Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From a reader

"tactics of fake anti-zionists

*always emphasize that not all Jews are Zionists, in fact emphasize that most Jews aren't Zionists
*emphasize that cultural science has little or nothing to do with Zionist ideologies in Jewish culture
*emphasize that Judaism is very divided thus making it seem that Zionism has less likelihood of permeating the various groups in Judaism
*ignore basic human psychology that tells us that members of distinct and unified cultures exhibit common behaviour especially on an unconscious level (if non-religious Jews have similar Zionist traits or predispositions this will further implicate Jews in the "Zionist Conspiracy" that we have set up to deflect blame off of the Jewish race
*in public discussions, use agenteurs to get people using Zionist instead of Jew whenever possible (this will create the illusion that Jews and Zionists are different)
*ALWAYS emphasize that Judaism and Zionism are separate and opposed to each other (this will confuse the goyim and protect the Jewish race, we will then be able to include gentiles in that Zionist group)
*Further emphasize that Judaism and Zionism are so opposed that Judaism and Jews are actually the victims of a "gentile-lead Zionist conspiracy"
*emphasize the idea that many groups of many different cultures make up this "New World Order Conspiracy" (if an intelligent one brings up the fact that it is easier for one culture or group to rule than many divided groups, stifle this discussion and personally attack that person)
*always paint a vague and foggy picture of who the real enemy is (this will keep the goyim chasing a ghost and feuding over useless babblings"

Thanks Juan!

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