Friday, August 8, 2008

New Intel Regarding Mideast Events Currently Going On

Just got word from a personal contact that has connection directly in the mideast. Word is that 4 Battalions were moved last night from Iraq-Kuwait to Turkey. This is a large shift of troops and quite an urgent move. Will have more info later for you. If you look at a map Turkey borders much of south Georgia. Iran is very nearby too. Also consider the recent article here too:


Anonymous said...

Do these sob's figure on getting into a fight with the Russians over Georgia with a brigade sized force? The Turks could be set-up to become sudden 'allies' with the Georgians and with US military backing! Then, Russia can blame us, too! This could be the Zionist's backup plan to start WWIII.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: where is the dbs link?


Anonymous said...

So this is how they usher in the New World Order, as Bejing "shines" they start a conflict on an intersetingly enough date 08-08-08... How fitting these zionist jews start a conflict in their original homeland.

Anonymous said...

f' Turkey..the real genocidal and constant enemy of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: where is the TIU and khanverse links?

Am I smelling a rat here or am I jumping to conclusions?


Prothink said...

RE: Off topic

Like EH and DBS, I am no longer going to link anyone else website to mine. I am irritated with all the bickering going on about who promotes who. I will strictly promote myself from now on but if I do see a good article I feel needs more attention then I will link to that page in the blog itself. I feel at this point now too that I have a pretty good grip on whats going on and therefore can be a sole source for an abundant amount of information. I would still have to say at this point that my favorite site out there besides my own is probably though. I know people have a lot of theories and there are some things on there that cant be proven but then again you WONT find that most of that type of information anywhere else. I still support all the people I used to link on my site and find it a shame that that is so much paranoia and bickering instead of people getting out on the streets and just informing new people. These pigs are winning when we focus on BS like that...

Anonymous said...

RE Off Topic

Yup it's pathetic:

"You're a shill, no you're an agent, no you're ..."

EH has weakened the analytical minds of so many, or else they were weak to begin with, but his accusations seem to have been the start of accusations that people were agents based on affiliations he was suspicious of... sad how things have gotten.


Anonymous said...

Medvedev is a Jewish Surname. It can be found in Lithuania, Belarus, and even Poland. Most with the name are of Jewish decent (east ashkenazic). Another form is Medved, and has the same meaning. Is Russia the great hope against Zionism? I highly doubt it. The Russian government has always been full of Russian-Jews. Did Russia kick out the "Oligarchs"? Nope. Those guys are living high in the great city of London. Roman Abramovich still does work within Russia, and has ties to Vlad Putin. With all this going on, and all the saber rattling, I'm calling false flag. Russia and U.S. are headed for another Cold War. The stakes are going to be much higher. Peace

Prothink said...

RCS: Do you smell a rat over at for not linked to anybody? I do not need to link to anyone. This is MY site, not yours and I am in charge of the direction this site takes. I don't understand after EVERYTHING I have done for someone to question my creditability. Look at all the shit I have done over the last few years. Look at the fact that I DONT hide my face, name, location, my family, etc unlike many of you out there who are afraid of the boogie man coming to get you. I don't think some out there understand that we have to be willing to go all the way. Al throughout history the battles that have been wont by the good have never hid behind keyboards and mice criticizing one of their strongest soldiers out there. I will accept direction and criticism from people out there when I see that they are exceeding my efforts. That means, confronting politicians, hitting the streets, doing interviews, 1000's of of research, making fresh content to flood the net, creating websites (I have 3 websites along with 8 myspace profiles to disseminate the information) spam other markets out there besides just the choir like mainstream radio shows and various forums like car and sports forums, make movies for pennies, create SOLUTIONS and ideas as to how to win this battle against these criminals. Once I have seen this from someone that I can accept some criticism, so another words lead me, follow me, or get out of the way as Patton once said.

Anonymous said...

OT--Hey Mike, do you need any immediate donations for completion of 'Missing Links'? Skype me when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% Mike. Linking your website to another is a bad move, and you are right, most of us that have been around for a few years now can see through all the deception and lies and don't need others to tell us or guide us.
I live by this motto-

"Where's the Jew?"

Seems every major thing that happens either involves them directly or indirectly in some way. Considering they are less than 2% of the population of the world, its obvious they are up to no good. All people need to do is ask where are they? Look at the event, who is involved, who the people are, who is around them, and who benefits in the long run.

