Hierarchy Of Finding Truth (A Rough Draft)

The process of evolved information, rough cut:
Stage 1:
MSM and all other mainstream publications

Stage 2:
anti-wtf: Michael Moore, anti-war groups, peace groups, and other various worthless groups

Stage 3:
Anti-government/nwo: Alex Jones, Loose Change, Aaron Russo, Ron Paul, and most of the 9/11 websites and troof tellers

Stage 4:
Anti-zionist: Eric Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith, Chris Bollyn, Jim Condit Jr, Eustace Mullins, Prothink, Khanverse, Chris Jon Bjerknes, Michael Collins Piper, Ry Dawson, WingTV (correct group but some of the players in this field aren't who they appear, Zio-shills)

Stage 5???:
Now if you made it to researching Zionism and see how big they are, the Zionist have set up a bypass theory so you don't stay focused on the Zionist agenda and this is where the fake Jesuit theory comes in. The Jesuit 'camp' do have some great information and obviously all of them write off the likes of Alex Jones because if you were smart enough to see into the Zionist conspiracy you certainly wouldn't be falling for AJ's BS. But this is about it. All their other BS is so far off from factual based evidence that you would have to be really stretching reality to make this theory fit. Their claim to fame, and why I think it is a fraud (well besides the overwhelming lack of real facts), is that they say the Jesuits own/control the Zionists. This is so you don't spend too much researching the Zionist theory because if you are this far than its obvious you are looking for the head of snake and wouldn't want to spend time focusing on limbs of a group and this is how the Jesuit theory works for the Zionists. They never get into deep history of the Zionist like you will find on www.iamthewitness.com, or other hardcore facts that people like Chris Bollyn have dug up on 9/11(Alex Jones/Loose Change camp wont touch), nope. They just want you to believe in their fake knights of milkshake (malta) theory and have no long history or HARD FACTS to back up their theory. Eric Hufschmid did a very good job of debunking this theory here:

And Here:

So basically that is the rough draft breakdown of how this all works, and the Zionists have all stages covered as controlled opposition except for some good people in the anti-zionist movement. You will have to find out who are the honest ones yourselves.


Anonymous said…
Thats exactly the path that got me here! Without all that false opposition it would have taken me longer :)
Anonymous said…
basically that's it, yeah..

so many of us are on the same page.

i'm sure there were/are people still taking sides between eric hufschmid and daryl smith, for example.. or anti-neocons vs wakeupfromyourslumber or something, whether chris bollyn was kidnapped or not, etc.

but i'm sure, like me, most of us keep an open mind.. and are thinking of the possibilities.

personally i was upset (at first) about eric and daryl splitting up.. i like them both.. and then i took one side, then another.. i was upset that daryl was mean to kind-hearts like eric (and chris bollyn), then i thought eric was a murdoch/ibm saboteur who is trying to create anti-semitism.. then the last few days i see that he is trying to make a point further and farther than i was thinking.. which has happened a lot of times with me and eric.

eric is older than me, and very intelligent. he pushes boundaries, and has done so since even before 9-11.. he has always made me think new things, in new ways, and for a skinny bald geek i'm seeing he is one of the bravest guys around.

we have been brainwashed to never criticise jews and judaism.

we can say whatever we want about islam, we can call jesus any name we want.. we can blast scientology, mormonism, hinduism, catholocism.. any of these cults.. but dare criticise judaism then you are some white supremacist, violent crazy.

- we all see this. and eric isn't afraid to point this out nor actually criticise judaism straight out.

it's a hurdle, but if you jump over it, you see that religions are cults and given enough power they are dangerous.

not that members of cults are bad people, a lot just want friends and a good feeling inside, but it's the leaders on top that can control these members, the leaders who are dangerous.

and the most dangerous cult of all is judaism right now.. along with the tv zionist christians.. they have made israel a thing that is 'god's will' - god being who the leaders of the cult want 'god' to be.. so these cult members don't want to go to hell, and they believe that israel is part of 'god' and 'god's will'.

it's freaky.

i say the SUN has the whole world in his hands. because it's true.
and all earthlings, all life, needs the sun.. all of us are in the hands of the sun.

anyway, there are many people waking up..

hopefully they can get through these stages quicker than a lot of us have.

peace out.
Anonymous said…
i'd also mention tangents like david icke, fritz springmeier, alan watt.. studying freemasonry, rosicrucians, sacred geometry and stuff.. there are many 'conspiracy theories'.. and i think many of us have been down those roads too.

maybe they were a help to a lot of us, and i think those people will be in tune a lot better than others who shoot straight through, in terms of being able to talk to these others on the tangents.. who can relate to where they're at..

what mike and khanverse discussed recently about doing this in an intelligent way, using hard facts, speaking in an understanding, mature way, is the only way to go about this.

like a post-punk pacifist.. we need to calm down, act like adults, and stop with the fear/anger in examples like shouting out slogans or not debating in a proper way.

we need to get serious.
Anonymous said…
Ditto here about my path to enlightenment...

