Plea To Our US Troops.....


Anonymous said…
The pledge that soldiers make is to uphold the constitution of the United States against all enemy foreign and DOMESTIC! Our military has forgotten about the enemy within, and that enemy is having them die on foreign soil for a foreign evil country.

Its time for a wake up call to all of the troops. If it forces a revolution, or a civil war, then that is the only choice for giving the US citizens their freedom back!
Anonymous said…
Awesone video guys, telling it how it is. Our Allied troops over there putting their lives on the line 24/7 for Jewish interests while their homeland is raped and pillaged by the aforementioned Zionist criminals.

You can call the Jews many names, but "stupid" isn't one of them. They play both sides of the "fence" every time.

Anonymous said…
People of America, the wars that your government promotes in the world – one of them being the war in Iraq – with input from certain centers of power – which you know better than we – are not in the interests of the American people. You know better than many how you paid in blood so that you might liberate yourselves from British colonialism and after that how the United States of America was unified and what rivers of blood were shed in order for that to come about. So, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, how do you accept this interference that abases America before it abases Iraq? How can you accept not only the invasion but becoming mired in the internal affairs of Iraq? You know that Iraq is a land of prophets, messengers, and righteous figures. You know that Baghdad is the fourth holiest city in the Arab homeland – after Mecca, al-Madinah, and Jerusalem – in the sight of all of the Islamic world and all of our Arab Nation. How can one imagine that Iraq could reconcile itself to colonial rule, even if it comes, this time, under another name and with other slogans? Save your country, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, and leave Iraq.


God is greatest. God is greatest.


Saddam Hussein,
President of the Republic of Iraq and Commander in Chief of the Mujahid Armed Forces.

7 July 2006.

[Appended to the letter was a selection of poetry by Saddam Hussein dealing with the homeland, invasion and the struggle for liberation]


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