Jews always seem to win. Even Palestinians can't seem to unite and fight their only enemy, Jews! Fatah sought refuge in Israeli controlled areas, and were RELEASED, that should tell you who controls fatah. Hamas is most likely run by Jews too. As for Hezbollah, they are just an armed "neighbourhood watch" program in its essence, but the leadership is probably Jewish controlled, Jews by nature must infiltrate any resistance against them.

Churches have all been infiltrated as none teach anything about whats going on. What not teach basics like "Jesus was against Usury and the bankers!".....which, historically, are Jews. Churches keep people locked in a corner mentally, telling them about a better life to come after this life. If I was Jewish and didn't want the world to fight me, thats what I would teach!

A lot of it is common sense when you understand HOW Jews operate, they control BOTH sides most of the time.

They will often create their own enemy then show themselves as endless victims. They will pay people to shout at them in the streets, catch it on film and put it onto websites. If protests against Jews/zionists were spontanious or "unauthorized" the cops would be beating people and the ADL would be all over it. The JDL terror groups would probably decend on the protesters as well.

A jew would not fight back if he was challenged in the street. They would run. They know they cant win an argument about facts and truth.

There is something to this Georgian war because the President of Russia is a Jew, Gerorgia is the homeland of the Ashkanazi Jews and their President wants to join the EU and NATO? Both are Jewish controlled entities.

People say to me I worry and take to much notice of world events, but I know that THEY (Jews) are working day and night non-stop, and someone must counter their efforts.

All we have done to this point is mount a little defence, and we get shouted at by people for being to aggressive and crazy!!! Not aggressive enough I say.

How long can you stand being punched in the face before you strike back?

Anonymous said...

So we see the good people of the internet all shouting "War between Russia and Georgia orchestrated from USA!"

Enough of these misleading titles!!! The USA is politically controlled by Jews. SO its JEWS that started the war. Not Jesuits,neo-cons,bushco,illuminati,global elite, pentagon,cia etc etc.

Its Jews. Jews. Jews. Look and see who runs the government of America behind the scenes, how they rose to power, and how they manipulate information. They control all the media in the USA, all the publishing companies, they dictate what is taught in schools....and the big one, they control the credit and banking system in the USA.

Think about how much power Jews have over everyones minds and wallets.

Thanks Mike for not censoring the truth, most websites BAN this type of information in comment sections, thats how you know who you can trust.

Anonymous said...

Deja vu, it's Eric Hufschimd all over again. Screw unity I guess, let paranoia destroy ya.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Not linking to others is a good idea. Too much nonsense and division has come from Eric, DBS and others. The recent attack upon John I found despicable, cowardly contradictory and unnecessary. Anyone who's a Zionist agent will reveal themselves eventually. They can be dealt with then. Anything that's said or done which turns out to be false or foolish can be recognized and discarded. It just takes some intelligence and discernment.

Here's Judicial-inc's take on all this:

Anonymous said...

Eric latest article is probably the best so far about the situation in Georgia.

He says what I said, namely

"Unfortunately, it's also possible that this war is nothing more than a dispute between the Jews of Russia and the Jews of Georgia. "

I think trying to drag American and European countries into the situation was the whole aim, but so far everyone has resisted the Georgian" cry for "help". Rivero (jewish) put out the story that he thinks they are trying to block Russia from helping Iran when they get attacked. But, if Jews control Russia (jewish President) then its all for show! Communist China is also run by Jews, communism is a jewish invention!

Jews are always involved in international incidences, only this time everyone "looked for the jews" first and foremost, and yes, there they are, right in the thick of it. It wasn't weeks, months or years later that the net exposed the Jewish involvement, it was HOURS.

We have indeed come a long way.

Anonymous said...

"Russia and Georgia have approved a plan brokered by French President Nicolas Sarkozy intended to end fighting between the two nations."

So you have a Jew in Sarkozy getting Jewish Russia and Jewish Georgia to sign a peace deal?

Im convinced this was all a show to drag other nations into it. It wouldn't surprise me if was just an excuse to kill whatever Christians are in the region. Jews are masters at that.

These bastards are responsible for world war 1 and 2 and countless other wars, including Iraq. We know they use deception to start wars and get everyone else fighting. This attempt is now very obvious.

Jews on tv talk about "muslim terror cells" all over the world ready to pounce at a moments notice. They are really talking about Jewish terror cells ready to kill if we don't do what they say.

If Australia and Canada woke up and decided to kick out the international bankers tomorrow, there would be hell to pay. Bombs and terror would be everywhere, and the media would blame muslims.

They love war because they can control what happens, but if everyone looks at them first and DEALS WITH THEM FIRST in times of national upheavel, then we would control what happens.

Ive had enough of Jewish control over my life and my country.

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