I started by finding errors with the 9-11 theories, and then found out about sites like whatreallyhappened, and from there proceeded to sites like iamthewitness, and yours...

It takes alot of courage, and alot of doubt before the truth is revealed. Once the truth is found out about world zionism, and their parasitic and evil want to enslave us all, there is no going back.

I also found it hard to stomach all the infighting between DBS, and EH, over the last year, and I was hoping they would have buried the hatchet (not in each others' backs), and found some peace. At least the slamming of each other has wained. At least they both are pursuing the fight against the real criminals independently.

Lets no be diverted from this fight. I have told others about these sites, and they too are now getting enlightened to the truth about our world. The message is getting out there, and spreading!
Anonymous said…
You didn't write Stage 7. Let's be straight: if Judaism is a religion than why the heck is that if a Jew converts to another religion he/she is still considered to be a Jew (see crypto-jews) and that it is so damn hard to convert to Judaism and even then they will never ever regard you as a true Jew. Why? Simply because Jew is a race, it's not a religion. Period. Judaism as a religion is simply a ruse. Then all the deception about Khazars is to distract you and even feel pity for the "real-real" Jews. They have done it many times, so don't fall for it. And after the end of Communism came the free democracy and it turns out that - punchline comin' - Jews are behind it again, but now they call it Zionism. And "not all Jews are bad - listen to Ben Freedman" - one in a million! There is something very fishy about the Smith / Bollyn / Eric soap opera, this is a gut-feeling, though Smith is probably the "cleanest" of them all. Mike and Khanverse seem to be authentic but they have to be extremely careful and sceptical about everything that they get from other sources. And if you have any Jewish friends you know that the vast majority of them is horribly racist and have a superiority complex ("We are God's chosen people! Let us milk out all the money you have - but then you need to apologize to us for your grandparents sin [that we also invented] and love us!"). Not easy to say, but it's not the Zionism, and we cannot count on the very small amount of exceptions, it's all about Jew. Jew, Jew, Jew. Period. Or how can you explain that they were expelled from every country throughout history long before the invention of Zionism? Was every country evil? Heck no, of course you try to get rid of the cockroaches but welcome the dogs in your house. Do not be fooled, just as they were behind the democracy that followed Communism, as they are trying to pull the string behind the scenes of the next -ism. It's their nature. Even they are not aware of it. Hard to say, but history is the proof.
Anonymous said…
Dear readers,

I'm delighted to see young folks are joining the real truthtellers & seekers; we desperately need young smart people. I went the same way: David Icke > Maxwell Jordan > Jones > Piper > I accidentally hit on Iamthewitness and guess what.....? Within 20 minutes my mind was purged! I think Eric is the most intelligent truthteller/ challenger, this is what I wrote to him a few days ago.


Dear Eric,

I am listening to your speeches over & over, for I feel they are brilliant in their scope, clarity & depth! They're extremely inspiring & make people think about themselves rather than thinking of '...they....', i.e. blaming others for their problems instead of looking into themself as well! As said before, I studied psychoanalysis in the past and your opinions fully agree with the conclusions I arrived at years ago, the most important being that
by far most people suffer from 'stationary infantilism', you call it animal behaviour! It's a huge problem of how to deal with the masses of people that are becoming useless in our modern technically advanced society, centuries ago they were farmers & craftsmen; perhaps we should do step back and return to small scale (locally) farming & crafts, so that each town or village will be self-substaining, and all people are kept busy, not with parasitic jobs. This means we don't have to return to the pre-industrial age but still can enjoy modern products & techniques while maintaining a susbatainable balance.

Eric, I strongly suggest you to write another book, a compilation of your speeches for they cry for being read in a wider public! I myself, I think about writing a book since many years (yet being unaware of Zionism) and easily could 'plagiate' your material but I don't want this and the issue
of Zionism would be a problem here, unless.. I blame the Illuminati or German Death Cult! -:)I feel a bit uncomfortable/ guilty for not speaking about Zionism to my friends, colleagues & family anymore since I discovered they don't take it
seriously or descredit me as a conspiracy nut or an antisemit, I am a loner and not the type that keeps pushing & provoking! I occasionaly put a message on a political forum and see there are people here that are aware of the situation, furthermore a friend came back and showed interest while he laughed at me a year ago!

