Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holocaust denier's 'attack on justice'



Sylvester Whitney said...

I have said before on this site, that the very fact that it's illegal to research whether the holocaust occured is all the proof I need to know that the holocaust is nothing but a big shit-filled lie.

So many jews have lied about the holocaust, that the evidence that it occured doesn't work anymore. There have been way too many fabrications. It has spiraled out of jewry's control and now they have to threaten prison time to the people who don't believe in that shit anymore.

Sadly, only people who go to website's like this have this kind of knowledge. I bet 9 out of 10 Americans still believe the holocaust happened.

Anonymous said...

last line of the article is very interesting.
"Judge Bruce Lander, hearing the case, said any evidence tendered arguing that the Holocaust did not occur would be ruled irrelevant."

Anonymous said...

I hope people can understand what this trial means in the real world. If the Jews win, it simply means you CANNOT question ANYTHING Jews do otherwise you will be commiting a hate crime.

Any criticism of Jews will automatically fall under the hate crime laws, and looking at what the judge says at the bottom of this story....

"Judge Bruce Lander, hearing the case, said any evidence tendered arguing that the Holocaust did not occur would be ruled irrelevant. "...means that you cannot even show WHY you are making the statements against them. It will be irrelevant! You are guilty of a hate crime and cannot defend yourself. Why even go to court?

I can't stress enough how pivotal this case it.

Truth is NOT a hate crime, but it will be if YOU let them get away with it.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why people think that the holocaust happened( more like holohoax) is because the education system in our schools show all of these holocaust propaganda bull shit non-stop with movies,poems,books, and so called holocaust survivors speakers all month long, to make kids feel sorry for the evil Zionist Jews so when these kids grow up to become politicians, they will have sympathy for these Zionist bastards.

Anonymous said...

We all have to defend and empower truth, otherwise we're gonna be lost in a jewish maze of lies...FOREVER.

Adam G said...

Hollywood has made way too much money from this to let go of it yet. Think, anytime they need an instant bad guy, its some generic nazi or at least somebody with a Germanesque accent. The Big Lebowski, Indiana Jones,Austin Powers etc. In reality, the German people just wanted to throw off the chains of the world bankers, not dominate the world. They viewed it as a fight between good and evil, similar to what's happening today.

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