Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Bermas (JEW) has finally decided to make a film about the Israeli involvement in 9/11. How nice. So Bermas (JEW) didn't figure this out when Fox news, Bollyn, and others knew this very well back in 2002? If you support and fall for this trick than I don't know what to tell you other then you need to reconsider being a voice for truth because you are supporting the enemy. We on the other hand are not Jews and therefore have no motivation to cover up this issue and will be releasing the film "Missing Links" with in the next couple days. I am very sure the information we provide will be far superior than what the gatekeeping Jew is going to let you know. Has anyone ever even investigated Bermas and where is came from? Has anybody ever investigated me yet? Do you just take our word for things? Notice the bio page on loosechange's website regarding Avery and Rowe. Notice how they explain a certain level of childhood and background. Now look at Bermas' background. Notice anything funny there. All it tells you about this secretive character is that he was a graphic engineer from upstate NY and then just goes directly into his research into 9/11. Thats all? WHERE DID THIS JEW COME FROM? Israel? For a guy who is shaping the opinion of millions of people and has obviously had a JEWISH bias NOT to bring up the Israeli involved in 9/11 and now that the 9/11 Truth movement has died done in the last couple years they are finally going to bring this issue up. All this did is buy time for these JEW criminals to set up another crime because they know that all the goyim truther cattle out there hasn't been looking at them and instead looking to fingers of the beast, IE; Bush, Cheney, "NWO", etc. I certainly hope people stop falling for these tricks.

"MISSING LINKS" will be out shortly, I ask you to watch Fabled Enemies and other so-called "9/11 Truth" and compare who is telling you the truth on the matter. We are making this film on less than 1500 compared to 10's of thousands being funded to lie and gatekeep the real story. When we originally set out to make this film we ended up will 5 HOURS of film tying Jews and Israel to this crime. It was overwhelming and begs to questions how MOST of this information was 'missed' in all these other films. We have compacted down to less than 2 hours. More information very soon.

Japenese did 9/11? from Prothink on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

The only other documentary on Israeli involvement in 9/11 is the anti-neocons one.

I had plugged your trailer for Missing Links on the Loose Change forum on FB back in Dec then all of a sudden the admin tells me that Bermas is starting on this Fabled Enemies doc to be released in summer. Finding out where he (Bermas Jew)came from is a whole other journey of itself.

Anonymous said...

hey Mike, I'd suggest you break the 5-6 hours of info tying the Jews to 9-11 into 3 parts (and I honestly think there are MORE than 5 hours - the Israelis/Jews posing as "Mohammed Atta" and other Arab Muslims at the flight schools - the financial crimes like )

Anonymous said...

Please Mike EH?

Unknown said...

I admire your work, dedication and depth of research.... but its frustrating to come on your page and read you bashing people. You don't know shit about bermas but that doesn't stop you from slandering him(JEW). It hurts your credibility and makes me not want to visit your site.

Is it too much to ask you to change your writing style to not be on the attack at all times? Your reminding me of alex jones!

Anonymous said...

Hey shawn,

It doesn't hurt his credibility a bit. He just asked you to call HIM as in Prothink into question. Me thinks you may just be here in attempt to chase others away. Btw, you moron, Bermas is an ALLY of Alex Jones, the very guy you just bashed (and quite frankly I have no problem with that). You don't just blindly follow people. He did not SLANDER him btw, he is asking just who the hell this guy is. Nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, get the hell out of here if you want to read "politically correct" bullshit! Mike is a Gentile, and that means he is passionate and he tells it as it is. He is not a concrete-faced Ben Bernanke and Wolf Blitzer who are as cold as ice.

Anonymous said...

Another video is "Stranger than Fiction" on Google video. Actually , that lame Will ferrel movie pops up so enter Stranger than Fiction 911 in your search. Its very informative , albeit an annoying computerized voice narration. No Mike, your label of "Jew" to Bermas is understood. Who else, right ? Obviously, they troll this site and are threatened.

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, Jason Bermas is one of the creators of Loose Change. Also, "Fabled enemies" is an Alex Jones production.

Goyim Pride said...

Please Shawn, do us all a favor and shut up. If you don't like Mike's site, DON'T COME. But those of us who aren't afraid of calling a spade a spade, who aren't afraid of TRUTH, will continue to come here, and link back to Mike's page, videos, movies and research, not to mention getting off OUR asses and doing some of our own(hence my page).

Goyim Pride,


Unknown said...

anon #1(RCS), anon #2, and goyim pride:

I tried to write my post in a friendly manner... you 3 attack me like Im a criminal. RELAX

All I did was make a suggestion for Mike to change the tone of his writing.

RCS- your obv a novice and maybe a leprechaun?

anon 2- because mike is a gentile he can sling mud?

goyim : damn i wanted to bash you but i checked out your page and it was much more respectful than I hoped

Anonymous said...