Keep the faith, Max from the Netherlands.
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with the above posted. Be it "Jews" have given the world Communism, Zionism, egalitarianism, radical feminism, homosexual liberation, the New Left, the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, deconstructionism, modern liberalism, neo-conservatism, the squalor of integration, open borders and big government socialist policies. Under most cases, Jews are the authors of such theories and policy. See Zionism is just one of the many -isms-. However, I do not believe all jews are bad. They just seem to play a disproportional role in trying to control others for gain and power.
Anonymous said…
I agree with previous posts that we must be able to call a Jew a Jew. I also think that Jews in genaral are not bad (of course) but the criminal ones must be outed to protect us and the good Jews. I wished there were more Benjamin Freedmans around to help us all!
Anonymous said…
Pleeeeeeeaze. There has to be a better spokesperson than twit Hufschmid. Get past him.
Anonymous said…
I also took the exact same path two years ago. Thank God the MSM is behind me.

I would also like to invite you and your readers to my blog here at Blogger and my wordpress blog Pragmatic Witness. http://whitewraithe.wordpress.com/. I feel certain I am being censored so I don't get a lot of readers. I would be greatful if you dropped in to let me know what you think. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
For me the film "Loose Change" turned me off from investigating 9/11 truth for a long time. I was urged to watch it by someone online like many people were. The way the film began did not really catch me; starting a film about 9/11 with the collapse theory which is complicated for many laypeople was a mistake ... and it shows - many many people were unconvinced after watching "Loose Change" - and goodness knows that movie was pushed as the definitive 9/11 conspiracy film(!) ... If they had begun with the collapse of WTC 7 and stated that no plane had hit it and explained that the media rarely shows WTC 7, nearly everyone watching would have 'gotten it', I think.

From memory, I don't think the first Loose Change film showed the collapse of Building 7 at all.

And then when the film moved onto the Pentagon and claimed no plane hit it, I lost interest ... I think I kept the film on in the background and did something else.

That movie convinced me that 9/11 conspiracy theorists were kooks and I didn't look further into it for a while.

It was something that I came across on the David Duke site that made me interested. I was researching the Lavon Affair as I was arguing online about the Zionists re the war in Iraq and I hit DD's site. I browsed it further and found about the Odigo warnings and the Israelis cheering and the fact that only a handful of Israelis died in the attacks (DD mentions 1 person dead but that information is outdated, David Irving says it's about five in total including the Pentagon attack I think). I did a Search on that, found more information on Al Jazeera and then What Really Happened, and from that point on, I knew the Israelis had a lot to do with 9/11.

I began thinking they were aware of the impending attacks and exploited the opportunity to place explosives charges but after researching it further, I now believe they were the architects of the whole plan and were the people who hijacked the planes.

There is only point on which I disagree with Prothink, DBS and Hufschmid, and this is that IMO we must come up with a comprehensive theory about how the 911 attacks went down. We can't convince the public until we have pinned every detail down, from what type of ordnance was used to bring the towers down, and exactly why the plane crashes left such small holes in the buildings.

Without presenting such a cohesive theory and one supported by solid evidence, 9/11 conspiracy will never catch the imagination of the vast majority of the public. And we will know that has happened when people start taking action and preventing another 9/11 from happening and perhaps bringing some of the people to justice.

A theory like this hasn't happened; there are many holes in all the presentations, even in some of the superior ones like 9/11 Eyewitness and 9/11 Mysteries.

Thanks for your site, Prothink. It is only one of the truly activist sites out there. The work you do in going to these meetings with lawmakers is invaluable and really makes progress in the movement. You've raised the profile of 9/11 conspiracy in such a short time and given it legitimacy, something that Alex Jones has not been able to achieve in seven years.

Anonymous said…
There is no deception about Judaism... There is, and has never been a true "race" of Jews.... The majority of them are Khazars! There is no need to beat around the bush about these people. They converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD, and have tried to pass themselves off as a "race" ever since! The majority are Indo-Turkish in descent, and are more related to Mongols rather than the true Semites, the Arabs!

Passing these people off as a "race" has been a ploy by them for world sympathy. The majority of them have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS TO PALESTINE, and the rest of the world has suffered as a result of their illegal land grabbing of that region.

To call these people a "race" is the same as calling all Christians, or Moslems a "race". They have given up on the land of their true birthright, which is the region between the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea, and have been liars to the rest of the world ever since.

Bottom line... These murderers are killing the true Semites in Palestine, and are trying to permanently distort history. These crooks and liars have indoctrinated the rest of the world with their "anti-semitic" lies for too long, and real truth seekers are imprisoned by their kangaroo courts, which they control!

