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NSA infiltrated by hostile intelligence agents (Mossad?)

October 30, 2007 -- NSA infiltrated by hostile intelligence agents According to U.S. intelligence sources, there is another purge of loyal American intelligence personnel taking place at the hands of neocons who want to politicize U.S. intelligence reports. This time the targets are the National Security Agency's (NSA) Hebrew linguists. Hebrew linguists at NSA have always been caught in a politically-sensitive vise. Because of the power of the Israel Lobby in the United States, the fact that the NSA eavesdrops on Israeli communications has always been handled gingerly. In fact, Hebrew linguists at NSA were once referred to as "Special Arabic" linguists to hide the fact they were spying on Israel. However, Israel, like China, Russia, and North Korea, is considered a hostile intelligence threat by American counter-intelligence elements. Israel has a long history of spying against the United States, the most infamous case being the arrest of Jonathan Pollard, a Navy intel

Wisconsin couple Arrested for using REAL money

It amazes me how brainwashed people are about how much of a fraud the zionist federal reserve is.

Prothink letting it all out about the fake truthers out there (Removed)

Although I brought up some great points I removed this video myself because it was put together sloppy. I am molding myself to be professional and after long review I didn't want to present this view and information in this manner. I will do this video over in a better fashion. I will still have this video archived for anyone who wants it but I will not have it published on my site anymore. Thank you.

Hufschmid asks, What difference does it make if the Armenians died from a genocide or from a war?

Daryl Bradford Smith on the recent fires in California, mass evacuation systems, Ron Paul and finance

Prothink Gives Rudy An Earful Via Bullhorn

Rabbis against the existence of Israel

Prothink's Audio File On Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, Cynthia Mckinney, And Anti-war Protests Gone Wrong (Click Here To Listen)

Cynthia Mckinney should be the running for President Anti-semites or people who know the truth?

Prothink's Audio File On Alex Jones, Chris Bollyn, And The "No Wars For Israel" Conference

Daryl Bradford Smith on what famous people have said about some specific supremacists through history.

Message From Eric Hufschmidt 10/11/07

Prothink's Message About Ahmadinejad

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Rabbis meet with Iranian President, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Prothink Smashes CNN's Hit Piece on 9/11

Ahmadinejad: Zionists are NOT Jews

911, Iraq, PNAC , All roads lead to Israel

71% of Israelis want U.S. to strike Iran..

Message From an Iraqi National

The Protocols of Zion

How To Survive Martial Law

Who Runs the Media? The Full Story

New revelations in attack on American spy ship

BBC documentary proves Israeli army murdered Rachel Corrie

The REAL truth about 9/11

Enough with stupid theories floating around. This article lays everything on the table. This is information ALL the "9/11 Truth" films are missing!

Wake Up America! Even Fox News Told Us, lol

911 - The Israeli Connection Understand that mainstream news lies all the time, this video "slipped" through the cracks and since its release has been PULLED from their archives!!

Meet Chris Bollyn

He is no longer with AFP and I dont endorse