Prothink Interviews Eric Hufschmid (CLICK HERE)


Anonymous said…
Best talk for ages. Rock solid. From Yermate.
Anonymous said…
Best talk for ages.
Anonymous said…
Good interview, Mike. I didn't know that you and Khanverse tried to interview Bollyn and received only a response from this James Phillips. If I were Chris, I would want to be interviewed by everyone possible. This is the best indication yet that he has indeed been kidnapped.

On Eric's site, there is the photo you took of the Chicago police wearing those patches strongly resembling the Israeli flag. The CPD's own explanation of the two blue stripes is that they represent the North and South branch of the Chicago River. This is very interesting in that the Arabs claim that the blue stripes on the Israeli flag represent the Nile and the Euphrates rivers, which is further corroborated by the Bible at Genesis 15:18 and the statement of Ben Gurion to Naeim Giladi that "Wherever the Sahal (Israeli Army) will come, this is the border [of Israel]".
Anonymous said…
What bothers me is the fact that if Bollyn hasn't been kidnapped, why not answer his critics? If he's being obstinate, it's not helping him any and it representative of his past character. Originally I thought that Eric was over-doing it and that Bollyn was just fine. But with his recent articles, the people now affiliated with him and even AJ mentioning him, it has entirely raised my suspicions.
O Partha, said…
Thanks again. I would like to add, I can only speak for myself having offered my services to you both. In my case and probably others, a lack of confidence and experience can make us less willing to step out on our own. That said, having pushed forward anyway I'm now gaining confidence in research and writing and time will be telling factor for who the real soldiers are in this fight to expose zionism.
Peace - iaN
Anonymous said…
Good interview, Mike... I still am not sold on Eric totally because of his spat with DBS, but his comments appear spot on. I am still wanting to see the day that he, and DBS, can finally bury the hatchet and start talking to one another and realize the importance of being allies in this fight. As I stated before, the criminals want to keep us divided as much as possible, and continue infighting instead of concentrating on the destruction of the Zionists.

They, Eric and Darryl, need to stop acting like children, and stop taking pot shots at each other. I was hoping that Eric would take that first step in finding lasting peace with DBS. One of them needs to take that first important step, and which ever of the two goes and puts out a peace offering first would show their maturity, and send a message to the rest of us that we can be united in this fight! Eric can show that maturity clearly by making amends, and seeking a common ground with Darryl! We need this to send a clear message to the criminals that in spite of their attempts at division, we can rise above their feeble attempts, and stay united.

It is tough for us all to get others involved in this important fight, and EH says it clearly that we all have to be wary of who are the real truth seekers, and who are the useful idiots of the criminals. This fight is for all of us, and our futures. Hopefully even these useful idiots will come around eventually to the truth and join us in this important cause.
Anonymous said…
I see Bollyn will be on this radio show tomorrow, Monday Feb 28 - are you aware of this?

Prothink said…
Just so people know I have had to censor a LOT of comments that have been outright stupidity and attacks. I will not give these shills any attention and misdirect my readers or require my readers to fight off every ad hominem attack. Just to clarify what free speech is, it is on the streets and not on my website so I don't want to hear any BS about how I am restricting free speech. If you have a legitimate concern and/or opposing opinion you can always write to my email ( and if it is valid I am always open to debate. I think the comment wars that go on in here and on places like youtube are causing people to waste a lot of time fighting off an endlessly funded network of shills instead of spreading information to people that will count. So another words, YES, I will censor all you shills and your ignorant comments without regret on MY website. Don't like it? Tough. Than go spread your crap on prisonplanet forums where it belongs. There are those who are looking for answers and have questions and I have no problem letting those types of comments on here because that is the purpose of this site is to inform. Just like the person who was questioning some aspects of the holocaust and got the answers they requested on here. Those kind of comments are fine. Also for those who want to criticize but never offer a better solution to improve what you are criticizing than you will also get the censor boot at my free will. Have a nice day shills.

Anonymous said…
I disagree that the quality of Bollyn's recent reports make one think he has been kidnapped. He did top reporting on the voting Voxeo cut-out company. He also has done good quality work on exposing Jerome Hauser, a Giuliani associate. There is a top-notch article on remote controlled planes.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bollyn is alive. You just have to look at his website.

I never believed that he was kidnapped.

I see what Hufschmid has done to Bollyn and Daryl Smith, he is doing to you, Mike Delaney.