Its time for the messages to be told clearly and truthfully about them, and to get more people on board about this truth! There never has been a "race" of Jews!
Anonymous said…
David Icke has put out some great books. When you see that he uses reptilian as a euphemism for Jew, the story makes much more sense. I also recommend reading Henry Ford and Nesta Webster.

This is a road that not everyone is ready to go down. There are a lot of sleepless nights and ugly truths, but you just keep going. Besides, it's a one way ticket you can't go back even if you wanted to.

I also don't think every Jew is in on it, but in my own experience I have met many self serving dishonest Jews. I don't give them the benefit of the doubt any more especially not in the 'truth' movement.
Anonymous said…
Northerntruthseeker, I don't think Joe Lieberman looks like a Mongol, and neither does Kerry. If anything I would have said they are predominantly white. And even if they were majority Turkic Mongols, does that change anything? Judaism is about the religion primarily and the group identity more than it is about race. You have Anglo-Saxon, African, Asian and Arab Jews and you have mixtures therein. Does a non-Ashkenazi Jew who is a Zionist get off the hook because his distant forebears never migrated to the Khazarian region?

Do you know what genetic studies are? Have you ever visited the genetic studies site gnxp?

If the Ashkenazis have no link to the semites, how come the Cohanim gene shows a common ancestor going back 3000 years, 1700 years before a bunch of them migrated to Khazaris?

How come the latest genetic studies show the closest link Ashkenazi Jews have to any ethnic group are to the Kurds?

How come other studies show they are genetic cousins of the Palestinians?

Seems to me people want to focus on the racial angle because they are white racists underneath and will stubbornly hang onto debunked claims that Ashkenazis are Turkic-Mongols even though such assertions are not supported by science. And even if science did not exist, just looking at the Ashkenazi phenotype should tell you that the Ashknazi=Turkic Mongols theory is incorrect. Does Joseph Lieberman look like Genghiz Khan to you? Does Pee Wee Herman look like he is related to Atilla the Hun?

I don't get it. It's like truthers insisting that there were no planes that hit the towers, that they were all holograms. People will keep believing in superstitions, you can show them links like this:

Gene Expression: The blood of the Jews

Nearly Half Of Ashkenazi Jews Descended From Four 'Founding Mothers'

.. but they will keep spouting the same nonsense and show absolutely no scientific proof for their assertions.

Show one's ignorance and bigotry much? It's the same as coming across people who believe the earth is flat or who say, "{snicker} humans can't have descended from apes!".

And the religious analogy isn't far off either; America by and large is a society that is steeped in believing superstitions (religions) and for some who have discovered Zionists, the theory that "Ashkenazis are Turkic Mongols" is an article of faith for them, a religion.

Way to go to make all of us truth-seekers look like racist, ignorant, bigoted chumps that dwell in the backwoods of fantasy and fairytales. Gives us a lot of credibility there, doesn't it.

Anonymous said…
I should add that Daryl Bradford Smith pushes the Khazarian angle a fair bit and what this shows is that you can't depend on any single source for your information, and this is saying a lot as Daryl Bradford Smith is one of the few truthtellers who says Israel did 9/11.

But he also calls Bollyn an agent of the Zionists as well at the same time claims he has been kidnapped by them. He calls Michael Rivero a Zionist and has called a whole load of other people Zionists or working for the Zionists: Michael Collins Piper, Scott Ritter, Ahmadinejad, WING TV, David Irving, Willis Carto, Zundel, Ostrovsky [yes, the list is ridiculous I know] ... and many others who have made the connection between Israel and 9/11 or other conspiracies such as the Holocaust industry etc...

His actions in doing this - calling anyone he has a disagreement with or who he has had a personal falling out with this epithet - cheapens the rest of the claims he makes which is a pity because some of his claims are very spot-on ones.

And that is where he allows himself to be marginalized and gives the impression that the people naming the Zionists as the masterminds of 9/11 are a bunch of cranky, bigoted (albeit a disguised bigot - see Ashkneazi=Khazarians claim), infighting, hot-tempered, paranoid, irrational, petty, name-calling and slandering bunch.

There has been less of that since the French Connection broke off from Hufschmid but it's still going on and that is what is a big turn-off for many people. The French Connection has itself been called a Zionist shill site with speculations about it being based in France being a cover, but if one is at the receiving end of such baseless accusations, one should rise above it, and not act in a similar fashion, going on regular witchhunts and on very flimsy evidence, calling x and y a Zionist, or a worker for the Zionists.

