Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing Links


Youtube Version:

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"Now you will discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video. The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminals who orchestrated the attacks. As they say, 'if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.' Culminating evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to."
NOTE: This is a pre-release version of Missing Links. Errors to audio, video and typographical errors will be corrected in the final version. Feel free to notify us of any such errors. Although not the final version, please download the video and save it for your own records.


Anonymous said...

Great start but the music is much to loud relative to the narrator.

Prothink said...

Yes we noticed that after it uploaded. The first 2 short chapters are like that but the long 9/11 chapter is sound checked properly. Hope you enjoy it. We are also uploading it up on other video hosting sites in case this hosting site takes too long to buffer. We are doing our best to clean things up and make sure it is proper for DVDs are made.

Anonymous said...

good work mike

Anonymous said...

everywhere we goo
people wanna knoo

nice choice of beat-classic

Anonymous said...

yea, chapter one the beat should be a little lower and the audio should be louder... watching the rest!

Anonymous said...

A few minor glitches, but overall very informative, and very important.

Thanks Mike!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I sat through the whole thing spellbound...the content was soooo revealing, the names, NOW there's no doubt, you show faces, you name names, you give accurate background checks (Chertoff's shady past) OMG this should really wake the whole planet up from their slumber, their real slumber shall we say...I liked the USS Liberty thing and I know who did that, I immediately recognized that Jewliani voice and that Muffled Kha-Kha voice…hmmm….

Bravo Mike,and John and others who painstakingly helped, how brave of you, it is inspirational and I sincerely hope the military and the police arrest Silverstein and ALL these criminals (including the behind-the-scenes-ers, the complicit NETWORKS, the un-truth bought-and-paid-for-er’s etc, depicted in your video)

Eat your hearts out Sofia, Dylan Avery and Bermas, Dave Von Kleist, WingTV, Lying Scholars and Pilots for 9/11 Un-truth, Alex dumb-ass Jones, and all the other obfuscators including the American Un-Free double-crossing Press (Carto, Piper, Petherick etc) the ADL, the Bnai-Brith, Southern Poverty Law Center, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky all double agents looking out for these Criminals and even, United for Peace and InJustice, AnswerCoalition, and all the fake “Peace Activists” um...did I leave any of these greedy swines out??Nah...

Oh I noticed that for the most part, in fact all of these low-life criminals Rothschild’s sponsored Talmudists, where of the white race, um...that is they weren't Semitic looking at all, duh...and the above people have the nerve to call anyone that doesn’t buy into their lies as “Anti-Semitic”?

Mucking Forons…all of ‘em

Anonymous said...

Well guys I just watched the video for the first time there and I have to say that it is excellent. The entire structure of the video and the way the that the information is
"time line " presented to the viewer keeps you "glued" to the film right up to the end.

I learned a lot of new information from your movie too, especially about the Jew controlled software companies operating during 9/11, the fake "heroes" presented to the public and so on.

Your video will help not just those who have been investigating the truth of these matters for some time, but also those people new to threat of the Zionist World Order.

Starting the movie by highlighting the past crimes of the Jews against humanity and then following on to the evidence concerning the 9/11 atrocity was definitely the way to go in your presentation.

I'll be sharing the video for sure, the more folk who get to see it and learning the truth of these matters the better. If this was YouTube I'd gve you 5 stars :).


Anonymous said...

Good job guys...without a shodow of
a dout there is a jew crime network. It takes two to tango jews are only a small portion of the population. Those of you that are supporting them be it religion or not have to wake up after seeing this. A good rule of thumb if the major media (tv,radio,newspaper) is pushing information or products (food,meds,politions,ect.) is not in your best interest or helps them and there supporters.

Anonymous said...

Great job Mike and John. I liked the commentary from John as well as the whole production with a few minor adjustments to the sound at the beginning. I'm spamming youtube 9/11 videos that have over 1mill viewers as well as FB and Craigslist. Hopefully some of them click and be blown out of their chairs.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

John is a great narrator. If Jones and company ignore this they will be shooting themselves in the foot. Please clear up the audio in the beginning of the movie. Kudos

Anonymous said...

The Content is the best Ive ever seen.
But imo, the production can be better.
Thats the Good.

