This is being done in our name because the people who are in control and in key positions in our government and are also the ones writing bills to promote these actions. The people that are writing these bills like the patriot act and HR 1955 are the dual-citizens of Israel, AIPAC puppets, and other Zionist criminals with in our media and government. The ADL trains our police with the help of the Director of Homeland Security, dual-citizen to Israel Michael Chertoff, in order to turn our police and military from the once good mannered Andy Griffin type of authority in America to the gestapo minded goons we have a lot of now. We need to educate our military and police departments about this type of training before it goes to far and they end up doing this to everyone:

If you don't know what is going on here the torturers are using battery acid on the end of a stick and shoving it up his anal cavity. This is being done in America's name. "Do unto others as you would have them done unto you". If you don't sacrifice your time, money, and effort to stop this from happening than you have no one to cry to when it comes time for you get one inserted in you.
Fact: Israel was the ONLY country to have LEGALIZED forms of torture on their books for punishment until Oct 2006 when the Zionist-occupied America also legalized it too.


Anonymous said…
In secret detention camps in the US they are practising this methods allso...
Anonymous said…
While people could have been devoting their energies and organizing themselves in the last twelve months to defeat these bills allowing torture, spying and clamping down on free speech, they were spending it on the Ron Paul campaign.

What has Ron Paul done in the last twenty years in Congress? How come I never heard of him until last year? How come he wasn't at the forefront railing against HR1955, the MCA, tortures bill, Hate Crimes bill and the rest? How come we don't hear him talk about the AIPAC spy trial? Why is it any time I hear him, it's about gold, gold, gold and "honest" money?

Can't he make a connection between Zionism and the collapsing economy? Why does he only mention the printing of money or Bernanke?

In all honesty, Prothink (Mike) has done a lot more to advance the cause of 'freedom' by confronting the senators and other people with Zionist issues that he has being doing in the past six months than Ron Paul has done in all of his hypocritical twenty years in Congress.

Just goes to show how a little bit of honesty can go a long way.

Ron Paul is a fraud. He got $35 million from the public telling them he was using that to run for president. He didn't even try to be president; instead he used the money to start a 'movement'. Shouldn't he have told the public his real intentions before he asked them for money?

The man is hopelessly egotistical. He can't even get above 5% nationally even though the ducks are all lined his way (70% of the people are antiwar; the economy is in freefall) and yet he thinks he can start a movement? A "Revolution"? You're not supposed to talk about Israelis, Mossad and 9/11 in this movement by the way. You can't even talk about the $2.3 trillion pilfered from the Pentagon. It might offend Ron's Jewish friends.

Cynthia McKinney has 1000x the balls this phoney has; make no mistake about that.
Anonymous said…
Oh my God. I don't know what to say. We have to stop them. May time heal his wounds.
Anonymous said…
Any government that condones torture in this day and age has something to hide and way too many secrets. It confirms that "they" are scared of the people because we are waking up en masse. We know that they have attempted to plan for every contingency, but they can't foresee everything so they use the fear of torture as a weapon to keep us in check.

My heart goes out to this poor guy. I hope these sadistic torturers get their comeupance real soon.
Anonymous said…
Ron Paul has mentioned Israel. He wants to stop all aid to them. And to everyone else as well. His non-intervention foreign policy aims at this. The MSM has already black balled him for wanting to get rid of the FEDS, eliminate the IRS and taxes, also he wants to bring all our troops home. His message of legalizing the Constitution has made many people self-educate on the stuff he talks about, this is how I was led to learning about Zionism, it started with researching the Federal Reserve. Now, with him already being blackballed by the Zionists owned media, what do you think his chances of getting in the debates or any publicity would be if he spoke about Zionism? You must do your research people. He voted against going to Iraq! How many other politicians have? His voting record proves that he's not just a lot of talk. He wants smaller government, he wants to get rid of the Dept. of Education and put it back in the states hands. Then maybe our children will have a chance to learn the truth! Instead of what our Zionists-controlled Federal govt. want. There has already been numerous actions of voting fraud done to prevent Ron Paul from winning. Ex.: In NY he wasn't even on the ballot. Did the MSM discuss this? NO. But if it would have happened to McCain or Obama or Hllary, we would still be hearing about it. Explain to me, if Ron Paul is a shill Zionists, then why has the MSM blacked him out, when he is mentioned they call him crazy and say he doesn't have a chance of winning. The GOP has changed the rules at the last minute when Ron Paul was predicted to win? Please explain!!! Thanks, 1Corinthians1013
Anonymous said…
Attacking Ron Paul or his supporters isn't furthering this cause either.

I'll ask this question for the third time on this forum. Since the consensus seems to be that having a precious metals backed money standard is pro-zionist and the status quo is obviously not the way...then what is the solution???

Not every human expresses themselves like us or approaches situations like us. Ron Paul is trying to make change for the good...yes he is not perfect. But, he helped open my eyes and some of you also open my eyes. In this looming revolution certain people will play certain roles and i'm sure that the true enemy of the people will be revealed.

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