Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Zealand may elect Jewish PM



Anonymous said...

C'mon you New Zalanders! :) Say somethang? You are not all asleep are you? Some of you must know whats going on over there! Hello?

Anonymous said...

It is not a question of, he may be elected, he will get in. It never ceases to amaze me the brain dead attitude of people. The new Zealand economy has been going very well under the Labour government even though they are not to be trusted either but as soon as the economy starts to go down hill the first to be blamed is the current government. He is an unknown as far as politics are concerned. He was moved into place when they wanted to get rid of the previous National party leader Don Brash. Oh dear they found Brash had been playing around on his misses, a Filipino who he had an affair with while still married to his first wife, how convenient, so he was put out and Key suddenly appeared. All set up very nicely, it would take an idiot not to figure that out. John Key was put up as someone who understood the ordinary guy because he grew up in a state house. Yeh right, a Zionist Jewish millionaire and he understands ordinary New Zealanders. The way we see it he is just a Zionist puppet put there for a purpose. The smug creep can’t keep a straight face when interviewed. He is so certain he will win. Unfortunate the article that he did for the Jews newspaper will never be seen in our newspapers. He seems to have been able to have found his religion in that article but in all interviews when asked about that here he says he doesn’t have a specific religion and no views on Israel, yeh that will change quickly as well when he gets into power. New Zealand will be totally screwed when he gets in. Thank you for putting up the article and I do hope there are some new Zealanders that have some intelligence and see this all for what it really is and speak out, but I won’t hold my breath going by the ones around me. They are all more worried about getting the next pay check and the latest iphone. It will be too late when dumb New Zealanders wake up, if they ever do. We are an aptly named people, the Kiwi, a flightless bird that is on the endangered species list and only comes out at night, need I say more. Come on New Zealanders, grow a spine before it is too late.

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