He even called Daryl Smith a Zionist on the radio show.

Pity. I thought this blog and Prothink was going somewhere.

Anonymous said…
At least Lemonade and I are in some agreement on this issue... Eric still has alot to answer about the DBS charade, and why he did what he did to DBS's files! I know that you, Mike, do not consider DBS as a zio-agent, and I have been hoping that you could even try to be an mediator in that divisive escapade. If both of them can communicate their beefs through a third party, such as yourself, and if they can get on the same page, then maybe there is hope that they can bury the hatchet. (and not in each others' backs)

I have been looking for Eric to make peaceful overtures to DBS, and to be the bigger man on that issue. His relentless attempt to dub DBS as a "zionist" weakens his image as a true truth seeker. We all have read DBS's articles, and listened to his audio files, and rarely has he been wrong on any important issue. I doubt if even Eric can find anything negative about that!

The point is Eric cannot be fully trusted, and you should be wary of him. His actions clearly speak for themselves.
Prothink said…

"He even called Daryl Smith a Zionist on the radio show."

Hey, I don't and haven't supported the beef between Eric and Daryl. I have made that quite clear in the past and my views towards that is still the same. I don't approve that Eric slipped in comments regarding Daryl but the focus of the interview was to expose some things going on that most people don't see. Everyone, including Eric, are in a learning process so that means mistakes will be be made. If you are looking for perfection in this subject than you are more than welcome to look elsewhere. I am a new fish to these topics who decided to jump in the game and help get the information out there.

"I see what Hufschmid has done to Bollyn and Daryl Smith, he is doing to you, Mike Delaney."

Am I not an adult who makes my own decisions? Than how can you insult my intelligence as if Eric is getting away with sticking me with something here.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Bollyn is alive. You just have to look at his website.
I never believed that he was kidnapped."

I don't doubt one minute that he *might* be alive but other than that lets look at the facts I guess you ignored in the interview. I wont waste time going over them but I suggest you listen again.

"Pity. I thought this blog and Prothink was going somewhere."

Where is 'someplace' to you? This isn't a game or a job that I am trying to be 'successful' at. What kind of off the wall comment is that? That is about the goofiest comment to make towards a site like this one. I am not selling lollipops here and happen to sell a flavor you don't like and now you wont be my customer.

To narrow this up again people. If you have criticism I am all for that but have an offer of a better solution so that this site can improve. For those who waste their time to tell me what I am doing wrong than you are more than welcome to start your own site and sacrifice your time doing these thankless tasks.

Prothink said…

I wouldn't mind seeing them 2 hash it out and agree that their beef needs to be put to bed. The thing I agree with Eric on is that Bollyn has been kidnapped. I am sitting on some more information regarding the issue and plan to address this issue very soon between Eric and Daryl. Both are treating each other like children. As far as trusting anyone, I spoke about this with Eric on the show and I am sure he trusts me about the same as I trust him. Its a trust for the message and not the messenger. Glad you guys liked ALL the other stuff mentioned in the interview though. lol
Thanks for the prompt response, Mike.

Agreed that the rest of the interview was very well done, and the message was put forward very clearly and accurately.

A divided truth movement is what the criminals want to keep. They know that if we ever get united properly then it would spell their downfall.

Keep up the fine work, Mike!
Thanks for the prompt response, Mike.

Agreed that the message is the issue, not the messenger.

The zionist criminals want nothing better than to keep us divided. If all of the infighting was to stop, and we were all united in this important issue, then we may finally have them on the run.

Yes, the other parts of the interview were great. Good job, Mike!
OOPS... Sorry about the near duplicate last two comments... Hey, I am only human...... LOL

Anyways, may I reiterate.. Fine work on the interview, Mike!
Fred said…
Probably the best interview I ever heard with Hufschmid. Must hear. I loved Hufschmids idea of getting a couple of thousand people to nonviolently "arrest" Silverstein and just drop him at the local police office. You could do that with lots of running cameras, live internet broadcasting, etc. Would be fanstastic!
Fred said…
BTW. It is no so important that Daryl and Eric are no longer a team. We all are the team, everybody that contributes. We all work for justice and it is not important that we don't all are friends on a personal level.
Eric and Daryl contribute individually still, that's the important thing.
Anonymous said…
Aj mentioned bollyn? can someone post the audio for us?

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