Prothink Gives Rudy An Earful Via Bullhorn


Unknown said…
This is a great website, its about time someone stands up with the others and says what should be said.
Unknown said…
That's great!

I wish I could help! Alas, I'm on the list. It's difficult for me to get anything accomplished.

Keep up the good work!
Unknown said…
I'm glad you weren't arrested.

Keep up the good work, and maybe someday we'll have control again!
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Prothink, for saying what others are afraid to say... People have to stop being sheep, and stand up for what is right! I am one who now has a clearer understanding of what freedom means, and am no longer afraid of having to fight the criminals. Our freedom is at stake!
Photo Realism said…

You have the courage of your convictions by expressing truth and honesty. We need many more people - in masse - to stand up to the collaborators of 9/11 (i.e. Rudy et al). Thus far, all guilty parties have been granted impunity for a very contrived, deliberate and evil-vile crime. The guilty parties have gotten away with 9/11 without a hitch. Truth + Honesty regarding 9/11 = no more false flag ops and terrorism against U.S. or any other country for that matter.

Thank you for your efforts and an informative website.
A Sincere thanks from a fellow Milwaukee Truther... I wish I could have been there to help you - I will say, the cops seemed pretty cool and its my guess that as long as truthers remain respectful to authority figures while expressing our rights our voices will undoubtedly be heard. Even cops are people too, and the more of them we convert the better =)
Unknown said…
sorry for the "F" word...thats just exactly what i was feeling after i watched your performance!
you and your crew did an outstanding job! rudy is a coward and a liar.. he is foolish to think he can ride the 911 hero van to the white house!

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