Saturday, August 2, 2008

Another Wonderful Jew

While 12 year kids get LIFE in prison for accidentally killing someone while wrestling this wonderful individual KIDNAPS and MURDERS (who knows what else JEWopedia isn't telling us) a 6 year girl and is already free...


Gyrene said...

Yeah... our system really works. A pothead caught with his own stash gets locked up for 10 years. This FUCK rapes and murders a child and goes free. Real cute. War on terror, war on drugs... more like war on the dumb goy.

Gyrene said...

I should state for the record this scumbag was never charged with raping this poor child, but you know these sick freaks, they have a predilection for small children. Judging from his sado-masachistic behavior, I'm sure something went amiss here.

The Most Ridiculous Facebook Ban Yet

Literally getting banned for posting a picture of a shelf at Walmart. These kikes are simply terrified at this point.