Don't Get Caught With Your Pants Down

In light of the recent events with Russia going at war with Georgia I would like to give a simple piece of advise on preparedness which I have been meaning to bring up long before. Considering this conflict is happening on a Friday could mean that if it escalates over the weekend and it affects our economy than Monday when the banks open you could be too late to retrieve your worthless dollars. What I would advise, just in case, to clear out everything you can from your checking and savings accounts to have cash on hand. This way IF something happens over the weekend you give yourself an edge to buy final supplies. Banks runs have been already happening so don't get caught with your pants down like these people recently did:

So pull your money out now while you still can and if you hear anything about the economy tanking (you should have already done this long ago before this point!) get to your nearest food store and gas station and spend it all on supplies to get you through the trying times. It would be foolish to "hold" onto your cash when it is tanking because those dollars aren't going to do you any good. Hopefully we still have some time left and this is just another 'incident' but lets face it, the inevitable is going to happen much sooner than later, complete economy collapse and despair.

And if you haven't watched "Sons Of Liberty - Guerrilla Warfare" then it is high time that you do so. There is no doubt any anybody's mind that you will have to defend you and your family/community from some type or aggressive violence. Don't be fooled into thinking all this is going to be a cakewalk and that you don't need to be as prepared as you possibly can:

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst...


Anonymous said…
Great video. Get as many guns as you can while you can. In Australia its virtually impossible to get a gun. If you have ANY police record whatsoever you cannot have a gun. They only allow bolt action rifles and double barrel shotguns now. SO AMericans, load up on guns! Apart from protection, it can be used to get food when the supermarkets run out.

I think john was being conservative with his bullets estimate, get thousands of rounds per gun while you can.
Anonymous said…
Great! I looked into the local militia through and the only militia in my area are a bunch of Jews. Guess I am really on my own. lol

Scott Roberts

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