Can you post all you raw footage or whatever other information you have that is going into this video to your server so we can all download it. or at least set it up on or a torrent.

Anonymous said...

i understand that Bermas is a Jew and is more then likely leading people away from who was really at fault on 9-11, but the fact is your labeling him, there are allot of Jews out there that are totally against the new world order and know dam well who took down the towers and are good people and hate Zionist. Mike your a good guy and know what the hell is going on, but my dad was a Jew and knew all about the crimes against us, and who was behind it all. now does that make him a bad man since he was Jewish ? i do not follow the Jewish faith but have the blood, does that make me a bad man ? i think you get my point. peace, dave out

Prothink said...


I guess thats what you get for coming in here and defending Bermas. Most of the people who come to this site are VERY well educated and the Jew tactics don't work here. If you are on the up and up then keep your 2 cents to yourself because I have been calling out the BS since the day I started this site. I wouldn't try 'warming' up to goyim pride and side with him now and create an ally. He is aware of your tactics already and not some fool. Hopefully you wont pull anymore of these tactics because I doubt you'll get anything past this crowd of intelligence.

ak3n470n: I am aware of Dawsons. work ,in fact I was on Rivero's show with him and have that show in my audio files. Let me start by saying this, his information and facts are excellent, but when you get to the end of the 'Dawson Road' he leads you to this "MIC". This is just another tool like banks, media, governments etc. It isn't the tools but the Jews running and controlling these tools for their own benefit. I wouldn't not recommend that people learn some facts from Dawson though because like I said his info is pretty good.

Unknown said...

Im not defending burmas Im defending "innocent until proven guilty"

I dont know what tactics im using? and Im sure as hell not looking for allies. You guys are crazy, am i supposed to be sum undercover zionist infiltrating your society?

Goyim's page has alot of good information on it and none of what I saw was him crying was only him providing information and allowing the reader to form his opinion without influence.

I wrote the post because I'm sick of reading propaganda everywhere. Am I wrong to think its beneficial to provide information without expressing a viewpoint?

Thanks for responding to my previous post

Prothink said...

Where are this group of 'good Jews' who see all the bullshit the 'bad Jews' are doing a fighting against this? I mean come on, if you are Jew than its time to stand on your soapbox and expose these fucking disgusting 'bad Jews'. The more I look at it and I see the majority of Jews complicit and complacent, the more I find that there really isn't any 'good Jews'. Freedman and Fisher both harshly renounced being Jewish so therefore you might want to do so yourself.

Anonymous said...

Shawn: Novice? Hardly. Leprechaun? They don't exist. Are you feeling ok shawn? ;)

Is Bermas Jewish, highly probable. Proof? Can't find it, but they're usually as thick as thieves.

But just who in the hell is this guy? He comes into the game late and is one of the executive producers for Loose Change, a film that anyone who has watched it and has been around awhile knows good and well that it's a gatekeeper documentary.

I smell a rat thats for sure. Especially after 3-gatekeeping films, countless radio shows (it's the WASPS!) and an alliance with a known gatekeeper.

And this doesn't make you curious?

Mike is very discerning, he smells a rat and those of us who are willing to go all the way with the TRUTH are small in number and have been labeled, no let's use your word, SLANDERED as FBI, cointel pro, jew haters, you name it. I have heard pudgy jones say these things many of times as a way to dumb our message down. Now your boy who you defend is an ally of this man. Now all of the sudden these guys are going to add the Israeli connection way late in the game and you have a hissy fit over a Bermas comment whos buddy SLANDERS others?

Bermas is complicit in years of suppressing the truth. Jones has to talk about it now, it's gaining to much ground and he would lose much credibility if he does not. The pressure is on Loose Change and Jones to tell it all or the bucks stop coming in. And hell they may even have to go back to their old jobs.


Anonymous said...

AJ and Bermas embarrassing themselves. Really shows how these "truth leaders" seek the truth.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the better videos out there, too bad its darryl smith who is part of it.

Anonymous said...

Anytime I hear the word trick and Bollyn in the same paragraph means Queen Ester. Is he your webmaster?

Byrd said...

this has been an entertaining read in the comment section here ;)
my favorite was the calling of Scott a 'novice'. funny stuff.
shawn you wanna pussy foot around the issue, this is not the place for you. you have a problem with anything being said about that piece of shit Bermas, then get on over to and stay there.

peace, Byrd.

Anonymous said...

glad i could atleast supply sum entertainment

Anonymous said...

Mike you have to post what i'm about to say. Here is a youtube video of a Jew who is part of "WeAreChangeLA" confronting the LA city council about Israelis spying on America and the five dancing Israelis caught on 911. This video is amazing. You guys should also read the comments for that video. It seems like the world is waking up to what the Jews are doing to the world. Here is the link to the video.

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