Interesting Set Of Events Building Up...

The Air Wing Commander Of The USS Kitty Hawk Is Relieved

Present Status Of The US Navy

Possibly new USS Liberty type attack? Knocking out an aircraft carrier could get the American sheep to fall for another war now even though it would mean the end of America. I wonder if those of us in the know have spent every ounce of our blood into informing as many Americans as possibly so that we don't go down that road or at least have some damage control if we do. We only have one chance to do this so don't be stuck later on up a creek saying you wished you would've done more while you watched sports/tv/play video games, etc etc... Hopefully it wont be you in a FEMA camp saying "I wish I wouldn't have been afraid to use the word Jew and be called Anti-semitic" as they ram battery acid-laden mop handles in places they don't belong. What do you think this guy would have done if he would've known he'd end up in this spot? Probably scream down the streets and shoot when necessary huh?

Do something while you still can.

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