyop 911 couldn't have been pulled off without the mass media’s assistance.

Actually "no planes on 911? is the only explanation that makes any sense. There are far to many disturbing questions left unanswered which only TV fakery can address.

Besides all the other impossibilities I mentioned, why are there several "hijackers" still alive; some are even suing the US government to recover their reputation and good name.

Why have so many of the purported plane "victims" not been listed in the Social Security Death Index? ...and their families not claimed the death $$benefits?

Why are there missing passenger lists and zero so-called Middle Eastern hijacker names on the flight manifest?

Why in the entire history of aviation has a plane never disappeared from a crash - yet on 911, four of them did in a single day? All plane parts are numbered; not one plane part from 911 has been identified by its number.

How could supposedly inexperienced "pilots" who couldn't even fly a Cessna?

* threaten and subdue everyone on board
* break into the locked cockpits w/ their hands
* kill all the pilots and copilots

...then navigate a large Boeing jetliner above the clouds all over several states without airport tower assistance, with nav systems & radios turned off, and fly with pinpoint accuracy into a building that they couldn't even see?

Not to mention that a Boeing 757 can't fly at 500+ MPH at sea level - the air is too thick. Call Boeing; even they admit that - and they have been recorded in phone conversations recently.

Exposing "no planes on 911" is probably the most important story to people beyond chemtrails, depleted uranium poisoning and nanotech genocide.

Americans are TV hypnotized, drugged up, dumbed down and so utterly dependent that in general they are incapable and disinterested in discovering how the media is adversely affecting their lives.

No planes on 911 and deception by the media is the Holy Grail of 911. It marks the beginning of an Orwellian double-speak mind-set which is now accepted as normal by the populace.

No-planes on 911 is highly important as it exposes the real perps behind this mass murder and offers justice to the thousands of people killed that day.

Without the covert deception by the media in collusion with the enemy in control of America’s military intelligence, 911 could not have happened.

The media was directly involved in 911 and together with a criminal government has helped diminish Americans’ freedoms and launch unending wars against innocent nations.

# # #

rxt78 said...

Stellar, momentous, superlative, excellent....that's it, I'm all out of descriptive adjectives that demonstrate how great this updated iteration of your 9/11 documentary.

Way to go Mike and Khanverse, you guys are great, keep up the good work.

I'll be passing this around to everyone I know via the Internet and otherwise.

Pardon the pun, but 'smokin'!

Prothink said...

There was planes. I don't subscibe to that theory. I did honestly take a look at it and its looks very much like a straw man theory to discredit the anti-zionist movement.

Anonymous said...

There was planes because the 911 Mysteries movie and the Painful Deception movie showed that people were trapped in the building of where the plane crashed in. Below the portion of the building where people were not trapped, people were evacuting and run out of the world trade center 1 and 2. Then the buildings collapsed. Nootpad could be naive or a disinfo agent to give the anti-Zionist movement a bad image.
Regarding Prothink new 9/11 preview, this time it is better because it link the Israeli spy explosive specialist units to the demolition.

northernraiderfan said...

Careful again, Mike... This "nootpad" guy sounds like another zio-shill, coming in to try to dilute, or divert the info...Shows everyone how these criminals will stop at nothing to blind us to the truth!

There were planes there, most probably flown by remote control thanks to Dov Zhakeim's little aerospace-tech company, and they definitely hit the towers, and the Pentagon.

Lets stay focused on the fight here, and not let quacks come in and try to gum up the information. Keep going on your video, my friend, and lets get the finished project out soon.

Anonymous said...

I love how you back pedaled from your original ludicrous assertion in the original preview that most of the 9/11 truth movement leaders and film
makers are working for the same team as the people who did 9/11. I am intrigued with the ideas
you have presented in your preview. You make some valid points. Certainly Israel had some
part in 9/11 as all jews working in the towers were told to stay home on 9/11. But to try to discredit
people who have worked so hard to get to the truth
is very disingenuous of you. It makes you look like you are pushing forward your own agenda.
If you have new information to share or something that 9/11 truth leaders and film makers may have overlooked there is no doubt
in my mind that they would be willing to listen to what you have to say. But to accuse them of being on the same team as the people who did 9/11 without offering up any evidence to back your claim is very insulting .

Prothink said...

TO: 'anonymous' above,

Bashing of my new attempt at making an amateur film will only be tolerated when you put your money where your mouth is and do something better. Until than, stop being a keyboard assassin critic and running you mouth and work on getting the word out. At least I have something to "back peddle" from. What have you done to help educate people with all your sacrifice big shot?...

Thats what I thought..

You cant satisfy everyone, especially those who criticize but don't have anything to lead by example with..


Prothink said...

