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'Covid' almost took me out

 I figured I'd give an update on myself since I am amazingly still alive in 2022. During the middle of last October (2021) I got the 'coof'. I didn't take it too seriously early on (which is the reason it almost killed me) because I get the flu/cold at least once a year and recover pretty quickly, usually a day or two. It was 8 days of hell; no sleep, high temps, and back aches before I ended up in the ER. I was in the ER 2 other times during the next 4 days after that. I had to throw the kitchen sink at my run of the flu/covid which lasted a whole month. I tried all natural and pharma meds/remedies at it just to survive. I was on oxygen for several weeks during this time which would top my numbers out to low-mid 90's.  My 3rd visit to the ER I had an xray done and they discovered double pneumonia. While getting xrays done they also did blood tests including a D-dimer test which checks for blood clots. My d-dimer results were very elevated so off to get a cat scan i