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Israeli Co Has Security Control Of US Nuke Arsenal (Click Here)

What Are Sayanim?

Jews Are Getting *READY*, But Are You? Don't let these scum tell you how you should lay down and be a pacifist and deter you from being prepared and getting *READY* while these Jews are setting up JEW terrorist camps around our country in order to assist their Jew-Occupied government brethren in the slaughter of non-Jew Americans. Get your ass *READY*, not much time left.

Jewish-Israeli Private Sec Firm Operating Out Of Houston, TX Check out on their site where they link to. This company has been employed in Katrina disaster area, 'trained' NYC PD, among many other things.

Mexican Attorney General Releases Jewish Terrorists Another problem in Mexico:

Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center Complicit in 1995 OKC bombing

Jewish Prof claiming Jews murdered Christians for their blood Another Jew admits to sacrificing rituals:

Good Time To Get Ready

We Keep Telling You To Get Rid Of Those Damn Cell Phones

Reasons: 1. Israeli spy tools 2. mandatory gps tracking chip in every phone 3. ah ha, again cancer related to sticking a microwave beams next to your head to retard you is surfacing again:

Ognir Interviews DBS (Click Here To Download)

Great discussion about interview here:

Holocaust Commentary

My Reply To A Ralph Nader Supporter

The Nader supporter's video: My Response: This video is a crock and you know it. It isn't 'white people' who own the central banks, it isn't 'white people' that own the media here, it isn't 'white people' that owned most of the slave ships and plantations that brought blacks here nor was it the 'white people' banks that forced other whites onto Native American land. No, it isn't 'white people' that are the ones who benefit from the wars in the middle east because middle eastern countries aren't enemies to Europe or America, just Israel. It isn't 'white people' who control the super spy agencies like ADL, Amdocs, Converse, AIPAC, etc. It isn't 'white people' (or ARABS) that were caught with bombs in their trucks on 9/11 near the towers. It isn't 'white people' who own Hollywood. The same Hollywood that perpetrates and promotes race baiting and glorifies broken homes for the benefit of

Ognir Interviews Tony Hmura (Click Here)

And People Still Want Healthcare From Government?

Click Here: Americans live shorter lives than citizens of almost every other developed nation

The Word Is Getting Around!

Keep It Up People!

Alternative To Live Fire Militia Training

People all over the country are doing tactical training with paintball and airsoft guns. Go practice and join up with some of these people but make sure to watch out for the 'chosen ones'. Start dropping information on these people because more than likely these people also have real firearms at home and some extensive training as these guys:

Purchase Yourself A Firearm Anonymously

In 24 states you are able to visit gun show and purchase a firearm with cash in hand and no identification. It is called a "private party sale". So look up your state law on this and if you live in one of these states visit you next local gun show and make sure to invoke you second amendment right. You would normally look for tables that have a supply of guns with a sign listed as "private party", no questions ask, no ID, just cash. You are required to register your weapon I believe after the purchase so that Michael Chertoff's goons know you have them but I will leave that up to you to make that decision. Here are some quotes from JEWepedia's site: The Jews at wikipedia want you to think like this: "some perceive a "loophole"" , lol So some 'peceive' there is a 'loophole'. It is a 'loophole' to them (Jews) because they don't want us (goyim cattle) to own firearms. Anothe

Donations For "Project Off The Grid"

In order to get the community off the ground as quickly as possible we need all the help we can get from fellow concerned citizens. We also have a number of American Veterans who want to come out and assist us in building the community and training the people to defend themselves, but a number of these Vets haven't the money to travel across the States to get to our location. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. Realize that you're investing in the safety and well being of fellow Americans during these trying times. As little as $5.00 can help tremendously. Thank you and stay strong!

Operation Garden Plot - Activated?

Mich. Talks Homeland Security With Israeli Police


The Infamous "Deguello Report" (Click Here)

Judaism a religion of Terrorists?

JESUS WAS NOT A Jew (Click Here)

Learn How To Make Your Own Videos Like Mike & John

The idea of Force Multiplication is to teach others and therefore multiply the force so that others are trained to fight too. This article will help you fight the information war and hopefully you can help spread the message of truth. This is a good video to learn the basics of the video editing program Sony Vegas. This is the torrent for that here: Sony Vegas Here are MORE excellent breakdowns of how to use Vegas: Vegas Tutorials Also this is a good piece free software to have for converting videos to different formats Any video converter

Pawns, Puppets, and The Players Coup

Guerrilla Warfare: Invincible, Indestructible

Notice Anything Familiar? You Should Be Able To Add 1+1=Jew

USS Liberty: Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Deja vu?

Expulsion of the Jews

The World Starves As Antichrist Jewish Bankers Grow Fat

By Mike James in Germany 23 April 2008 We’ve all read the headlines and we all know, or think we know, why the world is now poised on the brink of starvation. It’s “climate change”. It’s the growing demand for protein in formerly poor countries. It’s the business cycle. It’s poor planning and the “just-in-time” food delivery chain that has collapsed on account of rising fuel costs. It’s all these things, you think, and more. They’ll give you a thousand different reasons why entire societies, especially in Haiti and Africa, are now living on clay-patties mixed with oil and dusted sugar. The mainstream media will garnish you with the answers you can sleep with. Nothing to do with Pharisaic money-market speculators. It’s basic economics, pure and simple. Natural shortages. Problem solved: go to sleep. But take a look at your own grocery bill. Seems rather at variance with what you were paying just six months ago, doesn’t it? You’re not yet ready to riot, as they have been doing in S

Who Are The Ones Behind Gun Grabbing?

Project Off The Grid:

The Evidence The '9/11 Conspiracy Theorist' Don't Want You To Know About!

For those who think Zeitgeist, In Plane Site, Loose Change, Road To Tyranny, Esoteric Agenda, and the rest out there are telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, ask why NONE of this evidence is in their film? Can you figure it out yet? MOST OF THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT IS CONTROLLED BY THE SAME, OR FRIENDS OF, THE ZIONIST JEWS THAT DID 9/11. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Israel and the ZIONIST JEWS in the American government did 9/11, not jesuits, masons, lizards, ufos, germanic death cults, Bush and his puppy..... Dual citizens of ISRAEL in the American government(click here) Chris Bollyn VS Loose Change (click here) I URGE EVERYONE TO PASS THIS AROUND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW


"US seeks death in USS Cole attack"

No need to even read this article,0,7308078.story but the point I'd like to make is how about this for a title instead: "US seeks death in USS Liberty attack" Now that would be something to see. Let it be known to the good people with in government that hundreds of thousands of us Americans across the country are ready to take care of our domestic problem and the external problem called "Israel". Let it also be noted that when the tables switch in our favor we will find the rest of you criminals scattered around the world, swift and severe justice will be served.

Newly Updated!

If you haven't heard about Benjamin Freedman than this is one of the most important things to hear especially if you are new to these topics. Help get this message out: Click Image below:

What Real Patriots Could Do

Why isn't Ron Paul spending his 30 million on ideas like this? We could knock out Zionist Jewish corruption tomorrow with that kind of money. We need more people to do effective actions like this.