Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hugo Chavez Shows His TRUE Colors

Hugo met with Jewish Leaders to help fight "Anti-semitism". Well we know what this means, he is certainly part of the Jewish cabal trying to squash any exposure of their crimes.


Anonymous said...

relax, he's just playing a two faced game...I heard he may have been a high ranking Freemason at one time - HOWEVER, so was Saddam...gentiles in Masonry not getting along with the Global Jewish agenda can get killed...or deposed....look into the states the Jews wanted to eliminate him in a coup d' I guess he will be playing along with them...until he wants to get at the head of the beast!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr. Chavez still denounces Israel and likely wants to appease the Venezuelan Jewish community for now. He is a very brave man , as heroic as Ahmadinejad.

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