Friday, February 1, 2008

We At Prothink Have Banned and Broke Ties With Salman

We here at Prothink are here to educate people on Zionist Crimes and not to promote violence on any form, his tactics and use of words were damaging to our site and reputation. We do NOT endorse the use of violence, nor do we endorse any type of 'terrorist' group. We have advised Salman to be independent and post his articles on his own site from now on. We do not want to get tied up on personal issues on this site that pertain to comments that we DO NOT and WILL NOT support.

Thank you,

Mike Delaney (Prothink)



Anonymous said...

guys i was wondering since that was salman what was that other name that he used moquema i dont know,it was something like that

Prothink said...

I have personally removed all posts by him. His actions and words were exactly the type of crap that would destroy the reputation of this site and our lives. I don't know if he was well intentioned and just ran his mouth when he shouldn't or if that was intentionally done to damage this site but I will not associate with people who say things like that regardless. These types of words he has said are so foolish that anybody should be able to understand why you wouldn't say anything like that especially if you are in shoes. Its already a red flag to be Muslim, but to promote terrorist groups to attack your own country is absurd. I am very upset I got screwed trusting this individual.

redpills said...

Be careful of guys like this. He could be an agent provocateur or a deranged idiot. Regardless, violence is the Zionist way, not ours.

northerntruthseeker said...

Mike: Is it possible that salman was a zio-agent? If you think about it, they will go into sites such as yours, write extremely radical and dangerous articles, and stir up trouble as much as possible!

These evil people want desperately to split the anti-zionist movement by using scare tactics. It is up to us to be wary of people such as salman, and expose them for what they are!

Thanks for pulling all of salman's material. The guy was way over the top in his fear mongering.

james said...

cmon guys i know him personally hes not a zio agent, he just was a little passionate on his essays.

Prothink said...

Regardless, that is some real stupid sh*t to say and than tie your name to our site with that crap.

Anonymous said...

I support you decision not to support violence, and not to support inflammatory words meant to provoke violence or incite hatred. You have every right to expose radical Zionism for the evil that it is. Our 1st amendment expresses as much concerning your right.

I also support your decision to break ties with that provocateur. Good job staying alert. Many will try to infiltrate and attempt to destroy you from the inside out.

Due to conditioning, most will perceive this information as anti-semitic, again it's conditioning. Primarily it's the most evil ones that hide behind the label as a way to suppress any legitimate criticism towards them, it's not directed at all Jew's mind you, that's just ignorance. They have to quash exposes as quickly as possible so that they aren't exposed of their crimes. But we must continue to break through that barrier with continued persistence, facts, and non-violent actions. No one is beyond being exposed in a free society.

Khanverse said...

i don't think he's an agent but he severely misunderstands Islam if he thinks he thinks Islam allows the kind of attacks he was advocating under the "guise" of jihad...

when you get slapped by a zionist you don't slap them back, you pretend you didn't notice and completely destroy them covertly...

slapping them back in public only brings the ire of the world back onto you...

you gotta be smart in this game, they've almost perfected a lot of tricks and one of those tricks is to make muslims appear as violent as they make us believe in the media

Anonymous said...

khanverse do you not agree with the people resisting the zionists and their stooges in their own countries cmon and the fact that millions of people have died from these real terrorists. also as you know the death tolls of the americans compared to the iraqis are 15:1.shit you see what the americans do, when they hear a gun shot from a building they level that whole fucking building.

Anonymous said...

Have u even met this guy Salman? This guy sound like he is a useful idiot for Israel. You know like the Palestinian suicide bomber that works for Mossad, but thought they are working for Jihad or whatever u called it. I know Prothink and Khanverse had met each other, but have u even met Salman? You should not trust this person. As far as I am concern, some people pretend to be anti-Zionist and give us a lot of good information, but slowly they will slip in something to damage the anti-Zionist movement. Remember EH advice trust no one and be suspicious of everyone that wants to help you. Watch them carefully for any kind of disinformation. When talking to Arabs, if they sound too leaning to Israel, I get suspicious of them too, because there is Jewish Arab. As you can see in the Arab countries, their leaders are working for Israel. Iraq that supports the war in Iraq or Iranian that supports going to war with Iranian, be suspicious of their activities.
I personally think it is very naive of you to allow Salman to post your site without investigating who he is. Is he a real person? Do you know what he looks like in real person?

Anonymous said...

I find it strange the wastestream media is posting things private indivuals say on message boards.
Thats means someone connected to the msm actually read his posts.

I find it more likely that someone connected to the msm posted these messages himself just to link to them in the article.

