New Website Coming!

Well I finally am in the works on transferring from the this blogger website I have now to a full blown real website with video hosting. This will now mean that the kosher mafia will not be able to ban this blogger website and also I will be able to host ALL the videos directly on the new website which will be available to view AND download without them getting banned. The cost for this was just under $200 so if you like the work you see on this website and want to see it grow, I would ask that you could donate to help cover some of the new expenses. If there is anyone that knows how to do website design and would like to assist in building the new and improved, then please contact me on at 920-707-0072

I will also be hosting other people's videos who have been getting banned none stop by the kosher-owned video sites. This will be a big step and I am counting on your support.

Mike Delaney

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