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Eustace Mullins - Murder By Injection (Cancer Industry)

This is an old video but excellent video about the creation of the cancer industry:

Prothink Interviews DBS of

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ADL Training Police To Look For "Wisconsin Extremists"

In my state: Presentation at Wisconsin Terrorism Conference Posted: May 2, 2008 An ADL expert participated in a Terrorism Conference sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, in Wisconsin Dells. Representatives of approximately 100 federal, state, and local agencies attended including the FBI, DOJ, JTTF, IRS, ATF, DHS, Department of Military Affairs, Transportation Safety Administration, U.S. Marshal Service, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, U.S. Attorney's Office, U.S. Coast Guard, Southeastern Wisconsin Terrorist Alert, Ashland County District Attorney's Office, Ashwaubenon Public Safety, Dane County District Attorney's Office, police departments of Friendship, Ashland, Beloit, Green Bay, Fond du Lac, Pewaukee, Portage, Green Bay, Madison, Darlington, Juneau, Eau Claire, Milwaukee, Fitchburg, F

Controlling Dissent

I cut and edited this so it could be on one video because I noticed when it was in its original 2 piece format the second part with all the "meat n potatoes" wasn't being watched as much so here ya go: This video is from John of WorldWarThreeNews on Youtube

Update On John's (WW3NEWS) Videos And Other Topics

I have spoken with John about his videos and he has taken them down to recreate and repost them back up. He did state he wanted to remove support for Ron Paul in a couple of his videos and also wanted to edit some others with new updated information. They should be up shortly. I can assure that John is doing fine. Now Frank Weltner of "selling" his site on the other hand has become a strange event. I have received calls from many of his supporters questioning this 'sale' of his website and stating they don't believe he would have sold it in this fashion or at all. I have also received reports that when supporters of that site brought up this issue on the forums that there was censorship but I could not personally confirm any of this information because I have never had contact with Frank nor do I go on his forums. It is good that people are paying attention to events like this because as most know there have been people who have 'disappeared

Michael Chertoff

Ognir Interviews Mike (Prothink) & John (WW3NEWS) (CLICK HERE)

Update on the "Missing Links" Film (Click Here)

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The "Synagogue Of Satan"

Who Brought the Slaves to America?

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Interesting Set Of Events Building Up...

The Air Wing Commander Of The USS Kitty Hawk Is Relieved Present Status Of The US Navy Possibly new USS Liberty type attack? Knocking out an aircraft carrier could get the American sheep to fall for another war now even though it would mean the end of America. I wonder if those of us in the know have spent every ounce of our blood into informing as many Americans as possibly so that we don't go down that road or at least have some damage control if we do. We only have one chance to do this so don't be stuck later on up a creek saying you wished you would've done more while you watched sports/tv/play video games, etc etc... Hopefully it wont be you in a FEMA camp saying "I wish I wouldn't have been afraid to use the word Jew and be called Anti-semitic" as they ram battery acid-laden mop handles in places they don't belong. What do you think this guy

Drugs made at kosher meat plant Considering we never hear the full story on issues especially when it comes to their own tribe I wonder WHAT was REALLY going on in this slaughter house... Gentile babies?? Refer to this: And This:

Ted Keylon of Interviews Prothink

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Chess Champion Bobby Fischer

Bobby was murdered by Jews back in January but his words will be forever spread across the internet anyways... You can listen to more of what he had to say here:

This is what the Jews are trying to do in America...

Right after they hijacked Russia they slaughtered 10's of millions of non-Jews and when these parasitic people were done with the country they collapsed it. This is what they are attempting to do here(USA)right before they let psychopaths Michael Chertoff and Michael Mukasey go nuts and slaughter a bunch of Americans. Here is what I am talking about here: Click here and start reading from page 315. 9/11 and the 2006 elections were coup d'├ętats of Jews into our government. I expect to see them pretend to be our saviors and start burning the blackmailed puppet gentile politicians at the stake soon so that they can finish installing their scum friends. The time to be *ready* and act is NOW.

Jewish Spy Trial

Important Note: Study Your Enemy!

What Direction Should The "9/11 Truth" Movement Take?

We could keep asking for an investigation from our government and hope they tell the truth next time but if they don't we will spend another 6 1/2 years debunking the new investigation or do we already have enough investigation done by the people to start seeking justice from the criminals? We could sit here like we did with JFK and 'investigate' for the next 40 years and by than the criminals will be safely gone or dead. Should we keep asking for a new investigation or starting asking for heads to roll? Indict the bastards and let heads roll! Keep begging the government for a 'new investigation' Just wait for the population to 'wake up' and do something about it free polls

Have Mossad death squads been activated in the USA?

Clinton's Friends Show True Colors

This racist p.o.s. showing his true colors.... Guess what? Another Jew as usual: Here is a link to an article I did earlier about the disgusting racist Jews:

Is This A Plausible War Scenario? (Click Here)

Does Incestuous Rapist Josef Fritzl have a Nazi Background?

Fairy Tales, Monsters & Pedophiles