Friday, December 19, 2008

Jews Still Trying Screw Over Good Germans

It seems that the Jews still have to try their best to bend over good ol fashioned Germans. Still amazes me Germany hasn't risen up again with a vengeance for all the trash they have had to endure.

Billionaire BMW heiress embroiled in extraordinary Nazi sex scandal

And Germans recently had to endure yet another ban, on what? The Celtic Cross...
Exerpt from WikiJews:
"Because the Celtic cross was adopted by a prohibited neo-Nazi party, its public display in Germany was banned under the federal criminal code, as part of legislation designed to forestall any revival of Nazism."

And lets forget that Mein Kampf, Swastika, and saying less than 6 million little stinky Jews didn't die in the holohoax is banned in Germany as well.

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