I doubt that Loose Change and Alex Jones have 'overlooked' Israeli involvement while they made all those films. People like Chris Bollyn and Carol Valentine had info on this topic from almost the very first month this happened. Stop making excuses for these people. THEY HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG AND ARE ONLY TALKING ABOUT IT NOW BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HAS BEEN BEATING IT TO DEATH AND THEY DON'T WANT TO LOOK OBVIOUS THAT THEY HAVE BEEN COVERING IT UP ALL THIS TIME..
Three cuts of 'Loose Change' and not ONE mention of Israeli involvement. If you don't see a problem with that than you really need your head examined! Anyone else with peanuts for there brain can look at this issue and see there are some serious problems with that and it is not something they have been "overlooking". Sounds like you are trying to help them to cover their butts so that they can stay in control of the investigation. Sorry.... Their creditability has been shot and its time for them to move aside because people want figureheads 'overlooking' stuff like this..
We have to point out when people who claim to be "truth tellers" are omitting evidence as strong as this. Sounds like they are pushing their own agenda. An agenda to keep the Zionists safe and demonize the thee entire USA government so that its people will create chaos.. Sorry buddy but for people who have listened to Myron Fagan's speech, we see this coming from a mile away and I wont be one who stands by and watches American get screwed from 2 different directions.

Anonymous said...

Israel had some part in 9-11??? What is that "anonymous" guy smoking... Israel did 9-11!... Plain, and simple...

If you ever become a true detective, Mr. Anonymous... Then you would ask the questions.. Who has the motive for 9-11? Or who had the means, and the ability to carry out the attack? Then the obvious answer to both is ISRAEL, and their American Mossad agents!

It looks like prothink has the attention of these criminals, and they are now coming into this site and trying to dilute the messages, by putting up BS comments. They will fail, because we can see through their sick games.

Irish Anti-Zionist said...

In reply to the last anonymous comment above,

We want the truth and nothing but the truth, not half-truths. Loose change is guilty of deception by ommision, as ProThink says the Israeli connection has been demonstrated by various people since 2001. If you have not read "Stranger Than Fiction", please do so.

Btw, "all jews working in the towers were told to stay home on 9/11" is incorrect, I take it you meant Israelis not jews.

scroggg said...

Hi there,
Found your film today, great journalism. I think that dismissing other film-makers will only play into the hands of those who BELIEVE everything that thegovernment controlled media throws at them.
Also you have got to remember that generally if you accuse Israel of anything you will be accused of anti-semitism and so liable to the ultimate catch-22.
You know what I mean…

northernraiderfan said...

Being called "Anti-Semitic" is going the way of the dinosaur, as it should be.... This is because the vast majority of the occupiers of the nation called Israel are not even Semitic! Look up this hidden history by listening to Ben Freedman's speech, or reading "The Thirteenth Tribe".... The Israelis are actually descendants of KHAZARS, who were a very war-like, and cunning people that hail from the region between the Caspian and Black Seas! They have NO birthright to the region of Palestine! THIS IS FACT! But has been hidden by the zionist controlled press, news, literature, television, radio, etc... The true Semites of the region are the ARABS and the Palestinians that are being oppressed by these foreign aliens!

So for those critics that want to call writers like prothink and DBS "antisemitic" can be laughed at for being gullable, and out of touch with fact!

Good work, Mike, and keep the video project going... There are people, like myself, that will always be willing to cover your back!

Anonymous said...

Nice work mike
here are my "corrections"
as mentioned @
2:49 pasties/patsies
4:33 there is/are mountains of evidence
6:04 space between at^least
9:42 pleaded/plead guilty
11:25 telling you ^the^ complete story
I want to show this to some "English"
majors ;)

rxt78 said...

Scrogg’s comment above looks like a comment made just for me:

Dear Scrogg:

These are two terms that hopefully you are familiar with:

1. Meme
2. Mind Control

The phrase “anti Semitic” is a Meme and Mind Control method and tool used to socially condition the psyche of the goyim/gentiles. But for what? Controlling your thinking = controlling your actions. The term anti-semitic was created to control your mind so that you will “shut the f*#k up” and allow the Jews/Zionists/Israel to commit-perpetrate any crime that they desire with impunity.

Our psyche here in U.S. has been inundated with just such social conditioning since day one by the Masters of Psyops - Jews/Zionists/Israel. If Israel was involved in 9/11 (and they definitely were), how does publishing this fact via the Internet or otherwise make someone anti-semitic. In fact, it’s just the reverse: 3000 people died and 99% of them were goyim/gentiles, this equates into a anti-gentile hate crime.

Please feel free to extricate your social conditioning and brainwashing and otherwise purge the term “anti semitic” from your psyche. Social scientists have found that calling someone anti-semitic evokes these thoughts and feelings in goyim/gentiles: guilt, shame, self-hate, fear and a myriad of other nasty undeserving brainwashed thoughts.

The perpetrators of this heinous crime (9/11 and all their other crimes) will never be brought to justice if we keep allowing these masters of psyops and mind control (Jews/Zionists/Israel) to control our thinking and actions.

Our planet is under attack by the perpetrators of 9/11 and if we don’t start publishing these kinds of documentaries and films such as Prothink’s, they will keep committing horrible crimes until they reach their ultimate Luciferian goal: Complete annihilation of the planet.

Cuckservatives Feeling The Heat