Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Owns Most Of The Mainstream AND Alternative Media?



Anonymous said...

Prime example of the Zionist owned media in action:
Ronald Reagan
Got his rise at Music Corporation of America.
Founded by Jules Stein(Jewish),also a associate of Reagan.
Lew Wasserman(Jewish) was Reagan's agent.
Reagan was close friends with Sidney Korshak(front-man for the mob) who has pulled strings for Reagan thruout his life.
Reagan did support IATSE(International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees)which was runned by Chicago Mobsters.
And because of his support of IATSE.
He got elected 5 different times as president of the Screen Actors Guild(SAG).
1952 in his 5th term as SAG President,he engineered a"Blanket Wavier"exempting MCA from SAG rules prohibiting a talent aganecy from also engaging in film production.Which put the MCA on the ground floor in television production.
Is it coincidence that 30 years later that Ronald Reagan became not only president,but also got 2 terms

Anonymous said...

Great find. It is important to also have the the story told by official professional sources.

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