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Update on the "Missing Links" Film

Lots of people have inquired about when our NEW 9/11 FILM/DVD “Missing Links” will be available for mass consumption. Due to changes in location for contributors to the film and and many other miscellaneous issues, all contributors to the film are scattered in the United States. In order to bring people together to make this movie as quick, effective, accurate, qualitative and GROUND-BREAKING as possible we humbly request funding. We recognize that everyone is going through tough financial times. Anything you can donate will be immensely appreciated for airfare, living expense, design, mass production, giveaways to key individuals in government and ancillary equipment. We desperately NEED to get this done so ALL criminals with an actual hand in 9/11 are pointed out to the public and to minimize the effectiveness of shills, paid disinformation agents and gatekeepers who have been obfuscating for almost 7 years. This movie will be distributed for free (non-profit) o