As for attacking soldiers who destroy your countries, morally that would be justified. Your not innocent just because you crossed some border. They kill civilians in there homes with bombers, so killing voluntarily invading soldiers in there own countries morally isn't such a big deal.
However I don't support doing it since this is not a military war, its a war for the minds of the people.

Khanverse said...


I didn't add salman nor did I meet him nor did I advocate one way or another for or against him in joining or leaving the site...

This is Mike's site, he added me as an author because we come across different information so I would be able to remotely post things as well.

I don't see the use in wondering if he was an agent or not, he was obviously saying/doing some VERY FOUL SHIT that the PROTHINK brand CANNOT support as it is counter-productive to Mike's aims and anti-thetical to his stances against violence.

DiggerUnderground said...

Noetheless, it was Martin Luther quoting John F Kennedy: "Those who make peaceful violent revolution inevitable, make violent revolution inevitable".

Its important for the bulk of resistance to dissociate from violent resistance organisation but at the same time it is absolutely critical that you do NOT destroy them. If you look at almost EVERY revolution that came to effect, then you will see it was their militant groups who forwarded it.

Don't forget that, ever.

DiggerUnderground said...

["I hope the German brothers were gonna blow up US-German bases in their country. We should do that here in Canada as well. Kill as many western soldiers as well so that they think twice before entering foreign countries on behalf of their Jew masters," he wrote.]

Thats a quote from the National Post article. The fact that they published it makes me think that the Chief Editor who passed it for publication and its author are actually sympathetic to sentiments expressed on this website about Zionist control (not about violence that obtuse and irrational.)

Think about it: Anyone who read the article can simply google [Salman "jew masters"] and they will find this blog in Google's cache - even if you've deleted it. Then they will see your disclaimer and denouncement of Salman's comments. And then finally, they will read with fascination why Salman and the website think the Canadian military are being controlled by "Jew masters". And then they will be enlightened.

DiggerUnderground said...

"Due to conditioning, most will perceive this information as anti-semitic, again it's conditioning. Primarily it's the most evil ones that hide behind the label as a way to suppress any legitimate criticism towards them, it's not directed at all Jew's mind you, that's just ignorance."

Well given the 2000 year history of Jews, and the 100 year history of organised Zionist movement, I really don't differentiate between them. They are all jews. And they have been doing this cabalistic mafia infiltration of beneficent hosts for at least 2000 years.

The number of jews who publicly denounce the legitamacy of the state of Israel is about 1 in a 1000. So pretty much ALL jews are Zoinists.

I've met Zionist jews in the 9/11 Truth groups who claim to be anti-Zionist but clearly by their activities they are not.

Let them call us anti-semites. Let them wear the word out. Its already worn through their boots. Their game is up as it was in 1933 when the Germans elected Hitler to sought out the jewish mafia.

I don't know anything about this Salman other than the NationalPost article I just read from this blog.

I think his violent rhetoric was a little skewed. But at the same time if you want to save your country from an organised clandestine attack such as what we are facing today, then I'm sorry, but there are two fronts to this. 1st is Spreading hte Information. 2nd is organising the militia.

Focoist warfare is the way to resist this cabal. Well disbanded pairs of focoist snipers. Each acting independently and without ever formally communicating with other pairs of focoist snipers. But at the same time they all know what they are fighting against. The liars and the cheats, the Whores of Zoin.

There are only 15 million jews. They themselves are not our problem. Our problem is those who are their willing agents.

No ORGANISATION will defeat this jews. It will come from education and then focoist militia resistance forcing the Whores to fear them more than they fear their "jew masters".

DiggerUnderground said...

Judging by the comments here you look like you've got alot of ZioAgents already and/or naive concerned citizens.

But thats cool. Still, you have to face the fact that we can all KNOW everything these scum Zionist psychopaths are doing and we can all commentate on it endlessly. But until
we organise militia we can never LEAD the Zionists. They will not be educated. They will not see teh light. They must be destroyed. They will fight to death. So be cognizant that militia resistance will happen.

That said, the Canadian military is the LAST people you would target. Its the politicians who ORDER the military to fight. Good soldiers take ORDERS. Good soldiers is what we need to defeat the Zionists.

Man From Atlan said...

I neither met Salman personally, but I did warn him a few times back when he was posting his arguments on Xymphora.
It's a pity he choose to disregard them, but I very much doubt he was a provacateur. His friends were arrested under trumped up charges (the Toronto 18) and if he "trembled against the injustice" I can understand, even if I disagreed with his invective.
Prothink has every right to disassociate himself from those remarks, but I want all of you to think before you judge Salman too harshly. Did you read his mother's comment, "he's a good boy, but an idiot?"
A million are dead in Iraq, and most of you..are running for cover.

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