Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Prothink Recommended Site:

Although I recently stopped linking to EVERYONE because of the bickering and backstabbing, I will, from now on, periodically support a site as a blog topic on here. I have known the person who created this site and he is on a excellent path to understanding the issues and has done a great job of putting out information. Feel free to check out his site @:

Click here: GOYIM PRIDE

Its good to see new people putting forth effort to get this message out there.


Goyim Pride said...

Thanks man, appreciate the support. I still need to call you.

Shawn said...

You support Or atleast have an opinion on them?

Khanverse said...

Nice Site.

Just like you don't expect me to become a militia man like you, I don't expect you to become a muslim like me... Differences are always gonna be there.

Everyone evolves differently and along different paths, and despite our disagreements about the new direction, I have the utmost respect for your bravery and evangelism.


Blueocean said...


maybe you can also include information on Isser Harel in your video?

Mossad Chief Isser Harel Predicted 9-11 in 1979


Mike L said...

Khanverse- Becoming a "militia man" is not a religion like being a Muslim. I do respect Muslims and Christians and see their place in the world, I would consider myself a Christian, I just don't need to give someone money, or tell me what to think to be one.

Being a "militia man" is nothing more than being on guard for your family and friends/neighbours.

Hezbollah in its raw reality is just a militia where guys with guns stand over guard for their neighborhood and family.

The jewsmedia tries to make Hezbollah a "terrorist organization", but in reality ANYONE that stands up to jews is a terrorist by definition.

By going against jews, all of us are "terrorists" whether you carry a gun or are a keyboard commando.

The definition of a militia man is someone who cares about his family, friends and neighbours enough to actually do something about it to protect them, in any way shape or form.

In basic form that means standing watch over them with a gun.

Those that don't agree with this are either naive, or don't have a wife and children.

Bro, Im all for peace, love and humanity, but I also understand there are certain elements out there that will never stop trying to dominate, and its time all religions and races woke up and understood who is pitting them against each other, and focus on the one enemy we all have in common.

Khanverse said...

There's only 10k monsters on the planet in my view... and they aren't planning on picking up guns and fighting us fair and square. Otherwise this could have been over long ago.

They are trying to turn everyone into their little attack dogs and we don't have the means to destroy all their millions of attack dogs. We need to convert all their attack dogs to wide awake sentient human beings and then these punks will run... We can't fight all the military and police that they own and control. We have to free them from their shackles and make them turn on these pussies.

I'm all for having weapons to protect your family and training them.

I'm against trusting unknown people in a chain of command situation to do the right thing and not drag me into a battle I can't win.

Peace & Blessings

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