John's "Secret Covenant Of Your Owners" MUST WATCH!


Anonymous said…
Great film on the truth, more people need to see this film. It was hard trying to obtain it but I finally got it. This needs to spread far and wide.
truth said… a vecry good web site that continue to bring the truth too for you and for the team of prothink with all respect for your work and spread the truth as much as you can
Anonymous said…
There's no sound beginning @ 3:51 or 3:50 left in the video [Kaiser Wilhem quote,etc...].
Anonymous said…
I lost sound the last three minutes and the film appeared to end too early as in it was cut off. Otherwise, a brilliant documentary on the origin of our present woes. What are we going to do to stop them? It appears that they have everything locked up, boxed up and we are without hope. But there has to be a chink in their armour, somewhere. They will fall one day. All perverted power eventually does. We can only hope and pray that it is in our lifetime to save the future of humanity.
Anonymous said…
If you wish to stop them you must simultaneously spread an awareness of their evil while also arming yourself, organizing with others and training. Visit ThePirateBay and search for my video "Sons of Liberty: Guerrilla Warfare Training". The chink in the armor is standing and refusing to be disarmed or hauled away.
Anonymous said…
Pass this video around... We must get this message out!

These people are destroying our society as per their ultimate goal of enslavement of us all. We have allowed them sanctuary away from persecution over the last few centuries, and they repay us by their cunning and evil planning to dominate us.

There is no option left to us other than to fight them by all means possible. The alternative is the end of us as per their design!

Expose them, and especially their sayanim agents! Make sure these agents of evil are thwarted, for they have no other goal other than to pollute this message, and to aid in our destruction.

Bravo, John, on this fabulous work!
Anonymous said…
download it:
Anonymous said…
When it comes to exposing the Zionist conspiracy, this may be the best film I've seen.

Despite the fact that less than 2 percent of the US population is Jewish, the majority of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is Jewish and the Jewish Israeli Lobby has more influence on our country's foreign policy than all other lobbies combined. Also, the majority of the media in the US is owned and/or controlled by Jewish interest.

So essentially, the Zionist have control over our economy, our foreign policy, and the majority of the information that we get to hear.

While are corrupt congress is gearing up for war with Iran, our economy is intentionally being steered toward total collapse and martial law plans have been established for just the occasions.

We're in a lot of trouble and 98% of Americans have no idea about what is coming.
Great job, John! THIS is the type of video that everyone should be watching... Not that BS that the Zionist controlled media wants to brainwash us with.

People need to wake up and fast... Another sickening Zionist war, this time with Iran, is on the horizon!
Anonymous said…
Indeed a brilliant documentary.
We should gather more and more quality material to make part 2, 3, 4, etc. in order to expose the whole scope of their satanic criminality against humanity everywhere, its various fields and the interaction between them.

A technical thing though:
I'm about to distribute it around and I've noticed their is a gap in the latest version between the soundtrack and the footage (when someone speaks in the film his lips talking and what you hear is different and annoying).
I remember some other zionist-exposing videos around the web that after operating well for a while seemed to change (sabotaged probably) and have all kinds of problems, like this one.

Unfortunately, if I can't get a good copy I'll have to distribute the former edition. Such a pity, because the latest edition is really the best one.
Anonymous said…
While its true that most of the content within this video is factual, it's also true that most of the sleeping, docile, submissive (stupid) sheep here in the U.S. do not believe the facts contained in this video.

That's too bad. Their adamant refusal to look at the facts will ultimately seal their fate in the hands of the Jews and Zionists. Jews and Zionists are banking on this, literally.

Keep up the good work Mike and John. You're making a difference everyday towards changing the world and making it a better place.

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