The Negative:
1. Audio isnt that great
Often times, the narrative speakers are overpowered by the background music (which I did not care for personally-club or modern soft rap)
Were it mine, I would either leave out the background music, change it to something more appropriate, And/OR turn up the Speaker audio so that the message is loud and clear.
Otherwise, it kicks ass. The facts cannot be denied.
TO offer credibility to those that will attempt to pick it apart, this should be done.
I say that only to help you better it as your research is top notch.

Anonymous said...

Great video. You could make so many branch-videos or accompanying videos it would keep you busy. Like how Charles Schumer and Diana Feinstein (both jews and Pro-Israel) and both supposed anti-BUSHERS practicaly nominated Michael Mukasey to Attorney General. Schumer even took credit for "ruining" Alberto Gonzalez career. How far down the Rabbit-Hole we could go. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Some very intense info in here. Things I had not heard. I've got to watch some parts again to catch all the connections - it's like a vast spider web, eh? Great coverage of the USS Liberty attack.
New questions arise . . .

Good work guys!

Anonymous said...

great job, Its everything I expected and more.

Anonymous said...

yeah, and thanks...did I miss the King David? seems more similar to twins!(i think americans did die there/and they are still so proud of this 'dirty work')

Hey, but why diss the 'fakery'...?seems the planes are a bit shodowy and lack things like correct paralax and light fall....well, I'm an artist and this shit looks fake. Btw, only who matters right?

Anonymous said...

This is the video we've been w8ing 4!

Hey, tell John to check his pronounciation on "Nuclear" and "Schlesinger".
The names of the perps (above the Israeli flag) disappears out into the right a tad too quick when you zoom in on their faces. It's always good to have the facts spelled out in plain text on the screen simultaneous to hearing the narration, so more of that if possible. Actually you may want to do what John did in a vid; he told the audience to get a pen and paper. Listening to the facts as you read them and simultaneously write them down increases your learning immensly. Just a thought though.

Overall this video is #1. You've made a footprint in history dude.

Congratulations to both of you.


Anonymous said...

An interesting fact to add that I'm surprised was not in there, and I feel is very important is the truth about Baruch Goldstein that you mentioned, because there is actually a shrine to him in Israel. Same with the Irgun terrorists responsible for things like the King David Hotel and Khabar etc are held as HEROES in Israel. This is a very important point for people to realize. While we hear how bad the muslim terrorists in the world are on a daily basis, Israel holds the REAL TERRORISTS responsible for said attacks that were blamed on muslims, as SAINTS and HEROES. America really needs to see this fact. Terrorists are heroes in Israel. Other than that, great work.

Anonymous said...

Great video:

Before you release on DVD:
-Fix Audio
-Change rap music-put creepy music like WW3News videos or you can even make electronic music and put it in there, rap shit gotta go
-To be honest with you, someone new to the facts won't really get it-you should have added something similar to the Hufschmid video comparing Japanese to the Jewish crime network. That would really help people understand.
-you also should have put more regarding most "truthseekers" that are really infiltrators.
PS: before you DVD it, why don't you wait and get more feedback from people (particularly those new to the facts) so you can do more editing if necessary? you'd be surprised of the things you can add but slipped your mind.

Goyim Pride said...

Great video! Like you said, you really hit em in the balls with this one! (..Be safe now)

Def. #1 video period.

Now that you've done this work, it's time for everyone else to do their part and promote it.

Lets just put it this way, if you consider yourself some kind of (REAL) Truther or Patriot, or anything like that, and you're NOT promoting this video....




Anonymous said...

Im confused about some of the content around 30 minutes in, about the dancing isrealis in the white van and the phone call about them. You guys point out that the phone call is suspicious...naming the people as palestinians and etc....which i semi agree with. What I dont understand is why would the suspicious caller rat out his fellow conspirators?

Can anyone clear this up for me? Maybe I missed something

Goyim Pride said...

Shawn, I agree with you, it is confusing, valid, but confusing.

Oh and as far as the music goes, I thought it was done very well. Keeps people up and ready for more info.

Don't change the music (aside from audio issues that have been mentioned 8million times)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Signed up to the Official Loose Change forum. Made a thread to post this video. Got nothing but good feedback from it. Then I get banned!?? Here is what it says when I get when I go to their site:

"You are banned.
You have been temporarily banned as the page you have linked to is basically a hate page against the owner of this forum Dylan Avery.

Your thread has also been moved pending administration review."

Dylan Avery: Criminal Jew confirmed.

Hate my ass.

Keep spreading this video EVERYWHERE. They can't stand it. I also posted it on the comment section to the Fable Enemies trailer on Jones' site. Guess they didn't see that one yet...

