9/11 Was A ??????????? Job, Fill In The Blank, lol

9-11 was a what kind of Job?
bin laden and al qaeda
no plane
Bush and Cheney
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Anonymous said…
Jews say it was an "inside Job" that was done by Bushco. Some say it was Buch with a little help from "the mossad".

People, it was a Jew Job, done by Jews FOR Jews. Learn from history, only Jews kill goyim, or get others to do the killing for them. In one way or another, there is ALWAYS a jew lurking around.

In the case of 911, jews (2% of the worlds population) are ALL OVER 911.

The key points being Jews controlled the security of the airports on 911, and Larry Silverstein (jew) had control over the world trade centers. The fact Jews were arrested on 911 with explosives in a van just adds weight. The more you actually look, the more you see jewish finger prints all over the crime.
Anonymous said…
HAHA Good poll!

This website is definitely for the advanced truth seeker. Not sure how to separate the good from the bad just yet, but there is that saying involving god and sorting things out.

In other news, early this morning I saw this going on and thought my city was being nuked lol


Just a propane explosion or that is the story we know so far.

Anonymous said…
(The following message is ment for humor purposes only)

911 was a Lizard job. Those damn blood drinking shapeshifting lizards run the world!

PS: Mike Delany is a crypto-lizard, who is distorting the truth! Wake up America!

- David Icke
Gyrene said…
My eyes have only been opened since mid-2003, but soon enough I could see the jews hands all over the major events of history that reek of corruption. I cannot understand those in the "truth" community that continue to deny the zionist/israeli/jew connection. The evidence is so overwhelming. There are some that think people such as Alex Jones and others are just not refrencing the jews out of fear of retaliation or to continue their movement un-impeded. I still don't know for sure what these people's intentions are, but when I see a huge white elephant in the room and nobody is talking about it, I'd like to think that someone with a voice of reason would be so kind as to point it out.

Thank you Mike and the rest of you out there that continue to scream "WHITE ELEPHANT"!!!
Anonymous said…
I think jews did 9/11. I think traitorous gentiles helped them pull it off, for reasons that are truly unfathomable in the grand scheme of things. Only a goy would sell his own people out for a place at jewry's table.

(The jew should be respected for his unwillingness to sell his own people out, and the powerful goy at the top should be hated for their eagerness to betray their own for scraps from international jewry's table. Gentiles love to hurt their fellow gentiles.)

9/11 was very sloppy and evidence points right to the jews. I think those clues pointed to jewry are intentional.

They want to rub it in the faces of people like me, who can see through the jew lie. The jew figured most of the gentiles would be too stupid, cowardly or distracted to make them see justice for that crime. That's why they didn't dot every i.
Anonymous said…
You left out the Luciferian Elite.
Anonymous said…
mike the real jews are the african americans u need 2 look into it they have proof.......................go on youtube and put hebrew israelites.............hurry...

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