The Protocols of Zion (Click Here)

Everybody has to read this sometime or another. Pretty diabolical.


Anonymous said…
The Protocols are real, and they are following it to the letter... Many have claimed them to be a "forgery", but remember, a forgery is nothing more than a copy of an original. So basically, there is an original Protocols that was written, but someone else forged it. I therefore just love it when the naysayers use the forgery spiel as a way of saying they are not real! All forgery proves is that they are real!

The Protocols show how evil, and manipulative, these criminals really are. For us to be nothing but their slaves, or cattle, is so disgusting, and so revolting! I strongly urge all the readers to pass the Protocols around for everyone else to read. We MUST stop their plans of enslaving us all.
Anonymous said…
The most common arguments Jews use against the validity of The Protocols are exposed as frauds themselves in Appendix II of "Secret Societies and Subversive Movements" by Nesta Webster and Part II Chapter 3 of "Waters Flowing Eastward" by Paquita de Shishmareff (Leslie Fry).
Anonymous said…
To northerntruthseeker: I have heard this claim often that they are a forgery. So I did a search on the Protocols of Zion right away and even Wikipedia (of all places) tells us that they are indeed a forgery. So I go to my handy dandy dictionary and what does forgery read?

forgery- imitation, counterfeit, forgery -- (a copy that is represented as the original)

You are absolutely right! And the one thing that CANNOT be argued is that they are going exactly to the letter.
Anonymous said…
This is one of the scariest things I've ever read!
Anonymous said…
People try all things to keep you from reading them. The forgery claim (every book you read is a "forgery" copy so you you should stop reading books..).
Or they say it's "just rubbish", nonsense or worthless, useless, etc.
If you have read even one page of the protocols you know that these discriptions make no sense unless for trying to take attention from the protocols. I think most people will simply be blown away by them and aspecially by the recognition of them in real life (100 years later!)
Anonymous said…
Every American should read the protocols and see for him/herself whether what they say is reflected in reality.

Reading it will be equivalent to learning Santa Clause isn't real for a kid.

Holy Smokes Batman! It turns out reality is a myth and myth is reality.... everything I've been told is a lie, these protocols are real!
Anonymous said…
I like this part...

"In the third rank [of the Media] we shall set up what looks like our own opposing camp, which, in at least one of its publications, will present what looks like the very enemy of us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will reveal their identities and plans to us."

Hey that's Alex Jones + Rense!!
Anonymous said…
FYI there is a better copy on Eric's site:

It has bold fonts to match the original 1905 upper-case text. It was first like this on iamthewitness, then when DBS converted it he lost the formatting.

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