It would be more accurate to call many of the people who believe 9/11 to be a conspiracy but avoid making the Israel-9/11 connection 'gatekeepers', 'cowards' or in many cases, just 'brainwashed' or very very naive. I think many followers of Alex Jones fall into the latter two categories and I think there are many more people who can be categorized in one of the above groups than can be placed in the Zionist category. Although "gatekeeper" and "Zionist" have some overlap.

In summary, I don't think it's wise to start using "Zionist" as an insult word, a name to give to anyone you don't like and I think this is where the French Connection, Eric Hufschmid and to a certain extent, Bollyn, have lapsed and done a disservice to themselves and reduced their credibility somewhat.

If they have problems with each other, they should state what they are instead of spinning a conspiracy theory (on top of the area of conflict) that the other party is a secret Zionist and has been all along and has been trying to covertly undermine them from the beginning.

I listen to DBS but I try and do so critically. I don't agree with him on many things. I don't think we need to follow anyone slavishly and start behaving cultishly and accuse one another of being a Zionist because their viewpoints may differ from our own or from our 'leader's'. To do that is behaving from a position of weakness - it means we are afraid to be shown to be wrong, that we have to be right all the time, that our ego is too tied up in this for us to see things objectively.

That's why I don't agree with DBS's contention that we have to exclude Jews from investigating 9/11. Many people with Jewish heritage have been at the forefront of 9/11 and Zionism research: just off the top of my head I can think of Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Leland Lehrman, Henry Makow, Israel Shamir, Israel Shahak, John Kaminski (though I'm not sure if he has Jewish ancestry) ... and of course Benjamin Freedman.

Anonymous said…
OH, come on now... This is getting silly...Lemonade, you miss the point all together, and rather than examine the evidence, shoot the messenger just as any one who opposes truth seeking does.

The fact is "Jews" are of all different races! That is the point here. There is no exclusive race known as "jews"... The majority are Ashkenazi Khazars from the steppes of central Russia. These people are of Indo-Turkish origin, and have absolutely not a drop of semitic blood in them. Others are also converts to Judaism, but should be asian, caucasian, african, etc, and NOT an exclusive Jewish race!

If you did your research properly and would look closely at all of the different races in Israel (ethiopian jews, ashkenazi jews, shepardic jews, etc.) then you would reach exactly the same conclusion... There is no exclusive race called Jews! Converting to a religion does not make you that religion first, and then a nationality second... The ashkenazis converted back in the 8th century, and they should be properly called Khazarian Jews with the emphasis on Khazar first!

I am of German origin, and I am a Christian... Does that mean my origins are Christian first? And that I am from the race of Christians?

Lets keep the focus on the evidence... These people are murdering the Palestinians, and have illegally seized the land there calling it their birthright. The evidence is crystal clear that they have no real birthright to that area, but should have been seeking their homeland in the steppes of central Russia.
Anonymous said…
And by the way, listen to Benjamin Freedman's speech about the fact that they have no right to the area of Palestine. His speech, which shows how they have distorted the TRUE history of their origin for their goals, should be in everyone's sites. The evidence is also clearly written in the "Thirteenth Tribe" about their true heritage for extra clarity.

Again, it seems that the naysayers are trying to cloud this issue by shooting messengers again. This has always been a ploy by agents to cloud important issues. Lets not let their agents seize and distort this important issue.

Lets stay focused on their brutalities, their goals, and their lies of history.
Anonymous said…
Step #6

Enter the One Holy, Roman Catholic and Apostolic church and have a hope of saving your immortal soul.

Go to www.johnthebaptist.us for your ONLY hope of salvation.


William George Norris
Anonymous said…
i guess we're on similar pages..

israel was created by the same people who created the league of nations and had control of great britain.

the balfour declaration was the rothschilds asking the rothschilds for permission to create israel in palestine.

how many rothschilds live in khazakstan or israel for that matter.

judaism is a cult. and a clever cult that says children of jews are jews.

and whatever type of jew they say they are.. what they all have in common is saying they are one of 'god's chosen' - if they didn't believe this, or believe in god, then 'jew' doesn't make sense.

i think these bankers at the top.. the rothschilds, oppenheimers, controllers of the gold that's dug up as well as the mines, are atheistic, and use 'judaism', it's 'prophecies'and christianity's 'prophecies' too like a sick script.

if i hold on to that idea i see that israel is not a religious thing, but a south africa of the middle east.. where everyone has to join the military (Thou Shall Not Kill - ha!) and the population is brainwashed to had muslims.

to suck up the middle east resources, introduce usury and a central bank into these countries who are against it, and totally control the world.

there ain't too many of those 'rogue nations' left are there..

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