We'll Try Comments Again On Prothink.org

I shut down comments on my website some time ago because the shill attacks were getting annoying and I didn't want to waste my time or my reader's time trying to defend the article from frivolous attacks. I will be "moderating" comments because this is not a public street where you are allowed your "free speech" but my website. A lot of people try to confuse free speech on the internet with the streets. You have a right to speak your mind on the streets according to the Constitution but it did NOT grant you free speech on prothink.org so I don't want to hear any griping about your rights. You shouldn't be griping about any of your rights at this point in America because unless you are willing to stand up for your rights with your second amendment than you got slavery coming anyways.

With that being said, feel free to start leaving comments again.

Mike - (aka Prothink)


Anonymous said…
You guys fucking ROCK! Get ammo boys because this is going to be a long fight!
Gyrene said…
You and John both said it man! Thanks for putting out the good word. As much useful information is out there on other sites, when it comes to mobilization, they all say the same thing "we need to protest or get out info to others." Well, the zionist/Elite's don't care about sniveling protesters and I think we've pretty much reached the people that will except the truth, the others are either to into themselves and their lives to care, too stupid, or are the perps themselves.
It does look like it's coming to a head here, and I am currentlystocking up on ammo as well as other cache items, because it looke like were about to walk on a razors edge here within the next year.
What I am looking forward to is not being called a shill for wanting to defend myself. I don't know about any of you all out there, but you mention defending yourself on any of the other message boards, you get instantly called a shill, a rabal rouser, or a an agent... WTF man?
So, at any rate, thanks again guys for this site, and I'll be in the trenches with you all when the shit hits the fan.
Anonymous said…
Here in Europe we are in the same situation as yours. The freedom of bare your own protection (GUNS) against the redneck 'politicians' is better in the US. When i want to get a gun here i have to hide and behave me like a sitting duck! So that they can give me a license and their judges wont alloud me anymore hahaha... But as there in the US we here also have the same spirit as in this article (link)...

"Anyway, these events would probably trigger the declaration of martial law. As frightening as that sounds, it doesn’t mean that it would work. It is a dream of our natural enemies to have rednecks acting as their enforcers and killers and somehow keeping those rednecks from turning on them, which is their recurring nightmare. So they want their rednecks to be Christians, doesn’t matter which brand. Our enemies know that we would want to trust our own kind, same as their program to use preachers, ministers and other holy Joes to persuade the faithful to cooperate and go quietly to the camps – the Halliburton Hiltons."

Anonymous said…
Good stuff and thanks for the latest news
Anonymous said…
"Look out, Mama,
there's a white boat
comin' up the river
Red means [run], numbers add up to nothing"- Lyrics from Powderfinger by Neil Young. Check out how prophetic these lyrics are about the state terrorizing an American Family years before Ruby Ridge, Waco etc. The power this song is overwhelming. Type it in on youtube. Makes you realize all that matters is your family and like minded patriots who are willing to make a stand with arms when your inner sanctum is treaded on.
Anonymous said…
You are correct about 'rights ' Mike.
A legal maxim ( which is an established and accepted universal truth in law ) states ; " a man that does not assert his rights has none "

We have , unfortunately waived most of our rights due to our silence.
Anonymous said…
Nice job, Mike...

I am glad that you reopened the comments for us to give our opinions.

Your work is spot on...

Hoping that your video project is completed soon...
Anonymous said…
Glad you brought back the comments. They were always a lot of fun to read, even the "shills". Also, it shows a lot of people are aware of what is going on; and also have facts to support their suspicions. Like Dylan Thomas wrote; "do not go gentle..."
Anonymous said…
Greetings from Chicago suburbs. Checking your site every day. Keep up the quality work.
Anonymous said…
Great video!

As you put it so precisely when describing the present, Mike, this definitely does seem like the "calm before the storm".

Everything is in place for martial law to be implemented and for the constitution to be suspended.

They seem to be waiting for the right time to establish the next false flag attack. When that is is anyone's guess. My guess would be in the middle of the summer when many Americans are away from their homes traveling.

I am starting to feel that the emergency that will trigger nspd 51and by extention, martial law, will not necessarily be an attack that can be blamed on any one country such as Iran. It may be something that will be perceived by the public to have either occured naturally or by accident, such as the release of a flue pandemic.

A flu pandemic would be perfect if you think about it as in the minds of domestic US soldiers, the forced isolation and mobilization of civilians into FEMA camps would be justified under the pretext of preventing the spread of the pandemic. The barrier of US soldiers being unwilling to forcibly mobilize their fellow Americans would be eliminated.

Regardless of what they have planned for us, it is going to transpire soon.
Anonymous said…
It's nice to find some people who aren't afraid to point fingers at the Kazhar/Ashkenazi fake "jew" parasites. While I agree with the idea of mobilizing, we have to be careful because a group of people make an easy target. Also, we must remember we are ultimately in a spiritual/mental conflict here. In the end we can't shoot our way out of the "Matrix." These aren't the colonial days where both we and the Crown were on an equal footing with muskets & cannons. Big Brother has bigger guns and some pretty slick technology at his disposal to neutralize people at a distance by the push of a button. However, having guns is a good idea to defend oneself agianst marauders, thieves, and gov't thugs (read: Zionist/jew lackeys) run amok. Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
Can't wait for you to finish your DVD iso torrent and your ForceMultiplication site.