Anonymous said...

hey are some really nice videos you guys can download -
Mike, John, and Khan may want to use some of the videos on this blog!!!
here are some good vids:

don't forget ALL the video tapes
on the Mossad car bombers caught LIVE
on TV!!! -
Jewish terrorists attempt to blow up mosques in Palestine (and they are in Iraq now!!!)

Lavon Affair Files -

British terrorist jews in basra in 2005!!

7-7 Ripple Effect exposing jewish terrorists!!! -

check out the blog

Anonymous said...

here's another video deconstructing lies about "islamic terrorists" - done by a Jewish individual however (its weird - but true- there are a FEW good Jewish individuals out there
who are not into this tribalistic Jewish mob psychopathy)

Anonymous said...


LC may very well be zio-agents. Only the zio's use that word hate so loosely and boy oh boy, to their advantage. If they aren't agents then their just plain stupid: their ego's are more important then the truth.

This is about suppressing a very strong message. Man they will fight this truth from coming out until the bitter end.

Anonymous said...

Anonomyous on Gold: Excellent summation and I never quite made the connection GOLDSMITH, LOL, so sad but true. :(

Anonymous said...

Video about King david hotel with
Jewish terrorists admitting their
roles in these atrocities

...and the one i forgot to post earlier - deconstructing the lies about "islamic terrorist" as has been the hype after 9-11 - a clear cut case from Toronto -
- a direct link to the important film "Unfair Dealing" right here -
Jewish directors in the RCMP were behind staging this illusion as well.

IN FACT, most (99%) of the cases in which Muslims have been ACCUSED of terrorism before and especially after 9-11 have turned out to be FALSE!!! If you watch the movie "Unfair Dealing" - u'll immediately understand how stories about "islamist suicide terrorists" are made in the Jew media!!!

Anonymous said...

Great vid Mike, FINALLY somebody tells the whole story.

Loosechange: apparently they visit this site. Well read this: criticism is not hate. Questioning gate keepers is not hate. But gate keeping is LYING by omission. Fear, and the truth, finding it's way into the minds of the many, has now pressured you into telling the truth, and quite possibly by a lack of interest and video sales I presume?

Anonymous said...

To add this point again, loose change and we are chumps are headed by jew criminals. Luke Rudkowski stepped in for Dan Wallace who died rather mysteriously and took over his "street actions". Now look how many we are chumps chapters there are bowing to Alex Jones and friends? Mike and John have kicked ass in the truth world with this video. Spread it far and wide.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

didn't take long for LC, google, you tube,prison planet, etc to take it down , 1st amendment , see ya

thekong said...

Check out this website which names all the Zionist murderers.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, you wrote: "Im confused about some of the content around 30 minutes in, about the dancing isrealis in the white van and the phone call about them."

There are 2-3 or more possibilities.

1) The phonecall is truthful (not likely, but maybe) and the Israelis dressed as arabs were identified as such... as "Shejk palestinians"

2) Some Israeli made the phonecall - not to rat out his fellows but possibly for another van with arab patsys.
(But it is of course strange all this cheering and jumping by Israelis - not "low profile").
The white van with israelis was not meant to get stopped.

3) The most ridiculous version is that the Bush-Cheney gang set up the Israelis. And the stupid Jews fell for this conspiracy which set them up.


Anonymous said...

check the links on jewish terrorism, there are some good videos you guys can include in there of the Israeliyim terrorists being caught...that were perhaps not included in this video.

Anonymous said...

p.s. the Israelis are EXTREMELY arrogant, that's why you see the cheering going on!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, you guys should not forget that the guy going to strip clubs in Florida - the whole entourage of "Arabic Hijackers" were Israeli double agents using false IDs and aliases. Particularly Mohammed Atta, who was alive after the attacks. The REAL Mohammed Atta did NOT go to strip clubs or get drunk. Someone should read through Daniel Hopsicker's books on "Mohammed Atta" and you will see that he was a poser. Here's a good site to checkup on that -

I think it is IMPORTANT NOT TO DEFAME an INNOCENT man by saying that he is a terrorist or a terrorist poser. He was innocent and FOLLOWED by the Mossad, who had on of their agents pose as him.

Birds of Feather

A couple years back I pointed out that Mike Enoch of TRS admitted himself that he was a jew. The firestorm (damage control at the time) wa...