You can bet I'll be seeding that!
Anonymous said…
Mike, you and John have my unwavering and gracious support. Not that I can do very much, but I will always do what I can. Peace to you, both.
Anonymous said…
Lets get the message out, people!

Mike and John need our support, and we should make sure that everyone we know sees these videos, and their comments/interviews!

The Jewish Elitists are planning our destruction, and our enslavement! Turn off the idiot box (television) and get the word out!

We must put an end to their plans NOW!
Anonymous said…
wow, you're a real asshole. Sure you're not under obligation to render free speech but shouldnt you do it just out of the spirit of it? Dont you think that might give you a bad and hypocritical image? Did you only bring back comments so you could display the ones that kiss your ass? lol
Prothink said…
Yes I am an asshole and if you don't like it than go somewhere else. I will certainly censor comments like yours in the future no matter what people think about me. I could give a shit about people's thoughts and feelings about me if you haven't noticed already. Keep your piehole shut unless you have productive to say. Next time have the nerve to actually write a negative comment with your name disclosed you keyboard commando. LOL
Anonymous said…
Yo Prothink and John;

Your videos are very good - the time for revolution against these interlopers who have systematically destroyed our country (they are nation wreckers) is getting more and more obvious everyday.

All efforts on our parts have failed (peaceful protests, endless letters to Jewish-Zionist puppets reps etc) to end the interlopers (Jews-Zionists-Israelis) rule in this country. These people do not respond to niceties, compromise and negotiation. The last one hundred years of their coercive rule via installing the illegal Federal Reserve (ponzi scheme) banking system in this country has proven that. We have to stop NOW being their gullible goyim fighting their wars - all the wars they are instigated and started involving this country since WWI. We're nothing but expendable gullible goyims according to them. If we (gentiles) die, all the better towards advancement of their evil agenda for world domination.

John is correct, this will not be a civil war:
We will not turn against our country. We will be united in solidarity to preserve the integrity and goodness of our country and kick the interlopers out of this country. They came in and stole our country, but now we want it back from them. And, we're going to get it back.
Anonymous said…
exposing,identifying,arresting,prosecuting, and upon conviction executing zionist traitors is not anti-semetic.
it is however our lawful,constitutional and patriotic duty as americans to preserve,protect and defend our constitution and the republic it defines against all enemies,foriegn and domestic.
we also have a moral obligation to past,present and future generations of a truly free and indepedent people.
bohdan the patriot
Anonymous said…
Hey, Mike... For an "asshole" (as that braindead commentator before states), your information is fantastic, and very true.

I would like to be put into that same "asshole" catagory then, because I can see through the evil deceptions of these Jewish supremists, and am willing to devote my life to stop their enslavement of us all...

I guess that truly makes me an "asshole" too!
I fully agree with John's, and your comments, therefore count me in as one of the "assholes" too!

Great last few comments. I actually feel sorry for the fool who comes in here and calls you an "asshole". He is either disillusioned, in cahoots with the criminals, or too brain dead to know any better!

This is a battle for our freedom!
Joe Blow said…
The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you, check out some Prothink / World War Three News interviews at http://nwo.umunu.com

- Joe Blow
truth said…
again mike do not let them make you antho osama ben laden because they know how to play it ..first anti simist and then they call you crazy orasshole its one of the methodes they use to shut up your voice but be sure that they know every detail about the website and they see that lots now know about them and i think that they are angry about that loool but its just the start let the information spread all over and then you can get more support and step by step you can find people around you who want the real change and to get back the freedom for usa and because usa is strong so lots on this world still hope that usa can some day get rid of the evil gun that it used to kill inesent people just to serve evils and greedy rich men and zionist who do not care about humanity so god be on our side for this new liberation for all nations specialy usa and palesteniens victimes
Anonymous said…
I would like my 27mins back, but that ain't gonna happen.open your eyes a little wider because your only focusing on one part of the story
Anonymous said…
Glad to see comments enabled. Looks like you guys are taking off! Thanks again for all of the time you put into this
weedeater said…

I think that video was great, I just think, that the ron paul and aaron russo thing wasnt accurate. You know, I mean, why should ron paul say this? Like he is bashed in the media anyways, if he starts that, they dont take him serious. You know? He isnt the one to talk about that. YOU and me, we are the ones. But Ron Paul you can vote for, and he can change it, hes a politician on our side, what else do you want? Imagine ron Paul on the news: ISRAEL did 9/11. even if its true, ha just CANT say it, because noone would take him serious... So he is doing what he can.

And Aaron Russo...so first of all, he is dead, and yes, he did something. He produced his movie America Freedom to fascism, exposed the chip thing about the Rockefellers. He had cancer man, what did you expect him to do? He ran for president, on Fox he was straight, said Bush and Kerrry were the same,etc. he was a correct guy. god bless him

So again, I really enjoyed your video, good ideas,....
but what did YOU do?response to your queston:what did russo do?
The same we all here are doing.

greets from austria
Anonymous said…
To learn more about the age-old dealings of these Talmudists/Pharisees/Zionists read:

Ben Weintraub
Eustace Mullins
Michael Collins Piper
Count Cherep Spiridovich

You'll begin to see why they've been banished from every country that has hosted them !

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